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    The S.W.I.P.E.S. Email (Friday May 17th, 2024)


    Edition: Friday, May 17th, 2024
    An educational (and fun) email by Copywriting Course. Enjoy!


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    This is a super simplistic framework for thinking about building a new product.

    Many people come up with business ideas without enough demand, this framework ensures you're going after an audience with a problem + demand + money:



    Credit: @sgblank @nivi


    I once had dinner with Peter Thiel...


    ....and whenever someone asked his opinion on something, he’d give a “spectrum of possibilities” for every answer.

    Example: If I asked his thoughts on the future of the Dollar, he would respond: 

    “Ok, here’s 3 scenarios…”

    Then he would give 3 different “scenarios” ranging from: 
    - Normal and boring scenario. 
    - Good and Bad mixed scenario. 
    - Crazy worst case scenario.

    Then he’d backup each scenario with data or comparable past events.

    He rarely thought something was black and white, but that everything was a spectrum of possibilities.

    It was super cool to see his thinking in action!


    Here's an interesting thought:

    "The Internet" still runs on servers and cables, and the companies that run the most bare metal on the internet are: 

    - Amazon: 32% 
    - Microsoft: 20% 
    - Google: 9% 
    - Alibaba: 6% 
    - IBM: 5% 
    - SalesForce: 3% 
    - Tencent: 2% 
    - Oracle: 2%

    That means as you're reading this on your phone/tablet/desktop, some bits and bytes travelled either by air or physical cable to a metal server likely controlled by one (or several) of the companies listed above.


    You might be reading my words originating from a cluster of servers just like this!


    I watched a demo video of the Oculus Quest, and Mark Zuckerberg was demo'ing it.

    One random interesting thing I noticed was that he was demo'ing this off his private jet:


    I'm not 100% sure, but I think this is a Gulfstream G650-ER.

    By pulling up some similar-layout G650's you can see the seat he's sitting in is the forward seat closest to the galley:


    I just thought Zuck demo'ing Quest from his private jet is one of those things half the people will think is awesome, and half the people will make fun of 😂


    Sometimes text alone isn't the best way to transmit an idea....but often text and video is a strong combo!

    I was working with a designer to re-do some images on a sales page, and I thought it was fun to see all the trial-and-error done to come up with the best image:

    Here's the original image I made in Google Presentations:
    It's not pretty, but it did the job:


    Then you can see more versions of the same idea come to life (some better than others).

    This one was a simplified version, but wasn't as obvious


    This one took me several brain cycles to figure out what was going on:


    This version abandoned the scale and just went with benefits:


    I thought this looked badass, but was too confusing:


    Another version that looked visually interesting, but I think is hard to tell what's going on:


    This one was good, but it wasn't clear there was a transformation taking place:


    I ended up liking this one the best!


    Which version did you like best?? You can respond and lemme know.


    Last Friday I sponsored a "Friday Writing Club" here in Austin, where a whole coffee shop of people is doing a dedicated 1 hour silent writing time:


    If you want you can sponsor the Writing Club and pay for everyone's coffee, so I volunteered.

    There were about 25 people, and my total bill to pay for everyone's coffee was...

    I thought it would be $200+ so I happily tipped another $75 bringing it to a total $150.

    Not bad!

    Neville Medhora



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    The SWIPES Email (Friday May 10th, 2024)


    Edition: Friday, May 9th, 2024
    An educational (and fun) email by Copywriting Course. Enjoy!


    🎤 Listen to this email here:


    I saw another Our Designer Quit style ad out in the wild!

    This variation is “Our Designer Is On Vacation” but it’s still the same hilarious concept 😂


    One way to get attention is by going the exact opposite of everyone else, so instead of a nice ad you have a crappy add.

    Here’s some more fun examples that make heads turn:



    Here's a cool set of charts showing your age versus how much time you spend with:
    - Family
    - Friends
    - Partner
    - Children
    - Coworkers
    - Yourself Alone







    Here's all of them together. Some of these charts are sobering, and a reminder to enjoy life while it lasts 😬


    Charts Sources: American Time Use Survey (2009-2019)
    Charts Credit: @tjpower


    Here's a super cool informative graphic from Lenny about how company pivots happened:

    • What their original idea was.
    • Why they pivoted.
    • How they found their new idea


    Super cool to read through and see how companies pivoted and eventually found the right successful idea!


    My buddy Noah Kagan just had a baby shower for upcoming baby, checkout my "Noah Shirt" 😂



    There was a fantastic episode with Scott Galloway on the My First Million Podcast about building wealth in your 20’s, 30’s, 40’s so you can relax later in life:


    Here’s a raw dump of my notes (sorry for poor spelling/grammar all taken on my phone):

    ————MY NOTES————

    The sexier the business the lower return unless you’re top .001%. Find your talent and become good at that in a fields with a 90% employment rate.

    Less sexy the business the higher the return. Where can you be great?

    Why some people can sell for high multiples: -They own a niche -They have recurring revenue -Tech is at their core -They are international -They have defensive IP

    Consulting: “pay me $250,000/yr and I’ll answer all your questions.”

    He spent $17m to build scraping tools. Was focused on exit right away.

    Started L2. Sold for $160m. Started it at ~44 years old.

    Build a small business by high retention of good employees. If a person has a friend at work they’re less likely to leave. I don’t try to be their friend, I try to be their dad.

    Sometimes in the world of media the whole world just stops advertising.

    Was in his early 40s and flailing and his takeover the New York Times went very poorly and lost a lot of peoples money and people were not advertising anymore and he was just figuring out a way to be able to afford living in New York.

    Sold Prohet for $33m 2010 started L2. Sold for $160m.

    Be humble when you have wins bc a lot of times it isn’t you.

    You can’t control what happens in your life but you can control how you respond to it.

    You’re never more prone to making a big mistake than right after big win.

    Need to be more aggressive and have your sails up so when the winds kick up you catch it.

    Some people get stuck, they can’t forgive themselves and they lose their mojo, and 7 years later their confidence and skills start atrophying. Put a statute of limitations on it and move forward. Might be time to mourn and move on. Be around people who want more.

    “I surround myself with smart younger people because they have a different take on life.”

