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      Cathryn Lavery of BestSelfCo on selling $25m+ of journals

      Cathryn Lavery is CEO of BestSelf.co where they sell tens of millions of dollars worth of journals, productivity tools, and educational products:

      Cathryn Lavery is the founder and CEO of BestSelf.co, she’s created and sold over $25 million in products. Originally an architect, in 2015 she launched The Best Self Journal on Kickstarter, funded in 28 hours, a campaign raised over $322,000. In 3 years she turned that company into an 8 figure business. Won multiple awards from Shopify, and last year ranked #318 on the INC 5000 list of fastest growing companies.

      One of the coolest things she’s done is basically “invent” the concept of a 13 week journal to help plan life better. The Best Self Journal has been promoted with Shaq on the front page of Amazon, promoted by Daymond John, been used by lots of celebrities, and sold A LOT of copies. 

      I hope you enjoy this interview with Cathryn Lavery, or watch it on YouTube here.

      Below we’ve chopped up this interview into clips for easy watching. You can subscribe to our YouTube channels here:
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      Amazon vs Shopify for selling physical products. Currently 30% Amazon and 70% Shopify.

      • Does selling a physical product suck?
      • How do you promote a physical product? Articles? Videos? Partnerships?
      • Newbie question – But is there a warehouse full of stuff somewhere?

      How important are reviews for selling stuff? “They are everything.”

      • How important are Amazon reviews? I buy exclusively off them.
      • Spotting fake reviews.

      Dealing with copycats “Everyone and their mom is selling a journal now.”

      • Copycats – Glowing golf balls = Rave Balls story
      • Explosion of journals on the market that look suspiciously a lot like the original BestSelfCo journal. Talk about that competition in eCommerce, copycats.

      Diverse income streams. Making physical products + digital, and their differences:

      • You’ve managed to diversify from just physical products to digital. Has that increased lately?
      • Do they feed into each other? People buy digital, then physical?
      • Diverse Income: Journals. Planners. Discovery decks. Courses. Challenges.

      Crowd funding (and validating) new products on Kickstarter. Doing this for all physical products before launching:

      • You frequently launch products on KickStarter. You started bestselfco on kickstarter. And even now as you have a huge audience of buyers, you still go back to kickstarter. 
      • Why do you crowdfund all your products?
      • Does it validate your ideas? Build interest? Generate a buzz?
      • Is Kickstarter still the best way? ProductHunt?
      • Have you ever NOT done crowdfunding, results?
      • Is it possible to do this for blog posts? Videos? I’m a dropper. Just drop it, no buzz. Am I missing out?
      • Writing things down, even a personal blog, or in a notebook, has huge returns!

      Benefits of having a blog. “I’ve met all my best friends through blogging.”

      • Personal blog is Little Might, why do you write?  
      • Why do you write articles and videos. What effect does it have?
      • You’ve got so many others to write. What happens when we write stuff down. I love doing it. Why is that so much better?

      By using feeder funnels, your clients will come back for more from digital to physical.


      Follow Cathryn Lavery and BestSelfCo:
      🖥 Website: BestSelf.co
      🖥 Website: LittleMight.com
      🌇 Instagram: @bestselfco
      🐦 Twitter: @CathrynLavery
      ▶️ YouTube: @bestselfco


      I hope you enjoyed this interview and learned from Cathryn like I did!
      Neville Medhora – Copywriting Course

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