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The C opywriting C ommand C enter A Must-Have For All Newbie Copywriters

copy command center spreadsheet download

Spreadsheet Link: [Copywriting Command Center]
Make a copy: File --> Make A Copy

If you're looking to start a career in copywriting, you need a CCC.
Copywriting Command Center.

I hear so many wannabe copywriters crying about not being able to get a copywriting gig, and it's no wonder.....they do zero prep-work!
Finding a small copywriting job is the same as finding a regular job: It requires some upfront effort and organization.


You need a Copywriting Command Center when looking for gigs:

Copywriting Command Center Spreadsheet
There's no better way to start of the hunt for a copywriting gig than by mapping out a plan to get those gigs.

If you walk into this with no plan, no place to list out contact info, gigs etc....you are unlikely to succeed.

But what if you just made a small Google Spreadsheet with some rudimentary information on how/where to get started?

Here's the minimum sections your Copywriting Command Center needs:


  • Other copywriters. Contact info.
  • Places hiring. Contact info.
  • Places you'd like to write for. Contact info.
  • Your skills. Your portfolio.
  • Places jobs are posted w/ links.
  • Groups to join w/ links.


Simply creating a "Command Center" can greatly increase your odds of success in copywriting!

Copywriter money going in a bag


Neville N. Medhora
P.S. Here's some more resources on getting started as a copywriter:

P.P.S. Here's a hard link to The Copywriting Command Center:

P.P.P.S. Feel free to make a copy of the file. Just do File --> Make A Copy inside the spreadsheet.


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