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    The Giant List of Power & Trigger Words for Sales

    Wouldn't it be cool to have a giant list of trigger & power words to jog your brain when writing copy?

    Wait....someone already made one and it's posted right below here??  Cool!

    Just skim through this list when writing copy, it'll give you ideas....

    #1.) Make them want to belong

    image for step 1

    People like to feel they belong. Like they're part of an elite group. Like being in First Class. These are some power & trigger words to incite that feeling.

    Members only.

    VIP access required.

    Login required.

    For VIP membership level only.

    Ask for an invite.

    Platinum members only.

    Limited seats available.

    Limited number of First Class seats.

    Balcony for Platinum sponsors only.

    Artists Lounge for bands only.

    Membership now closed.

    Exclusive offers.

    Become an insider.

    Be the first to hear about it.

    Get it before everybody else.

    Only available to subscribers.

    VIP section only.

    Join The $100,000/year Club if you qualify.

    For CEO's only.

    This membership is invite only.

    #2.) Make it urgent

    image for step 2

    These are some power words for driving sales by making people feel a sense of urgency.

    17 hours left.

    17 hours left on this special deal.

    17 hours left on this one-time-only deal.

    17 hours before this deal expires.

    17 hours before this goes away forever.

    17 hours left before this deal goes to Deal Heaven forever.

    3 units left in stock.

    3 of these are left.  After that, they're gone forever.

    Only 3 spots are open.

    Only 3 spots are left.

    Only 3 seats are available for this one-time event.

    Only 3 tickets left, and a lot of interest in them.

    I hate to say this, but we're about 4 minutes from being sold out.

    First come, First serve.

    This is one a first-come-first-serve basis.

    Hurry up, it's almost over.

    If you want to start this month, you have to buy today.

    This won't happen again for another 6 months.

    Buy it now or forever hold your peace.

    Have fun paying full price after this deal is over.

    50% off for just today.

    50% off this holiday season only.

    50% while we're overstocked.

    50% off the full price for today only.

    $120 off the full price.

    Prices go up tomorrow.

    Due to demand, prices go up tomorrow.

    Don't wait till tomorrow, this deal will be gone.

    If you like paying more for the same item, then wait till tomorrow.

    This is a great deal.  Grab it now while it lasts.

    This promo is almost over.

    You won't see this price for another 12 months.

    It's going to be hard to beat this deal.

    Limited time only.

    5...4...3...2...1...this deal is almost over.

    A stupidly-low price for just a little while longer.

    This kind of deal only happens when we're over stocked.

    This doesn't happen often, so grab it now.

    For a short while you get the product, but also ALL these bonuses.

    Keep this private....but we're closing out the month and I need to meet a quota, so if you buy now I'll knock 30% off the cost.

    There are big shortages in the supply chain, so once this batch is sold out the price will increase.

    We had a great year, so we're giving everyone 20% off for our birthday.

    Here's a $25 coupon you can use for this month.

    #3.) Make it free

    image for step 3

    Making something free is the lowest-friction way to get someone to take an offer. Here's some "Free Phrases" to entice them.

    Totally free for you.

    100% free for you.

    100% free today.

    100% free for the first 12 months.

    $0 down.

    You pay $0 today.

    $0.00 is all it costs.

    Today only: $0.00.

    Best sale ever: $0.00.

    Zero.  Zilch.  Nada.

    The cost to you: Exactly zero dollars and zero cents.

    You pay Zilch.

    You pay NOTHING.

    This is our free gift to you.

    Don't worry about the price.....it's zero.

    The most affordable price ever: ZERO

    Low on money?  Good.  Because the price is zero.

    One cent?  That's too high.  Let's make it zero.

    Hahah....other people pay MONEY for this stuff.

    5 years ago I paid $3,000 for this....you're getting it free.

    $1,000?  $500?  $250?  $75?  $10?  How about $0?