    Opportunity is a function of density. Be in something that has a high density of success. Who becomes wealthy: Be in a big city like San Fran or New York.

    Find people you want to be like. You rise or fall to the level of your peer group.

    “My 40’s I grinded my ass off, but I delegate a lot.”

    America is best country in the world to make money, Europe is best place to spend it.

    1% is $750,000/yr. You generally won’t have total balance if you get to 1%. Expect to go all in on your career or scale back expectations. You can control how hard you work when you work. Don’t work so hard you sacrifice your health but enough it takes a toll. Then you can have more balance later in life.

    1 source of divorce is money. When a man loses status as a provider he’s more likely to get divorce. Sometimes it’s get out of the way and help other partner.

    The more money generally the happier in terms of lower income to middle class to upper class.

    If you have lots of money you can relax and exhale.

    We’ll all be dead soon, it’ll go by very fast, you should try to have fun and a good time. “I’m going to a country music festival and wear boots and take an edible and just have fun.”

    Wealth is about how much you spend. If you consume less than you make you are good. Develop a “savings muscle.”

    Take advantage of time by saving and investing and let compounding do its thing. Every 21 years your investments go up 8x.

    Yes you can maybe sell a company or something but maybe not, so show some discipline and maturity by slowly getting rich.

    Book: The Algebra of Wealth

    Wealth = Focus + Stoicism x Time x Diversification

    Focus: If you have a side hustle you need to have a better main hustle. The way you get wealthy is by getting really great at one thing. Find it in an industry that’s not very sexy. If you’re top 10% of installing HVAC, you can make a really good living.

    Your passion is not your hobby. It’s what you’re really great at.

    When wealthy spending time time with kids and parents and people you care about.

    Make more than you spend is step 1.

    Went from vc to consulting, found out consulting was too hard as he got older and moved to teaching. Had to revamp his life and career and skills several times.

    Lost everything twice; in 2000 and 2008. Started diversifying to prevent this.

    Started saving a lot of money in his 40’s.

    “I deployed an army of Capital in my 40s for my family to go kill and grow while I was asleep.”

    Viewed his stack of capital like an army: Here’s a tank, I’ll sacrifice the awesome apartment to grow the army

    ————MY NOTES————



    If you ever want to sell a company for a very high multiple, here's some qualities of that company:
    - It owns a niche.
    - It has recurring revenue.
    - It has tech at its core.
    - It is international.
    - It has defensive IP.

    Neville Medhora



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    The S.W.I.P.E.S. Email (Friday May 3rd, 2024)


    Edition: Friday, May 3rd, 2024
    An educational (and fun) email by Copywriting Course. Enjoy!


    🎤 Listen to this email here:


    You know your Uncle Neville, he loves a good graph. Especially when a graph conveys a large amount of info...but simply!

    I liked a blog post about your maximum power through different ages.

    1.) It starts with a simple graph showing your maximum strength:


    2.) Then it breaks down differences between out-of-shape, average, fit, and athlete:


    3.) Then it categorizes only men:


    4.) Then it categorizes only women:


    Image Credit: Why I Exercise

    Looking at these charts conveys so much helpful information!


    Here's how to get more Twitter/X followers:

    Step 1. Be Nick Gray:


    Step 2. Invite a blind date for all-expenses paid trip to Tokyo. 


    Step 3. 400+ women from the internet apply to go.


    Step 4. He selected one, they arrived in Tokyo and he live-posted the date.


    Step 5. Thousands of people were reading the live updates and loving it!!

    nick grey twitter followers.jpg

    Nick is one of the most interesting people I've ever met, and this story captivated the internet on Twitter and Instagram!

    The blind date he picked wasn't revealed at first, and he gave updates with teaser photos like this:

    ConvertKit (2).png

    Turns out the woman was a 27 year old engineer who went to Stanford, and eventually was revealed to the tens of thousands of people getting live-updates of this public blind date:

    ConvertKit (4).png

    What a fun little internet story!


    How I thought I’d use Al:
    Asking ChatGPT to do stuff and create content.

    How I’m actually using Al:
    Using Google’s generative results to do research and answer questions from the web.

    For everyday use I’m using 90% Google and 10% ChatGPT at this point.

    How about you?


    This week I went to a morning Writing Club (hosted by @taskett).

    It was hosted at a coffee shop, there was a short amount of socializing followed by 1 hour of silent writing time.

    ~20 people were there, and everyone writing something!


    Fun idea!


    "Getting front of the right eyeballs" has always been the main goal of marketing.

    It's been a continuously developing thing over the years:

    1920: Get into the top radio programs or newspapers.

    1980: Put “AA” in biz name to be first in phone book.

    1990: Get on TV and radio ads.

    2000: Stuff webpages with keywords (SEO).

    2010: Add the right tags and keywords Google says.

    2024: Be at the top of their social newsfeed + own their email.

    Next: ???


    Question for people with a home sauna, do you lay down in it?

    I’m debating between: 1-2 person sauna I can sit but not lay, versus a 3 person sauna I can easily lay down in….but it requires more space and electrical wiring.

    Wondering if laying down is worth the extra effort 🤔


    UPDATE TO THIS QUESTION: So I ended up buying a 3-person Finnleo Hallmark 55c:


    The laying down + being able to fit more people was worth the extra complexity for me.

    I'm adding a 220v outlet, and it BAREEELLYY made the cut size-wise (see white string outline):


    I wanted a rectangle shaped one originally, but the size made it hard to park my car in the garage (too tight of a squeeze).

    This corner model sauna seems to be the right size to still fit a car there:


    I originally wanted a small sauna because 4' x 4' size was perfect for my garage...BUT it's too small for 2 ppl.

    I went to a store to test it, and in perfect position I'm still taking more than half the bench 😂


    When I spread out comfortable I basically took up that whole bench.

    Excited to start sauna'ing more!

    Neville Medhora



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    The SWIPES Email (Friday April 26th, 2024)


    Edition: Friday, April 26th, 2024
    An educational (and fun) email by Copywriting Course. Enjoy!


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    On one hand, this seems like a bad billboard....
    No description.
    Not obvious what the product is.

    On the other hand, it got me to Google "Really . com" while pumping gas and looking at this thing....so maybe it worked!


    Turns out it's some sort of privacy-based phone service.

