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  • The Three Pronged Pricing Technique
    (Templates, Examples, and a Generator)

    Three Prong Pricing Stickman

    The first time I charged a mid-sized company to do work for them was in college.  I was buying a scooter from a Ducati Motorcycle dealership, and somehow my nerdy self started telling the owner of the dealership how his SEO sucked and it was hard to find him online.  

    He was intrigued.
    He wanted me to help him with it.
    He asked for a proposal.
    He wanted to know an actual price.

    “I’ll charge him $500! I thought to myself. That was SOO much money to me back then. Totally worth it for a few weekends of work!

    I told my mentor about this pricing plan, and if it were legal, he would’ve slapped me across the mouth for charging so little to such a big business.

    “You need to charge TEN TIMES that amount!” he said.
    “$5,000 for some SEO work? Are you insane?” I protested.

    He then showed me several ways to figure out how to charge a business more money for your work, without scaring them off.

    One of my favorite ways he showed me to price something called Three Pronged Pricing.  


    Here’s how Three Pronged Pricing works:

    You have 3 different options which people can pick from like this: image05

    This is a super-safe way to make sure you still get the business at your normal rates, but drastically increases the chances of you getting a WAY bigger contract.

    In my case, I went from getting $500 for the gig……to them happily paying me $5,000 for the gig.

    So lemme show you some real examples and give you a template you can use for your own Three Pronged Pricing:

    This pricing structure actually adds a helluva lot of value to your client….because often they DON’T KNOW WHAT THEY NEED.

    So in one simple chart you show them what they can get for different prices. They also feel like they have a choice, not like they’re getting strong-armed into some scam.

    See how they can CHOOSE whichever option is best for them and fits their budget?


    So if there’s someone like me who is charging $500 but doesn’t know what the client's actual budget is…..then I can throw in a “Super Awesome Rockstar Package” that costs $5,000.

    If the client scoffs at that price, you know it’s too high. But you’re still safe because you have the low price.

    And it seems most often people go with the mid-range option because they don’t want to lose out on some of the extras they get.

    This pricing structure works well for products, services, and especially consultant rates.

    You can see examples of this Three Pronged Pricing Technique all over the interwebbers:  

    Tiered Pricing Examples:


    SquareSpace Example:

    SquareSpace-website-pricing.-1.png Squarespace-online-stores-pricing-1.png  


    CrazyEgg Example:


    KingSumo Example:


    MindMeister Example:


    WPEngine Example:


    Price Intelligently Example:


    GoAnimate Example:


    InformationStreet Example:



    Years ago when I sold my first-ever digital product, I used this Tiered Pricing technique, and it worked great!

    I was offering a product for $99 and then for $167 they could get the product AND a half-hour call with me. So I had a “Two Pronged” pricing structure.

    It looked like this:


    Back then my time was worth like $2/hour, so I was ecstatic when about 30% of the people who bought selected the more expensive option!!

    I made so much more money than I ordinarily would have just charging for the product alone.

    If I was smarter back then, I would’ve even added something like a $1,200 version where I would help them fully set up their first store in a day or two.

    So the point of this article is:

    "If you’re trying to get more money for a product or service, try this Tiered Pricing Technique to show your clients you have more to offer for more money!"

    I’ve gone ahead and created a template you can fill in to see how your pricing structure would look when you present it to clients.

    Pricing Template Download:

    In the template I filled in the example of someone who builds WordPress sites for a living. Watch how their $800-per-site rate goes up by offering more services:


    You can Download the template here in Google Spreadsheets Format:


    ….or Download in Excel format:




    Try out this Three Tiered Pricing Generator:

    Here's a Three Tiered Pricing Structure for Neville's Copywriting project:
    Basic Package: Advanced Package: Professional Package:




    This is the cheapest package. This is the optimal price to charge. This is the "Hell Yeah!" package!
    [See Basic Pricing] [See Advanced Pricing] [See Professional Pricing]

    Neville's Basic Copywriting Package: $500

    Description: Price:
    Basic Project: $500
    Support: 48 hours.  
    Total: $500


    This will be the minimum amount of money you would take for this project. However this package will include a very limited project, just the very basics. This will ensure you won't scare away the client with this price.

    Neville's Advanced Copywriting Package: $1,200

    Description: Price:
    Advanced Project: $650
    10 more pages: $100
    Social Media Images: $100
    Research: $100
    SEO: $150
    Support: 2 weeks $100
    Total: $1,200
    This will be the "ideal" amount of money for your project. It will come with some more complete features.


    Neville's Professional Copywriting Package: $5,550

    Description: Price:
    Professional Project: $2,500
    Unlimited pages: $600
    Social Media Images for all platforms: $650
    Professional Research and suggestions: $600
    SEO research and proper tagging: $700
    Support: 4 weeks $500
    Total: $5,550


    I can’t tell you how many consulting clients of mine have used this, and within a week told me...

    ...I showed two new clients the pricing chart, and both of them went for the more expensive options!!

    Hopefully you have similar results 🙂  

    Watch our Three Tiered Pricing Video:

    Please share this with any friends or colleagues who could use this generator and pricing technique.

    Hope you enjoyed and learned!
    -Neville Medhora  

    P.S. You can also checkout my post on becoming a copywriter that discusses some of these techniques (with examples) more in depth.

    P.P.S. You can see more examples of Tiered Pricing in my pricing swipe file.

    P.P.P.S. Here's some more pricing examples if you're interested in going deeper into pricing...including things like "Variable Rate Pricing."

    P.P.P.P.S. Make sure to watch our Three Tier Pricing Video on YouTube.

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