    Pick your price: A.) $1,000   |   B.) $200  |  C.) $0.00

    You + Me = FREE.

    My favorite price in the world: Free.

    Give me $0 and I'll send you all my products.

    Give me $0 and I'll hook you up for a month.

    Give me $0 and I'll give you a free month of service.

    Zero is my favorite number.  That's also the cost.

    I know you'll like it so much, that I'll give it to you for $0 the first month.

    Move in now and pay $0 the first month.

    Walk out of the store paying $0.

    #4.) Give them different options to choose

    image for step 4

    People have different needs and different budgets. It can help to offer a few different options.

    1 for $20. 2 for $25

    Basic package: $30/month. Pro Package: $50/month. Advanced Package: $80/month.

    Buy now full price. ...or pay monthly for $25/month.

    $99/month for 12 months. Or pay in full now and get 20% off.

    The more you buy, the more you save! 1 for $20 2 for $35 3 for $45 4 for $40

    Get 1 coaching session for $600. Or buy 4 sessions for $1,600 and save $800.

    Buy 1 shirt for $15. Buy 2 shirts for $25 + a free pair of flip flops.

    Get 1 gig of storage for $5 Get 10 gigs of storage for $30 Get 100 gigs of storage for only $45

    The total is $140. Or signup for our rewards program and get 20% off right now.

    Small soup: $4 Large soup: $6

    Burger and fries: $4.50 Burger and fries AND drink: $4.99

    You can buy the basic package. Or get the basic package + weekly hangouts for only $50 more per month.

    Know what's better than getting 1 for $20? Getting 2 for just $25.

    Basic: 5 page website. Advanced: 15 page website + SEO Tools

    Professional: 30 page Website + SEO Tools + Content Creation

    Bronze Gold Platinum

    Level 1 Level 2 VIP Members

    Golden Members Platinum Members Private Coaching Members

    $35 for full carwash today .....or $25/month for unlimited car washes.

    Hourly Rate: $55/hour Full Package: $1,200 Premium Package: $3,999

    Starter Plan Advanced Plan Professional Plan

    #5.) Show what an amazing value it is

    image for step 5

    People understand by analogy. So compare how great a value something is compared to a familiar item.

    You're getting this entire bodybuilders meal plan for less than the price of a protein shake.

    This costs less than the price of a large pizza.

    This cruise vacation will cost you less per day than going to Disney Land.

    8 out of my last 10 clients have quit their jobs.....all because they signed up.

    The whole product costs less than a ticket and popcorn at the movies.

    Only $3.99 for an app that can teach your child a different language.

    Only $0.99 for an app that you will use every single day.

    It's only $1.95 per day.

    You probably spend more on Starbucks every month than this entire coffee maker costs.

    It's only $10 more than the competition, yet will last 5x longer.

    Buying from us is like buying from Nordstrom vs. Wal-Mart.

    Some people buy TV's with their tax return.  Some people buy investments in their future.

    Costs less per day than your daily coffee.

    Only $2.99/day to invest in your future.

    A college computer science class costs $6,000.  This course costs only $69 total.

    This entire course costs less than one college computer science book.

    Upgrading your website to Professional Level costs less than $0.25/day.

    It's weird how people will spend $60 on drinks at a bar, but won't buy a $39 book that can change their life.

    For the price of a dirty martini you can buy this book that'll change your life.

    You can spend the next 3 months reading random blog posts and watching

    YouTube videos, or you can spend $197 to have it professionally explained for you.

    $97/month gets you private access to me.  Normally it costs $597/hour to speak with me.

    Why spend $900 on a new TV, when you can spend $900 for a once-in-a-lifetime experience?

    I know your weekends are fun, but if you come to our seminar, you'll spend only $600 for the whole weekend, and learn a new skill you can use to advance your career.

    Pay just $100 more now to buy Nakamoto tires, and they'll each last you 10,000 miles longer.  That's like saving over $1,100!