    However if I was just driving by in my car and couldn't Google this right away I doubt I'd care enough to look it up.


    The standard AIDA Formula is still one of the most useful things in copywriting a person can learn, look at this result:


    It's probably the lowest effort to learn, yet highest impact concept:


    Just remember "A.I.D.A" and you've got it memorized!



    Last year I was excited about self publishing another book, but I never put it out because:
    The subject matter wasn’t that big.
    I doubt this could be an all-time best seller.

    ...but I still wanna do it!

    It'll be only 50 pages and I am setting the pencils-down date for end of June 2024.

    I'm just putting it out there so I'm shamed into working on it harder!



    My buddy Noah Kagan moved his YouTube studio to a different room, and this is the barebones V1 getting it setup.

    I can’t wait to see progress and final result! Seeing behind-the-scenes of video studios is fun.




    ....speaking of watching the progress of video studios, here's a Before/After of my own home office:

    Just a raw 13' x 14' room with concrete floors (extremely echo-y).


    1. Added wallpaper
    2. Put a big ass rug down
    3. Positioned desks to face pretty wall
    4. Hue lighting to control everything



    This one room actually multi-functions as a:
    - Home office
    - YouTube studio
    - Co-working space
    - Overflow guest bedroom

    Here's how it's setup:


    I like how the space is multi-functional. For example if I have the whole family over and we need more bedrooms, the couch folds out into a Queen-sized bed and makes another guest room:


    I can also adjust the lighting with one touch so the color range can change instantly like this...


    ...to this:






    I found a weird snack I’ve been enjoying a lot (no affiliation to this): It's called Obleas by ConsciousSnack and it's got:

    • 6 ingredients.
    • 42 calories for entire package.
    • It has about 25 ultra-thin wafers.
    • You can snack on these for like an HOUR.
    • Can crack into small pieces with almost no crumbs.


    I love snacking on stuff, but if I were to just sit for 30 minutes popping Pringles, I'd eat 1,000+ calories EASILY.

    I can sit there snacking on these, breaking them into pieces, and get only 42 calories. There's also very little sweetness so I don't get sugar cravings after these.

    Fun little find I randomly found at a store in Austin!

    Neville Medhora



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    The SWIPES Email (Friday April 19th, 2024)


    Edition: Friday, April 19th, 2024
    An educational (and fun) email by Copywriting Course. Enjoy!


    🎤 Listen to this email here:


    I propose a toast to the single-image-that-teaches-you-something. 

    Here's some examples:

    To me, being able to transmit information in a single blink of an eye is a superpower.


    The new AI writing assistant Google launched is embedded in Chrome, making AI stuff even easier to use. 

    To use it first turn it on: 
    Settings → Experimental AI → Help Me Write. 

    Use it anytime: 
    Right click on a text field → Help Me Write

    Here it is in action:




    Google Keep is low key the most useful note taking app out there:

    - Super easy to save notes and pictures.
    - Masonry layout is easy to browse.
    - It’s free.
    - Natively ties into all Google products.
    - Can export everything into a Doc.

    It's so much easier to use than Notion for me!


    I'm surprised more people don't know about it.

    I've been pushing it forever....and what makes it WAY MORE USEFUL than all other note taking apps is the native integration into every Google product:



    I didn't Xweet for 5 days because I was in Mexico recently for a vacation and it was awesome 😎

    Checkout this ridiculous cave spa:


    Another part of the spa where you hang out under each different type of water fountain:


    Washing off before a massage:


    Cool view out my room of this spiral pyramid thingy:


    I loved the cave-y architecture all throughout the resort, I wish I was able to see how they built all these structures!


    They had so many of these cave-like natural walls which I "think" are artificial but TBH I couldn't tell:


    It was a fun trip!





    I started noticing the term "Full Stack Writer" start popping up since about 2019. 


    I think it's a great term because it means "a writer who can mix in other skills."

    For example if you can write, but ALSO use Wordpress, cook, know photography and video, use Excel really well........this means you can potentially be a better writer because of your breadth of experiences:


    A Full Stack Writer would be someone who knows multiple skills related to writing such as:

    📝 Writing text in an editor.
    🖼 Creating and editing images.
    🖥 Knowing how to create/manage/publish websites.
    🕵️♂️ Understanding very basic SEO.
    🌅 Knowing how to write on social media platforms.
    📊 Understanding how to promote an article once released.
    🎥 Knowing how to create videos.
    🎨 Design, UI, UX.

    Obviously if a writer knows all these other related skills they will be a much more powerful force!



    I'm still surprised how hard it is to write, design and organize a sales page from start to finish.


    Yes there are templates and stuff you can start from, but you still need to know A LOT of things to do this well.

    I currently use LeadPages, and as a hobby project I'm currently learning to use Framer.

    I am re-doing our own Sales Page and it's a big project! I'm breaking it into several steps:

    Step 1.) I made these slides in Google Presentation that outlines the flow of the entire sales video and sales page.

    This by itself took a long time:



    Step 2.) Mocking up the design section-by-section.

    This is where I'm using more help than other areas because I want to improve my own design sensibilities:



    Step 3.) Recording a new sales video. 

    This is being made out of the slides, then further animated in editing. It was also recorded in 4 separate parts. These are hard 😳

    Hopefully it turns out great, and I can report back on conversion findings next month!


    Neville Medhora



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    ConvertKit (1).png

    The SWIPES Email (Friday April 12th, 2024)


    Edition: Friday, April 12th, 2024
    An educational (and fun) email by Copywriting Course. Enjoy!

    🎤 Listen to this email here:


    While this chart isn't visually very interesting, but the content is very juicy!

    This is USA data from 2023 that shows your age and net worth, and what percentage you fall in compared to others.


    Example: You're 32 years old and have a $500,000 net worth, this makes you richer than 90% of people your age. 



    How did I not know this before? 

    Even number interstates: Side to Side 
    Odd number interstate roads: Up and Down

    I love it when a simple graphic like this teaches you something useful!


    The last episode of My First Million Podcast was recorded from my office with the standard 1080p webcam on the iMac M3.

    Sam Parr initially thought this was the DSLR camera feed! I still think a DSLR camera looks better, but these webcams are getting good!


