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    Monthly Goal Planner Generator

    Monthly Goals Planner

    Goals are incredibly important.

    They're even MORE important if you're an entrepreneur or freelancer that is responsible for your own time.

    So let's make your monthly goals below. There's only room for 3 primary goals each month.

    's Goals for

    Take a screenshot of this and keep it on your desktop or phone:
    Mac: CMD + SHIFT + 4....then select the area to screenshot.
    PC: PrntScrn button.


    3 goals is best. Too many is scary.

    This isn't some hard rule that you must always follow, it's just a helpful guideline.

    Generally if you focus on a small amount of goals, you're very likely to get them done. If you have too many goals, it turns into a Giant Scary List of Goals:
    Giant Scary List of Goals

    Dang. That's one scary list!

    A Giant Scary List of Goals has many negative consequences:
    • It de-motivates you from starting on the list.
    • The sheer size of it makes it difficult to see which goal is most important.
    • Having so many goals makes you scatter-brained.
    • Month-after-month many goals don't get accomplished and they start to just linger.

    Not only do Giant Scary Lists of Goals not get accomplished, they frequently make you NOT want to work on it!!

    A great solution to this is narrowing your goals down to 3 main things for the month.

    Monthly Goal Sheet Examples:

    Over the years I have personally gone through MANY MANY different methods of keeping goals, but none has been useful as the current format of up to 3 monthly goals.

    Here are a few examples through out the years:
    Monthly Goal Sheet Examples
    I've found that if I'm "wondering what to do" for the day, I can just glance at these monthly goals and they will guide me. It's easy to know what to do (and what NOT to do) if you have a solid set of goals you need to accomplish by the end of the month.


    Monthly goal planner template download:

    If the above generator is a little primitive for your taste, here is a free template to use:
    monthly goals template planner download

    It will open as a Google Doc. You can make your own copy of it, or download it as a Word file.

    You can then modify the goals to your own then save or print it. I personally like posting monthly goals on the big mirror in my living room. This way I see them often.

    Hope this encourages you to make your own set of goals for the month!

    Neville Medhora

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