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      Starting a 1.7million reader email list with Sam Parr of TheHustle

      Sam Parr is founder and CEO of TheHustle, a newsletter with 1.7 million readers a day.

      We talk about how to start a giant newsletter, writing, conferences, happiness, validating business ideas and community.


      Watch the full Sam Parr interview here:


      We’ve chopped up this hefty interview into little digestible clips, and put them on a separate “clips” we hope you subscribe on YouTube:
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      Sam Parr originally worked for the TV show American Pickers, then started an online liquor store in college, then, started and ran a hotdog stand called Southern Sam’s: Wiener’s as Big as a Baby’s Arm, then started a roommate matching app called Bunk, which was then acquired by Apartment List.

      When I first him he had an online store selling a poison ivy remedy called Itch Juice. Then he started a small conference called Bootstrap Live, which then turned into HustleCon, which then got really big and spun off a company called TheHustle which is a newsletter with around 1.3m readers a day. Then he spun off even more products like Hustle Trends and The Ideation Bootcamp.

      The power of newsletters. “The math works out, and reach is better than social.”

      • People primarily know you from your company TheHustle. At its core it’s just an email newsletter you send out everyday. Now it’s 1.3 million people or so. 
      • How did you start the newsletter? What’s the story behind it? 
      • Would you start a newsletter again today?
      • Why is an email newsletter so powerful? 
      • What do you think of SubStack?
      • “Building your business on Instagram (or whatever platform) is like building a store where the landlord jacks up the rent every 18 months.”

      Where do you learn from? “You are annoyingly inquisitive.”

      • You are annoyingly inquisitive. How much money do you make?? Who is your CEO?? What is their salary?? How did you hire them??
      • Where do you learn from? Do you read? Podcasts?

      What helped you succeed when you were young? (Between 18-25 years old):

      • What are some actions you took in your young adult life (18-25) that benefitted you tremendously throughout your life this far?

      How do you spot “good writing” or a “good writer?”

      • How do you spot “Good Writing” ?
      • You’re a naturally good writer it seems….was that a skill you learned or just intuitively knew. 
      • You first started Anti-MBA, a book club.
      • What do you look for in a writer. Is it the resume? 
      • When someone applies, do you read their stuff?
      • How would a writer get an interview with you.

      What is copywriting? How did it affect your life?

      • What value did copywriting have in your life. 
      • Copywriting as a skill. Not as a career.
      • How many people Sam has got into the Copywriting Course.

      Are conferences screwed? “Conferences are cool, but trade shows are where da money at.”

      • You originally did Bootstrap Live → Then HustleCon → Grew That → Now fully digital. 
      • Are conferences screwed? 
      • Pro’s/Con’s of conferences. 
      • Trade shows can get far more money in sponsorships.

      What do you get out of podcasting? “The reach is insane.”

      • What do you get out of podcasting?
      • How big is the reach?
      • Easiness vs return?

      How do you maintain a good Facebook Groups community and subscription product?

      • You run the Trends.co group on Facebook.
      • Do you constantly kick out members?
      • How do you have time to participate so much?
      • The Trends community is the only Facebook Group I ever check anymore. 
      • What makes it “good” ?
      • How do you think about curating it?

      How do you validate new business ideas?

      • How do you go about validating if an idea can work?
      • Ways you validate. Bootcamp.
      • Jobs → Trends.

      Why did you move to Austin? “Starting a community.”

      • Why leave San Fran and live in Austin?

      Happiness…what does it mean to you? “Wife, Dog, Nature.”

      • What is a good life to you?
      • You once posted a photo of you walking on some trail in the middle of nowhere. It said “Wife, dog, nature….what else do I need.” Do you think that’s true?
      • Who is your ideal model for life? 
      • Follow Sam Parr:

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      Follow Sam Parr:
      🖥 Website: TheHustle.co
      🖥 Website: Trends.co
      🖥 Website: Ideation Bootcamp
      🐦 Twitter: @TheSamParr


      This was a super fun conversation with one of my best buddies, and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

      Neville Medhora – Copywriting Course

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