    I still think a full DSLR setup look best, but the iMac and iPhone aren't too far behind. 
    Same lighting, same positioning, different webcams:
    • Sony a6400 DSLR
    • iPhone 14 Pro
    • iMac M3 webcam
    • iMac M1 laptop webcam


    In Austin, TX. we got a 100% eclipse blackout, but it was super cloudy!

    So I couldn't really see the eclipse itself too well, but the whole place went dark which was really neat:

    Here I am watching the eclipse from home:

    It was fun seeing all the neighbors from every house out as well (also you can see the auto-sensors on the downtown building lights turned on when it got dark)!



    One of my goals this year is to treat my business more like a 9-5 job.

    This means:
    - A little less needless goofing off during the day.
    - Finish my entire to-do list during biz hours.
    - Just because I don’t have anything to do, doesn’t mean I HAVE to do nothing.

    When I was younger and with less obligations it was easy to spread out work across all 16 waking hours. But with more social/family/friend stuff going on, time becomes more precious.

    The 9-5 time block makes a lot of sense, as most of the world operates around this schedule.

    A few benefits I have are:
    - Not having to commute and deal with traffic.
    - This 9-5 schedule is *self* imposed, not forced.


    I have a quick request for you 👇🏼


    All you have to do is reply back to this email with a testimonial for either Copywriting Course, The Swipes Email, or stuff you've learned from me.

    Different types of testimonials you can respond with:
    Level 1.) Respond with anything nice to say about me or Copywriting Course. 
    Level 2.) Respond back with a lesson you learned, applied, and did better with. 
    Level 3.) Respond back with something you improved, and send visual proof or numbers of it improving! 
    Level 4.) Respond back with a video testimonial. 

    I read every single one of these! I appreciate it so much!!

    **Let me know if you want me to anonymize your name on the testimonial.

    Neville Medhora


    The SWIPES Email (Friday April 5th, 2024)


    Edition: Friday, April 5th, 2024
    An educational (and fun) email by Copywriting Course. Enjoy!


    🎤 Listen to this email here:


    When you go through a car wash with different pricing options, do you think selecting a more expensive option ACTUALLY make a difference?


    I'll usually select "The Works" for $17, but I'm not sure it does anything different than Basic or Deluxe 🤔

    I have a hunch it's mainly a marketing/pricing trick.


    Instead of hiring agencies for work, l've had more success hiring people whose work I like, then offering whatever amount of money to hop on a call for 1 or 2 hours to work together. It almost always pays off 10x each time.

    For example if I need some help going over a webpage, I'll reach out to someone whose work I like, and say "Can I get you on a video call for an hour to help? I can pay $300." 

    Pretty much works every time!


    This is cool, Google Meet now has live captions as you talk!


    This is a neat feature, but what I'm most excited about live transcription is it moves us closer to having a universal language translator.

    This could unlock untold amounts of productivity in the world-wide economy.

    Imagine having a conversation with a freelancer in China who doesn't speak English, but we can communicate just fine because we can real-time communicate.

    This would be pretty cool and seems to be coming fast.


    Friendly PSA that your local public library is better to work at than a coffee shop!
    - Fast WiFi
    - Totally Free
    - Tables, Desks, Workspaces
    - Free Magazines, Books, Newspapers

    I use the public library 3 blocks from my house several times a week, it’s like having a free WeWork.





    I love writing out goals.

    For example here's my April 2024 goals:


    I don't always finish every goal, but these written goals are helpful for days I'm not sure what to work on.

    I can just look up from my desk see these goals, which helps get back on track!


    I've kept a running log of my monthly goals for years here.


    I'm currently working my way through the Three Body Problem book trilogy, I'm currently on book #2, and I just saw there’s a NetFlix series released on it!

    Now desperately trying to finish the trilogy before hearing any spoilers about the show!


    Hope you enjoyed these Friday tid-bits!
    Neville Medhora


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    The SWIPES Email (Friday March 29th, 2024)


    Edition: Friday, March 29th, 2024
    An educational (and fun) email by Copywriting Course. Enjoy!

    🎤 Listen to this email here:


    This 1950's Schweppes Ad is still one of my favorite old-school ads, there's something very captivating about this to me:


    I think there's just several elements that draw you into this ad:


    Love it!


    I loved this cool hover-over “Problem Explainer” on this site Retention.com

    In a few hover-overs a reader will likely recognize a problem they have and think "oh I have that issue too." 🧐


    Just stating the problems your product solves in Plain English is very powerful.


    Holi is an Indian festival where you throw colors at each other and get all dirty, here's me after Holi this weekend!


    The best part is when you take a shower after Holi and the water is all weird shades of blue and pink and brown and black 😂


    The new "let's all hang out" is "let's do a sauna and cold plunge!"

    Here's a fun night this week at my friend @cathrynlavery's place, with @nickgraynews and @thesamparr:



    When looking at market size it’s helpful to look at the realistic amount you can capture.

    I just learned there's different terms for that.

    I am aware of TAM (Total Addressable Market), but there's all these other terms below that:

    •TAM: Total demand for a product/service.

    •SAM: Portion of TAM you can target and serve.

    •SOM: Percentage of the market you can capture or intend to capture.

    I saved a couple images from around the web demonstrating this concept:






    Just a last minute reminder that we're doing a flash-sale for a year of Copywriting Course for you to ring in Q2 the right way!

    We're down to 9 months left in the year:


    And if you want help with any of your Sales Pages, Home Pages, Emails, Newsletters, Ad Copy or any marketing, jump into the Copywriting Course to learn how to optimize them this year:


    For today, if you join Copywriting Course, you'll get 30% off a whole year.

    (Get 30% off right now, use coupon Q2START at checkout)!
    Sound fun? Then Start Now 🙂


    This deal ends when Q1 ends, so grab it right now for a big savings for something you're already gonna buy!


    Hope you enjoyed these Friday tid-bits!
    Neville Medhora


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    The SWIPES Email (Friday March 21st, 2024)


    Edition: Friday, March 22nd, 2024
    An educational (and fun) email by Copywriting Course. Enjoy!


    🎤 Listen to this email here:


    One of my favorite marketing concepts is "The Slippery Slope" where you capture people's attention, give them great content, then get them to take an action:


    The absolute best way to get people down the Slippery Slope is by using the AIDA Formula:

    It can step-by-step slide people down that Slippery Slope for you!


