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    My brain is pretty dumb.
    It doesn't function in the same way some of my very-analytical entrepreneur friends think.

    So I have to trick myself into thinking in certain ways.

    For example, I tend to think about making businesses in a way like:

    "Dude, I should totally make an eCommerce site that sells 3D printers!!!"

    "I've never seen a business that sells organic paleo dog treats! I should do it!!!"

    But what if we FLIP those ideas with our end goal at the start.

    For example, lets say you wanna make $150,000 in a year.

    Instead of volleyball-ing all these random ideas around in your head. What if you FIRST thought about the goal and pricing your product, then worked backwards.


    So your thought process might looks like this instead:

    1.) I wanna make $150,000/year.

    2.) ...so I would have to make around $12,500 per month.

    3.) ...if I work 5 days a week I'd have to make about $570 per day.

    Then I would think in terms of a selling a product:

    1.) I wanna make $150,000/year.

    2.) ...so if I sold a $100 product, I'd have to sell 1,500 copies of that product.

    Then I would think in terms of a subscription service:

    1.) I wanna make $150,000/year.

    2.) ...so if I sold a $97/month product, I'd only have to sell 128 copies of that product!


    ok ok ok….I know these numbers are super rough, but the point is this:

    By simply running the numbers, you can find out the BEST WAY to make that $150,000!

    The first calculation shows me I'd have to work 5 days a week the whole year to make $150,000.

    The second calculation shows me I'd have to just sell 1,500 units of a $100 product to make $150,000.

    The third calculation shows me I'd have to signup up only 128 people for a $97/month subscription to make $150,000.

    And of course then we can modify our pricing to show different prices.
    We might have to sell 1,500 units of a $100 product to make our $150,000.
    But we only have to sell 100 units of a $1,000 product to hit our same goal.


    Now I can figure out business ideas BACKWARDS!

    Instead of coming up with random dumb ideas, I can focus on something that will meet my goals faster by focusing on a pricing structure that will get me there quickly.

    So now I can think like this:

    • "What can I do for people so they'd pay me $570/day for?"
    • "What can I offer people for $100 that they would love to buy?"
    • "What can I offer people so they would pay me $97/month for?"

    I personally find it much much much much much much much much much much much much easier to think of business ideas and pricing strategies easier in this manner.

    And I think it can help YOU greatly in how to do pricing of a product. So you're free to use this tool whenever (bookmark or share this page).

    Or you can also download the this free Product Pricing Calculator to keep. I hope you enjoy!

    Neville Medhora - Kopywriter

    You can download you very own product pricing calculator right here. It’ll be sent to your email as an Excel file, or a downloadable Google Spreadsheet:

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    I hope you liked this little calculator. Use it free whenever you want. Or download your own for free by clicking the image above. I'll send it to you in Excel and Google Spreadsheet format.

    It's a super nice way to review your ideas about pricing products and hitting revenue goals.

    Neville Medhora

    P.S. Share this calculator with and friends or colleagues who could benefit from it also.

    P.P.S. If you run a subscription-based business we also have a Recurring Revenue Calculator.

    P.P.P.S. If need help with a business idea, we also have a cool business idea generator to help you brainstorm.

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