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      Best Platform To Sell? Ryan Moran of Capitalism.com Interview with Neville Medhora

      Ryan Daniel Moran is the founder of Capitalism.com. We have a quick conversation about which is the best platform for selling:


      We also break these interviews up into little chunks for you on our Clips Channel. Checkout the clips here:

      “YouTube is the main focus for next 3 years.”

      • “All of my focus is YouTube. I’ve decided to commit 1,000 days to mastering YouTube.”
      • “YouTube is the best for leads, not sales. Podcasting is best for sales.”
      • “The best content is the one you will do consistently.”
      • “Social media is great for total reach, but it’s the first channel I’d kill.”

      Building a personal brand, how do you approach it?

      • “I spent so many years making content about what I was SUPPOSED to talk about, and it was miserable.”
      • “I was creating for a result, rather than creating for an experience.”
      • “I like having deep conversations about tough stuff, so I do it.”

      ​ Feel like listening instead? We gotchya 😏: ​

      Follow Ryan Daniel Moran:

      Follow Ryan Daniel Moran:

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      This was a super informative conversion with Daniel Ryan Moran and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

      Neville Medhora - Copywriting Course

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