    Checkout our post on the AIDA Formula you can see how to sell stuff, even stuff like a helicopter 😎



    Here's a tough lesson I learned on our last email:

    It got a 4% email open rate (that's absurdly low), and we investigated what happened and it turns out:

    I put a screenshot of our email intake form and linked it to a form, so Gmail viewed this as a fake form and phishing attempt.

    Big lesson learned 🙄



    In 2023 you'd have to combine the top 5 highest viewed episodes of television shows, just to equal just one mid-sized episode of Seinfeld 😮


    This random episode they are comparing is not even in the top 50 most popular episodes of Seinfeld either:


    One thing to note is that viewership of a show nowadays is probably spread over TV broadcasts, internet streamers and social media....so it's difficult to calculate FULL viewership.

    This is the full infographic this info was pulled from:



    This recent personal blog post from Sam Parr is reminiscent of OG blogs where you just shared stuff for the sake of sharing and remembering. They contain pictures and more in-depth thoughts.

    See the article → theantimba.com/a-weekend-to-remember


    I miss this form of blogging about events!

    My first blog was called Neville's Financial Blog, and I miss aspects of the original blogging days like people doing full re-caps of events like this!

    The downside of these types of posts is they take a long time to create. I'm hoping in the near future you can just select a few photos and AI will create these posts for you.


    Digital advertising is very effective, but good ole outdoor advertising is still fun.

    I had a dumb idea: The Hustle's old office sign is still up in Austin. They moved out of that office but it's sitting empty in a very high traffic area, with no sign letters on it.


    Should I buy a pack of letters and put my own ad on it? 😂 😂



    The new “Sell a course” is “Sell a community.”

    Course sales are lumpy based on launches, communities can level that out with recurring revenue.

    With a digital community the 3 factors that change income are:
    - Price
    - Time stayed
    - Number of Customers

    This chart shows sample revenue of a community size from 100 to 1,200:


    This chart shows revenue of a community priced from $10/mo to $200/mo:


    This chart shows revenue of a community where customers stay from 1 month to 24 months


    Hope you enjoyed these Friday tid-bits!
    Neville Medhora


    P.S. Checkout some member wins from this month alone:


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    Writing The Perfect Email (The Short, Medium, Long Method)


    How do you write a perfect email? The answer is...








    ......wait for it...





    ...you send out 3 different emails!

    1.) Short Email: Ultra short, like a notification.
    2.) Medium Email: Short, but with some added info.
    3.) Long Email: Your full sales pitch.

    Podcast Outreach Example:

    Let's say we have to write an email for podcast outreach with the Short/Medium/Long Email format.

    Here's how we'd do it:

    1.) Short Email: Ultra short, like a notification.

    short-email (3).png

    Hey Nicollete, wanna come on my podcast? About 5,000 downloads per episode.


    This "Short Email" keeps it to the absolute bare minimum of words. 

    Since it's so short it seems very personal, like a friendly email from a friend or a text message. 

    These ultra short messages surprisingly work the best in most cases.

    2.) Medium Email: Short, but with some added info.


    Hey Nicollete, wanna come on my podcast? 

    We do a podcast where we interview interesting copywriters and business people, and delve into their business and life. 

    - Audio gets about 5,000 downloads per episode.
    - YouTube gets about 10,000 views per episode.
    - We cut up between 5 and 12 Short Clips per episode.
    - We also make a blog post with all of these embedded on there. 

    Would 2pm CST on March 18th work for you?


    This "Medium Email" adds a little more content to the message, giving out some great reasons why Nicollete should come on my podcast. 

    If you don't know someone well, then maybe adding some more benefits to the request can help.

    3.) Long Email: Your full sales pitch.


    Hey Nicollete, wanna come on my podcast? 

    We do a podcast where we interview interesting copywriters and business people, and delve into their business and life. 

    - Audio gets about 5,000 downloads per episode.
    - YouTube gets about 10,000 views per episode.
    - We cut up between 5 and 12 Short Clips per episode.
    - We also make a blog post with all of these embedded on there. 
    - You can see some more of the YouTube stats here:


    You would be joining some great guests we’ve had on such as: 

    Jason Cohen - Founder of 2 different billion dollar companies. 
    Paul Yacoubian - Founder of Copy.ai  
    Noah Kagan - Founder of AppSumo


    I would love to discuss how you started your business, and where you plan on going in the future. 

    Would 2pm CST on March 18th work for you? Or schedule a time here.


    This "Long Email" is like a last ditch effort to spill our guts and deliver allllll the good stuff about coming on the podcast. 

    If we send Nicollete a Short Email, then a Medium Email, then a Long Email and she still doesn't respond, then maybe she just doesn't want to be a guest on it. 

    Ironically these "Long Emails" tend to work the worst in my experience.

    Almost always a shorter email gets a better and quicker response. 

    If you are making a request over email, my advice is usually to try 3 emails in this order:  Short → Medium → Long.



    I hope this was educational my friend!
    Neville Medhora - Master Email'er

    The SWIPES Email (Friday March 15st, 2024)


    Edition: Friday, March 15th, 2024
    An educational (and fun) email by Copywriting Course. Enjoy!


    🎤 Listen to this email here:


    This graphic shows that learning to use a spreadsheet is probably far more helpful than many advanced math subjects 😂


    Subjects like calculus were hard to get excited about in high school because they never told you WHY it was helpful.

    If you give zero evidence why something is useful, it’s hard to dedicate time to it.

    This is the same for your product marketing. Are you telling your customers all the reasons your product/service will help them?


    Cool quote overheard on a Lex Fridman and Kimbal Musk podcast:

    "Food is a gift we give ourselves 3 times a day.”

    - Kimbal Musk

    I like this quote because I cook almost all my meals, either in the form of meal prep once a week:


    I have in the past bought pre-made meals, but there's something very satisfying about fresh food and you know every ingredient that goes into it.

    Also I enjoy the process of taking a few minutes to grill up some steak or chicken on the grill. There's something very fun about it.



    Some angel investing advice Dan Martell said Naval Ravikant gave him (paraphrased):

    “Make 12 investments, all of the same size, over the course of a 4 year period.”

