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    • How to Write A One Pager with Templates and Examples.

      This is an article all about One Pagers. You might be asking:

      "What is a One Pager?"

      A One Pager is simple one page document that gives a high-level overview of a product, service, or business.  They are great for promoting your business location, or giving a synopsis or a product to the person in charge of purchasing.  It's like the modern day version of a brochure.

      There's lots of different uses for One Pagers:

      • Using them to advertise your local business in other surrounding businesses.
      • Using as flyers.
      • Show an overview of a product/service to your boss or purchasing manager.
      • Let people print out a one-page synopsis of your product to show other people.
      • Government officials use them as handouts to get support for bills & causes.

      4 things a good One Pager should do:

      1.) A good one pager should give an overall snapshot of the product in the headline.    
      "Get unlimited car washes for just $25/month!"      
      "The only authentic pho restaurant in South Detroit!"      
      "When you need a divorce, the Roland & Shlansky Lawfirm can help."

      2.) It should give some testimonials or success stories.        
       "Julie's Cafe is my go-to place for a bagel and coffee every morning for the last 12 years!"      
       "200 people a day trust us to wash and detail their car every day!"      
       "The Ron King Salon is the only salon I trust to style my curly hair!"

      3.) It should give a few great reasons to buy.      
       "The Austin Samba Festival is the largest Brazilian celebration outside of Brazil!"      
      "We have hosted more than 750 beautiful weddings in the Raleigh area!"      
      "If you have Aetna or Blue Cross, your dental cleaning is 100% free!"

      4.) It should tell how to buy the product (Phone? Website? Physical Location? Carrier Pigeon?).      
       "Order today. Just call Jenny at 713.301.1546 and describe your dream wedding cake."      
      "Get IBM Analytics today. Fill out the form at IBM.com/analytics and we'll get in touch."      
      "We are located on the corner of Sebastian and 53rd St, next to the CVS Pharmacy."


      Physical Rules of a One Pager:

      I would say these aren't hard-and-fast "rules" so much as "simple guidelines."
      • Everything should fit on one page.  Duh!
      • Should be able to print it out on an ordinary desktop printer. Always test your One Pager on a printer.
      • Standard sheet of paper measurements: 8.5" wide, 11" tall.  -or-  21.5cm wide, 28 cm tall.
      • Can be in either portrait or landscape mode. It's just a visual preference.
      • "Hey Boss, look at this service we could use!" :::drop the One Pager on her desk:::

      Making a One Pager is reasonably simple, check it out:

      Here's a generic one-pager that can advertise anything.  It's really only a few blocks of text slapped on a page and maybe some small pictures or logos.  When you watch it being built from scratch, you can see how simple it really is: 



      So how do you make a One Pager?  Here's some tools:

      There's literally a trazillion graphics tools you CAN build a One Pager with, but I very much prefer simplicity.  These 5 tools are my recommendations, starting from easiest to hardest.

      Tool #1.) Google Docs

      Keep it simple and just use Google Docs. You can easily drag & drop elements around the page, and print it out.

      Tool #3.) Canva

      Canva has made designing marketing material simple. With plenty of templates and images that you can easily drag and drop to create awesome One Pagers quickly. 

      Tool #3.) Google Drawings

      A little know tool is Google Drawings which is an uber-simple graphics editor.  Fantastic for dragging and dropping boxes/text/images for your One Pager.

      Tool #3.) Adobe Photoshop

      Photoshop is the most powerful visual editor out there, but it has a bit of a learning curve.  It's almost TOO powerful for small jobs like a One Pager.  Stick with the recommendations above if you don't know how to use it well.

      Tool #4.) Microsoft Word

      A classic tool found in almost every office.  Since One Pager's are mainly just text and maybe some images, Word is good enough for making them.

      Tool #5.) Microsoft PowerPoint

      I think PowerPoint is just pretty easy for dragging and dropping text and images around the screen, so it can make a decent editor for a One Pager (or in this case....a "slide" that you can use as a One Pager).  