    #6.) Get them to take action

    image for step 6

    When someone has decided to buy, you need to tell them specifically what actions to take.

    Press "Buy This" to buy the CopywritingCourse.

    Fill out this short form and I will contact you with pricing.

    PayPal $20 to NevMed@gmail.com to get started.

    Fill out your email address below.

    Enter your email address, and I will immediately send you the PDF.

    Enter your email address, and I will send your customized logins.

    Enclose a check for $49 and send it to 123 Fake Street.

    Fill out this survey and we will send you a gift card to your shipping address.

    Go to this URL on your computer and download the PDF.

    Go to this URL on your computer and look at my daily rates. If you're interested, buy a session.

    If you think my price is fair, and the timing is right for you to start learning

    Photoshop....then click "Buy Now" to start my online course.

    Go to Amazon and search "Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy" and purchase the book.

    Once you've downloaded the app from iTunes, connect your speaker via bluetooth and you're ready to jam!

    Enter your phone number and a sales rep will call you within 10 minutes.

    Submit your resume and LinkedIn profile to NevMed@gmail.com to apply for a job.

    Call 888-555-2222 for our customer service department.

    Tap the button on your screen to order.

    Go to the website --> Add to Cart --> Checkout.

    Enter a dollar bill and then push the drink you want.

    Call 111-222-3333 and ask for Laurie.....she'll give you the quote.

    Answer 4 questions on this form and we'll send you an insurance quote.

    Stop reading this email right now, and try playing this guitar lick on the E string: 3-5-3-8-3

    After you're done installing the program, press CTRL + ALT + DEL and restart your computer.

    Enter your website URL and email address, and I'll send your customized

    SEO report to your email.  It will take about 20 minutes to prepare.

    #7.) Tell them a personal story

    image for step 7

    People often learn through analogy. So tell them a story to educate them.

    "When I was in college and posting on a blog, I never in a million years thought I could make money from it...."

    "The best decision I ever made in my life was learning how to write copy...."

    "When I was fat I just always assumed I would be fat, because that was my entire identity.....then a friend dragged me to a yoga class and it all changed."

    "I'd probably still be working at McDonald's if I never sought out to find a mentor...."

    "The scariest thing I ever did (and keep in mind I've given birth to 6 kids) was quit my job of 15 years...."

    "Before taking that class I never in a million years thought I could start my own business.  I didn't even know anyone who'd ever started a business...."

    "I was lucky and started my first business in high school where I learned that you can CREATE money by giving people stuff they want and need."

    "It's weird how my journey to becoming a millionaire started.  It all began when I threw a penny down a magical wishing well...."

    "The first time I bought a car I didn't know what I was doing and got ripped off badly.  I regretted the purchase for years.  Then I discovered the art of negotiation.  I just walked out of the dealership paying 20% less than everyone else."

    "Before I learned how to negotiate I would accept any price someone told me.  That was until I did The Coffee Challenge. That showed me that ALL prices are negotiable."

    "I really hated accounting.  That's why I forced myself to take a class on it.  It's one of the best decisions I ever made.  I could notice holes in my revenue I never saw before."

    "I've been to defensive driving classes 4 times.  The first three were so incredibly mind-numbing.  I was happy to discover going to COMEDY Defensive Driving with Jim was 6 hours of fun!"

    "The first real business I started was just purely out of curiosity to see if I could build it.  I never actually expected it to make money, but it did!"

    "Taking a class on copywriting immediately improved my cold email skills.  I closed 3 new clients the next day as a result of cold emails (in the past I NEVER closed deals through cold emails)!"

    #8.) Give a Before/After case study or testimonial

    image for step 8

    Showing pictures or telling examples about the changes people made after your product can be very inspiring.

    "Casey was 245 pounds and depressed when he came to me.  After a year of training at my camp, he was down to 180 and full of confidence.

    "Before Matt's training, I was hitting about 3 out of 10 pitches.  After Matt's training, I was hitting 9 out of 10."