    He said it roughly follows the old normal curve, where most of the investments will either be a washout or you breakeven, but 1 or 2 of those investments will return all the money:


    You can see his advice here at this timestamp: 30:36



    If you are reading this on Friday morning, I am probably travelling at the moment, so I pre-wrote this SWIPES Email a few days early.

    I couldn't find any non-personal-event pictures to share, so I am sharing this random picture of my Aprillia Scarabeo 100 scooter that has served me well for the last 10 years (also I had 2 other of the same model before that).


    I've always lived around Downtown Austin, so if I ever need to get somewhere in a hurry when there's tons of traffic or parking will be bad, this baby has always been there!


    This quote means sometimes JUST DOING THINGS to advance a goal is better than pondering on it:



    ....it doesn't mean you shouldn’t stop and think, but if you’re feeling inspired you can start writing that article, buying that domain name, or making a mockup…and the motion helps you move forward.

    For example this is just PART of my collection of useless domain names:


    ...but buying a $7 domain name is often the first step in helping me take a project seriously.

    So what if I waste $200 in a year buying dumb domains? One success out of those can return 1,000x.

    Some "motion" towards an idea will help you work on it faster.




    When I'm alone I goof off, BUT if someone is working with me (and can preferably see my screen) I will get lots of work done.

    Sometimes working at home doesn't provide this, and I'll often hop onto CaveDay (this isn't sponsored I just think it's a cool service).

    I am currently writing this SWIPES Email from a CaveDay Session, and it currently has 75 people on the call just silently co-working


    Hope you enjoyed these Friday tid-bits!

    Neville Medhora


    P.S. Checkout some member wins from this month alone:


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    The SWIPES Email (Friday March 8th, 2024)


    Edition: Friday, March 8th, 2024
    An educational (and fun) email by Copywriting Course. Enjoy!


    🎤 Listen to this email here:


    This is the exact letter that made Gary Halbert a millionaire in 1971. 

    It was one page, sealed in an envelope, selling them a “Coat of Arms” picture and report based on their last name, and it peaked at making 20,000 sales per day (and these were physical mail orders) 😮

    This particular letter was sent to every "Macdonald" in the phone book across the United States:



    For $2.00 (in 1971) this is what was sent back to you:

    1.) A coat of arms picture of your family last name, you could then frame it if you liked. Like this (without the frame, it was just sent to you on paper):



    2.) A small report explaining the coat of arms: (h/t to @eston_esau for taking this pic of this in his grandpa's house)!



    Here's two quotes I really love:

    This is a quote about having a goal you're working towards:


    "When things are hardest, a clear goal is the most important thing. To have a fountain of energy to draw from. Establishing a worthwhile goal is the hardest part. It gives you a place to go and a reason to get up." - Earl Nightingale

    This one is about building confidence, and that it comes from having a bunch of smaller experiences of success:


    “Confidence is built upon an experience of success.”



    A cool pattern I've found with regards to reading:

    10 pages of a fiction book at night helps me go to sleep.

    10 pages of a business book in morning helps me wake up and have my brain thinking about work.

    I've noticed I read too much fiction in the morning, it's exciting but then I don't really wanna do work. So this hack is pretty neat!

    The current business book I'm reading is this: Read Write Own


    The current fiction book I'm reading is: The Three Body Problem.


    Apparently the Three Body Problem just came out as a movie or TV trailer....AND I'M PURPOSELY NOT WATCHING THE TRAILER SO I DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT WHAT'S ABOUT TO HAPPEN!


    Hey check it out I got one of those 100k subscriber YouTube plaques!! 


    I put out 2 long-form videos or interviews per month, and one short form video everyday.

    If that sounds up your alley then give me a subscribe!


    I've been thinking of buying a Tesla Model S, and wanted to try it out for a multi-city, mulit-destination trip, so I rented one with the specs I wanted off Turo (I would’ve preferred a black one but couldn’t find that with my specs).

    I'm not a big car guy....the reality is I want one main thing: Full Self Driving so I can get around without paying attention.


    Almost all my friends have variations of Teslas, and the only one I really love the look of is the Model S:


    Like I said I just want FULL AUTO DRIVING.

    That’s it.

    That’s the killer feature to me.

    The experience with FSD after 3 days of a lot of driving is: It's definitely kick ass, but not fully there (yet). It's still kinda jerky at times (I notice this a lot more when a passenger is in the car), and 2% of the time it freaks out and scares the hell out of passengers.

    My Pro’s of the Tesla Model S:

    • Stupid fast. Like….so fast you don’t really need all that speed. It’s unreal.
    • Everything is controlled by phone, it’s kinda neat to cool the car or heat it up remotely, or just not have to have a key (just your phone) to operate everything.
    • You can see all the cameras from the phone app..it’s like having an 8-camera security system wherever you’re parked!
    • FSD (Full Self Driving) is amazing….I have some gripes with it, but it’s an awesome safety feature to have, and is really relaxing to drive on.
    • FSD is so good at directions, if I was ever in doubt of which freeway or exit to take, FSD nailed it every time.
    • I love + don’t love that everything needs to be controlled from the screen. Like changing directions of the air vents requires a few clicks to do.
    • The FSD feels good having it as a backup driver for safety, and is nice to sit in slow traffic with it on and not pay much attention.

    My Con’s of the Tesla Model S:

    • For passengers the Full Self Driving is kinda jerky when slowing down….even with “Chill Mode” on the way it breaks sometimes is like a bad Uber driver.
    • You kind of have to babysit the FSD….it definitely does the job, but you’re not totally doing nothing, you still have to pay some attention.
    • It’s a total lane hog. On the highway the Tesla will very frequently try to move into the left lane then just stay there, which is a huge pet peeve of mine.
    • The yoke steering wheel looks cool, and is nice for visibility (you can see right over it which is neat), and for the most part feels good….but the buttons stink. The turn signals are not intuitive, and you have to reach your thumb to touch them each time. Same with the horn or lights, definitely not in an intuitive spot.

    Hope for the future of driving:
    I frequently go back and forth between Austin and Houston for family stuff, and I think of the countless hours of driving I’ve done that could’ve been used for something more productive or fun.