      What to put on a One Pager:

      There's physically not that much space on a One Pager, so there's only a few things you can put at a time.  If it's your goal to get people to visit a specific location, perhaps location information and a map is important.  If it's your goal to get them to visit a website link, then obviously including that information will be important.  Here's a list of things you can put on your own One Pager.
      • Map or description of your location.  "Behind the Target on I-35."
      • Irresistible offer. "$1.15 dry cleaning for life!"
      • Coupon for a discount.  "Bring in this flyer for a 25% discount on your first ice cream sundae!"
      • Picture of the service.  A carwash might have a picture of a clean car.  A veterinarian might have pictures of dogs & cats.
      • Awards or accolades.  "Voted best car dealership in 2014, 2015, AND 2016!"
      • Testimonials.  "I've tried every bagel in this town, and Julie's Cafe is the best!"
      • Logos of famous customers.  "Trusted by: KPMG, Deloitte, McKinsey, and General Electric."
      • Explain why the product is needed.  "Pets are happier when there's a doggy door that lets them outside."


      Example One Pagers:

      Example One Pager for a Carwash advertising unlimited carwashes for a flat price.  This would be a great flyer to leave at the surrounding businesses:

      Carwash service One Pager example (only 6 elements on the page, very simple & effective).
      Made in: Adobe Photoshop.
      Download the Template: [Link]
      Purpose: To make people aware of the unlimited car washes deal at Bob's Carwash.  It shows the offer, the price, some benefits of the deal, and the location you can get it:




      Veterinarian One Pager Example.
      Made in: Google Drawings
      Download the Template: [Link]
      Purpose: Make people aware of this vet clinic.  The picture of the dog & cat immediately implies this is some animal-related service, there's some pricing, then there's contact information including the address:

      Vet One Pager Flyer Example  

      HustleCon All-Text One Pager or Email (aka "Boss Permission Slip")
      Link to Original: [Link]
       A simple one-page document you can print (or email) your boss so they'll let you attend HustleCon, and possibly pay for you and some team members.  It quickly describes what HustleCon is, some skills the attendees will learn, and the price/location:



      Seth Godin's AltMBA One Pager.
      Link to Original PDF: [Link]
      Purpose: A one page print out you can give to an employer, colleague, or friend who'd be interested in the AltMBA they are offering.  It gives a "10,000 foot view" of the program in general, and encourages people to ask their employer about tuition reimbursement:

      AltMBA One Pager  


      Custom One Pager Template based on the Seth Godin AltMBA One Pager:
      Made in: Adobe Photoshop.
      Download the Template: [Link]
      Purpose: This is a template we at CopywritingCourse designed based off the Seth Godin AltMBA One Pager above.



      Self-Storage One Pager Flyer Example
      Made in: Google Drawings
      Download The Template: [Link]
      Purpose: This is a One Pager that advertises self-storage to students. It's super simple and to the point. Special shoutout to Saumil (@sms113king) for designing this template (and the one below) for himself and for letting others use.

      Self Storage One-Pager flyer  


      2nd Self-Storage One-Pager Flyer
      Made in: Google Drawings
      Download The Template: [Link]
      Purpose: This flyer directly targets college students leaving for home who might need to store a bunch of stuff while in apartment or dorm transition. Thanks again to Saumil (@sms113king) for designing this template. The thing I like about One Pagers is that they're so easy to design, and cheap to distribute, that you can target specific events in time (such as a mass exodus from a college campus during moving season).



      Government One Pager Example: NASDA
      Purpose: One Pagers are quite a common handout in politics.  If you're schmoozing at a political party, want some support for a bill/movement/cause....you slip the person a One Pager for them to review later.  This One Pager is advocating a group called NASDA.  Like most things in politics, it's vague AF:

      government one pager nasda  


      Download this One Pager Guide as a PDF (and all the editable templates):

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      P.S. You can watch this One Pager Video also:



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