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Copywriting Examples and Case Studies: Companies Doing Copywriting Right


Copywriting is often the fastest way to get the most results for the least amount of effort.
Simply changing the copy on a product can completely change the outcome!

Least effort for maximum results
Great copywriting is the underlying tool that can transform bad marketing into good marketing, so let's jump into some examples of good copywriting across several different industries:






































































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This was a great compilation of different types of successful copy (with references).

In fact, I tried one of your ideas in a blog post I'm currently writing. The topic of my post is the importance of a daily skincare routine for mature women. 

In my post I included a table with 3 images with captions that describe key steps for proper skincare. I took the idea from one of your first examples that described Revere Ware. When I start writing the post I'll also include sections using bullet points.

The only challenge I found when studying this post was some of the examples were hard to read. I would really love a copy of Ogilvy's post on what makes copy sell. That was pretty difficult to read. But looked jam-packed with great information.

Overall, I'm going to bookmark this post as a reference so I'll be able to check it out when I'm writing different kinds of copy for my ecommerce business.



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