    I wish I could do work, or read, or listen to podcasts AND take notes while driving….currently you can just passively consume information in a car and not much more.

    My goal is that I can drowsily hop in the car, fall asleep, and safely wake up in a different city. This seems roughly ~5 years away.



    I love local-business marketing, and I saw this in a neighborhood while driving in Houston:

    It's a simple A-Frame (much like my Shoe Hospital Experiment sign) this window cleaner puts out in front of a house they were cleaning.


    A great way of drumming up business is letting people in the neighborhood know you're helping out one of their neighbors.

    If you're a service provider like this, spend the $150 to get a nice A-Frame made and stick it in front of your service sites!

    Hope you enjoyed these Friday tid-bits!
    Neville Medhora


    P.S. Checkout some member wins from this month alone:



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    The SWIPES Email (Friday March 1st, 2024)


    Edition: Friday, March 1st, 2024
    A fun email by Copywriting Course and SwipeFile. Enjoy!


    🎤 Listen to this email here:


    I really liked this Michael Cera + CeraVe advertising campaign 😂


    This was developed by WPP and Ogilvy after seeing random rumors on Reddit that Michael Cera the actor created CeraVe Lotion.

    Weeks before their Super Bowl ad they got influencers to fuel the speculation that Michael Cera was the founder...

    Then they hired influencers to release photos and TikTok's saying, "Guys run to this pharmacy in BK, I just saw MICHAEL CERA signing bottles!! 😳😳"


    They also hired influencers to release shots of Michael Cera holding 20+ bottles of CeraVe:


    Then after all this buzz on the internet stirred up....they released a funny ad disproving it 😂



    This is a cool graphic by @KateBour with 12 different pricing psychology tips I really liked:


    I'm not sure 100% of this is totally correct, but I loved the way this way laid out for easy reading.


    On the YouTube tracking site ViewStats, you can now see a "Change Gallery" for any specific video, and see every split-test for headline and thumbnail 👀


    It'll also show you when that video was updated if the performance went up/down:


    It's pretty cool to see some of your favorite creators split testing titles and thumbnails!


    I’ve been moving designs from Figma into actual live web pages, and this meme captures it perfectly 😂

    Design mockups look so awesome in Figma, but when actually translating them into your page builder they get all funky and lose some of the prettiness.


    Here's a real live example:


    It might be hard to tell at this resolution, but it always looks a lot crummier in production!


    One fun thing to do with whatever new business idea you come up with is apply it to a different type of business model.

    Subscription Model: You charge $X/mo to get access to something. It could be software, or courses, or services. I personally sell a subscription for people to access my community.

    E-commerce Model: You sell a product online, and get it delivered to the customer (either you ship it yourself or send it through a drop-shipper). This was how I made my first company HouseOfRave.

    Affiliate Marketing Model: You talk about products, and put an affiliate link and you get a cut of sales each time someone buys. For example this is an affiliate link to ConvertKit, if you click that link then buy a subscription, every month I'll get a small kickback.

    Ad-based Model: This is where you get traffic to a website, and you put ads all over it. For example if you go to SwipeFile.com it's littered with ads, and when people click those I get a couple cents or a couple bucks.

    Consulting Services Model: This is where someone pays you for consulting. I do this by offering hourly calls that (sometimes) lead into bigger projects.

    Franchising Model: You might not have a great business mind, but you can run a template someone else has, so you can "franchise" their business. You can buy your way into running a McDonald's or SubWay.

    Digital Products Model: You can sell a small (or big) digital product like a how-to video. I once sold a $10 PDF of a "Problem Solving Checklist" that 1,000's of people bought.

    Marketplace Model: These are hard because you have to find people willing to sell a product/service, and people to buy it. Like eBay or Uber or Craigslist. But if you can get one going it can be a strong brand.

    Direct Sales Model: You send people a piece of mail, and they send you money for the product. This 1-page letter was how Gary Halbert originally became a millionaire.


    In the Essay above I mentioned the "Subscription Model" I sell for people to access my trainings and community.

    The reason I do this followed this logic:
    1.) I originally made one course called Copywriting Course which taught some basic copywriting principles.

    2.) Then I made another course about sending fun & engaging emails called The Email Writing Course.

    3.) Then I made a course on how to use autoresponders to automate a lot of your email marketing.

    4.) Then I made ANOTHER course.......and this goes on times 12!

    5.) Eventually people got confused on which course to buy, so we made a bundle of courses to sell.

    6.) But I realized the real successes came from when people took my courses, but also got feedback on their copy and different projects. This covered the copywriting and business strategy and all the digital marketing in between.

    7.) To best serve students we went to a monthly subscription model so myself and professional writers could give them feedback, improvements, and much of the time just re-write their stuff.

    8.) We also realized people who spent a whole year in the course did the absolute best, so we broke up the plans into Monthly and Yearly.

    Monthly: So it's affordable for people and they could "test drive" us.

    Yearly: So people could get help throughout the entire year, plus all the courses, and we could really spend some time helping them.

    The pricing plan for subscription eventually ended up like this:


    From this model we've been able to generate thousands of Wins for members every year, and on so much more than just copywriting training, we're a community of builders making things:



    I hope you enjoyed these Friday tid-bits!
    Neville Medhora


    The S.W.I.P.E.S. Email (Friday February 23rd, 2024)


    Edition: Friday, February 23rd, 2024
    A fun email for Friday. I hope you enjoy!


    If someone hits a vape during a call I don’t think I’d mind that much 😂

    Music in the background? Well that’s just rude.

    Here's an interesting "Zoom Etiquette" chart of behaviors that people don't think are acceptable:



    When self publishing a book a few years ago I decided to A/B split test two different covers and titles.

    Version A: "The Ten Commandments of Copywriting"
    Version B: "The Book Will Teach You How To Write Better"

    The result from 842 votes was:
    Version A:
    21% votes (loser)
    Version B: 79% votes (winner!)


    This version of the book cover was just quickly drummed up as the placeholder for the book cover until I could find a better one.

    But of all the book covers and titles we tried this one just dominated every time!



    Exactly two weeks ago I decided to cold turkey stop drinking caffeine. I made sure I had a free-ish weekend to lay in bed and do nothing to cope with the caffeine withdrawals.