    "My car used to do 0-60 in 9 seconds....after I took it to Ronaldo's High Performance they had it doing 0-60 in 4 seconds."

    "My car used to get so hot in the summer the leather would burn my legs.  After going to Mother's Window Tint the car stays nice and cool."

    Mike's trading account balance before me: $15,000 Mike's trading account balance after me: $700,000

    Before my class: Robert was $3,000 in debt. After my class: Robert had $5,000 in savings.

    "I was always nervous and scared to talk with new people, but after Jordan's bootcamp I can easily make new friends at any event I go to."

    "In the past I would constantly yo-yo diet and gain the weight back.  It wasn't until I used MyBodyTutor that I could finally keep the weight off permanently."

    "Before this business mastery class I couldn't even use Excel.  It was embarrassing at work to take longer than everyone else to finish my assignments.  After the class I'm actually helping my boss with her Excel questions!"

    "It's amazing how much I've changed since joining Matt's Gym.  When friends who I haven't seen in six months see me, they can't believe I'm the same person.  They always knew me as a big guy, but now I'm a ripped guy!"

    "There used to be NO WAY I'd wake up in the morning before 8:30am.  After downloading the Wakeful app, it's actually a pleasure waking up!"

    "One of the craziest transformations I've ever seen was this guy named George who simply couldn't look people in the eye and talk to them.  After the bootcamp he was mingling, making friends, and being the life of the party with no problem."

    "The best part about the results I got was the change of my mindset about food. Before I used to view food as something to stuff in my mouth when bored.  Now I view it as fuel."

    Jeff was always fighting with his family members.  Yet after my class, his entire family suddenly stopped fighting with him.  What Jeff realized was the tools he learned in this seminar changed HIM, not his family.

    "Before everyone thought I dressed like a bum.  After a style consult with Jennifer I'm getting compliments everyday on my new outfits!"

    "Before I learned the art of copywriting I didn't research products before I built them.  After I started THINKING LIKE A COPYWRITER I began to realize I could sell a product before it's ever built, and test if it works."

    "The fact is I could have never gotten out of my student debt without Rick's help.  He got me on an affordable plan and got me debt free in 2 years."
    Before: 312 pounds After: 189 pounds

    "Before I was all saggy and wrinkly on my face.  After going to The Med Spa I look 15 years younger."

    "Before I was always chained to a desk.  I liked my job, but only got 14 days off a year.  After becoming a copywriter I started getting gigs that I could finish from anywhere in the world."

    #9.) Tell them a surprising fact

    image for step 9

    Tell them some things about the product that are really cool and unique.

    This iPhone case is made out of the same stuff as the windows on the space shuttle.

    This climbing rope is meant for one person, but can actually take 7,000 pounds of force before breaking.

    The Tesla Model S is actually the safest car that's EVER been tested by the Department of Transportation.

    The Tesla Model S is so strong, it actually BROKE THE MACHINE used to test lateral impact.

    This pen uses the same pressurized cartridges the astronauts on the International Space Station use.

    We've had 14 people become millionaires this year alone by using my system.

    These wet suits are made from synthetic shark skin so you can swim faster.

    This tape uses the same principle to stick to any surface as a gecko's feet does.

    This carbon fiber is 5 times stronger than steel, and 10 times lighter.

    This car has the highest power-to-weight ratio of any street-legal car.

    This Tesla electric car gets more torque off the starting line than a McLaren.

    This automated tractor can till 30 acres in just one hour....without a driver!

    This knife is so sharp it can actually cut through a penny.

    This knife is so sharp you can slice a tomato with one hand.

    This protein bar has more protein-per-ounce than any other bar on the market.

    This martini is sprinkled with actual 24K gold flakes.

    This diamond ring once was actually worn by Queen Victoria.

    This is the house they filmed the first John Connor scenes in Terminator 2.

    This kobe beef is made from cows who are fed well and massaged in sake everyday.

    Our cloud service is really scalable, in fact 80% of Fortune 500 companies use us.

    This iPhone case is so strong you can over your phone with a semi-truck and it won't break.

    #10.) Get them curious

    image for step 10

    Curiosity gets people to want to experience your product.

    See what it's like to be in a room where everyone makes more than $1,000,000/year.

    I have a gift I want to send you.....but I can't describe it here.

    Inside the members area you'll get 26 videos plus 3 amazing bonuses that get physically delivered to your door.

    Every order comes with a mystery bottle of wine.  Some prize bottles are worth $10, and some are work $800.

    You have to see through these polarized lenses to believe it.

    Until you hear what a Bose system sounds like in person....there's no way to describe it.

    Our nightclub has the most expensive sound system in history.  You must feel it to believe it.

    The Tesla Model S is so fast to accelerate, most people have never experienced that many G-forces on their body.

    These sheets are 1,800 thread count.  You've never felt anything so soft before.

    These Night & Day contacts are super-breathable, so your eyes don't even feel them.

    Our shirts are made of a special poly-blend we closely guard.  Most people can't believe how smooth they feel.

    Old Spice deodorant works so well.....just try it on before a workout and see if you can feel the difference.

    These advanced bearings make your skateboard ride so smooth, you have to try them to believe it.

    Until you pick up a Trek Speed Bike with one finger, you'll never understand just how light it is.

    It doesn't matter what super car you've been in.....our Tesla will launch you (silently) to 60 MPH faster than any of them.  You've never felt anything quite like it. Come test drive one to experience it.

    There's no way to describe what it feels like to wear this underwear.
    It's difficult to describe virtual reality headsets because it's unlike anything you've ever experienced.  Like you're ACTUALLY there.

    See the movie in IMAX quality, you can't understand how much richer the experience is until you've sat in that chair.

    We could describe how good this massage chair feels, but it's simply impossible till you've tried it.

    I could tell you our seminars "change people's lives", but you'll never experience it without being in this city, in this room, with these people.

    You've seen all my free content, now just imaging how good my paid content is.

    One of the things I'm proudest of is when people walk out of the room saying, "Oh my god....that was so much better than I ever possibly expected."

    Burning Man is one of those experiences where you can see pictures, watch movies, and read reviews....but you can never know what it's like till you go.

    Being in The Vortex in Sedona is a magical experience for some people. Come see if you feel it's energy.

    The new MacBook is so light that it kind of confuses your brain, because you've never picked up anything that size that weighs so little.
    Using the Retina display on a Mac makes it look like real life, not just a screen.

    On your first aircraft carrier takeoff you'll experience G forces like nothing else you can even compare to.

    #11.) Tell them alternate uses for the same product

    image for step 11

    A lot of times customers won't even know a product can do multiple things. So tell them:

    This blender acts as four devices: A blender, a chopper, a drink maker, a soup maker.

    This course is going to be your Mentor, your Spiritual Guide, and your Accountability Buddy.

    This Dyson fan acts as a work of art....and also a fan.

    This pocket knife has all the tools you'd expect, and even an emergency radio signal.

    This Mercedes is a great car.....but also a status symbol.

    This TV also connects directly to the internet so you can watch Hulu and Netflix.

    This Dyson vacuum also has a "wet jet" setting to steam your hardwood floors.

    My membership area has all my videos about how to become a consultant, and also comes a whole "Template Section" that you can copy/paste to your own clients.

    This book about coffee tables also TURNS INTO a coffee table.  (Seinfeld joke) 😉

    This simple notebook can act as your daily diary, your to-do list, or your trust book for taking class notes.

    This drawing app not only lets you draw, but also professionally edit large batches of photos.

    Our Google Docs product started as just a Word-like editor, but now has a suite of other products like spreadsheets, presentation, and forms.



    Neville Medhora CopywritingCourse.com


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