    The first few days I had minor headaches and felt lethargic, this lasted about 3-4 days, then I started feeling a bit better.

    Basically it took ~5 days to feel normal.

    I've been finding it super easy to wake up in the morning and just start my day without caffeine.

    One morning I woke up around 4:30am (HIGHLY HIGHLY UNUSUAL FOR ME!) and was able to just start working, and had steady energy throughout the whole day.

    My energy each day just seems "stable." It doesn't have the wild spokes up and down as when on caffeine.


    Conclusion: My goal was to just break my morning dependency on caffeine by stopping for two weeks....well TODAY I AM ALLOWED TO HAVE COFFEE!

    But it's weird.....I really enjoy not having to rely on it: I like being able to just get up and start the day. I like not having to worry about acquiring 2-3 cups of coffee per day. I like the steady amount of energy I have from morning till night.

    Not sure if this will be a permanent stop, but I could get used to this!

    I'm writing this on a plane headed to Costa Rica right now, and I was able to wake up at 6:15am and workout before my flight without any caffeine (that is unusual for me).


    My friend Noah did a fun b-day party where he did "Birthday Olympics"

    • We all met up in a park and did games like:
    • Who can hold the longest plank challenge (I got 3rd)
    • Who can throw a kettlebell the furthest (I got 3rd)
    • Which team could throw a frisbee furthest (I won this one)!
    • A team "hold a kettlebell and run a lap"
    • A 2-lap sprint and you have to chug a beer or sparkling water before 2 the 2nd lap (I lost this one bad bc couldn't chug the bubble water that fast)....the guy who won had to leave early because he felt sick 😂

    It was fun!



    Last week I posted this homepage a/b/c/d split test, and asked which you thought would win??


    Most people guessed A or D....

    Here's the results →

    It was C!


    And it boosted my homepage conversion rate from about 14% to 23%. 

    This means if 100 people come to the homepage, instead of 14 of them signing up to my email list, 23 of them signup. A ~60% increase.

    This was designed in Figma by @benpixel and it looked awesome.


    Here's the final numbers....and to be fair "D" came in reallllyyy close....almost the same.

    A) 14.51% conversion
    B) 20.52% conversion
    C) 23.69% conversion
    D) 23.20% conversion


    This simple split test resulted in a 60% improvement for relatively little effort.

    It comes back to the old principle that if you give people less options on a page, they'll take the one you give them.

    Less options and text meant more people just plunked in their email:



    I'm currently reading Read Write Own by @cdixon:


    I like how it breaks down complex topics into simple elements, like this chart of different networks:

    • Protocol is like SMPT email.
    • Corporate is like creators on YouTube.
    • Blockchain is like BTC or ETH.


    He says there's been 2 eras of the internet and we're moving into the 3rd era called "Read Write Own."

    “Read” Era: You could put up a static website. Little to no interaction on websites.

    “Read-Write” Era (current): Posting and publishing for anyone to a large audience. You can use and interact on networks like X, Amazon, or YouTube....but not own them.

    “Read-Write-Own” Era: You can own pieces of the network you participate in. This is like the Ethereum network where you can interact with it, use it, but also own pieces of it as tokens.

    Good book so far!

    I hope you enjoyed these Friday tid-bits!
    Neville Medhora


    Homepage A/B/C/D Split Test (14% to 23% improvement)!

    Last week I posted this homepage a/b/c/d split test, which do you think would win??

    Most people guessed A or D.... 



    Here's the results →

    It was C!

    And it boosted my homepage conversion rate from about 14% to 23%. 

    This means if 100 people come to the homepage, instead of 14 of them signing up to my email list, 23 of them signup. A ~60% increase.


    Here's what the whole page looks like:

    This was designed in Figma by @benpixel and it looked awesome.


    Here's the final numbers....and to be fair "D" came in reallllyyy close....almost the same.

    A) 14.51% conversion
    B) 20.52% conversion
    C) 23.69% conversion
    D) 23.20% conversion


    This simple split test resulted in a 60% improvement for relatively little effort. 

    It comes back to the old principle that if you give people less options on a page, they'll take the one you give them. 

    Less options and text meant more people just plunked in their email.


    The S.W.I.P.E.S Email (Friday February 16th, 2024)

    Swipe📁Wisdom🧠Interesting🧐Picture🖼 • Essay📄Splurge✍
    Edition: Friday, February 16th, 2024
    A fun email for Friday. I hope you enjoy!


    🎤 Listen to this email here:


    This is an interesting little chart: 
    YouTube is the widest used social platform.




    What has been the most profitable technical tool you’ve learned how to use?

    Here's my personal tool stack I use plus the proficiency level:
    - Figma (10%)
    - Photoshop (40%)
    - Descript (40%)
    - Wordpress (75%)
    - Canva (80%)
    - ChatGPT (80%)
    - Google Docs, Presentations, Sheets (80%)
    - ConvertKit (90%)
    - Camtasia (90%)

    Some others have told me some really helpful skills they've learned are:
    - WebFlow
    - ClickUp
    - Make
    - Superhuman
    - AirTable
    - Framer


    This is an ultra-simplified explanation of how AI image generation works.

    They train a neural network to know what things are:

    You give it a prompt like "Corgi Sitting In A Field."

    It starts off with random noise like this:


    Then the neural network tries to figure out which tiny pixels it thinks kind of look like a Corgi and which pixels look like a field, so something resembling that starts to emerge:


    The neural net then keeps repeating this until an image is formed:


    So from rubbish-to-finished picture is might look something like this:


    This is of course a very simplified version, but isn't it interesting how much processing is being done behind the scenes to create AI images!

    Image Credits: Ethan Mollick and AltexSoft


    Apparently when Steve Urkel first came on TV he was 12 years old....I looked kinda similar at 12....at least the glasses were the same 😂


    Neville on the Left, Urkel on the Right 


    Look at this “Split Testing” Noah Kagan did to find the right book cover: He took a picture from a book store shelf, then rendered different colors of the book to see which stood out the most. The yellow book blended in, but the green stood out!


    He also ran Facebook Ads to test which book covers/colors people would click on the most:


    The end result looking like this!


    You can also watch Noah talk about how he reverse-engineered reaching NYTimes Bestseller with his book launch here:




    Speaking of books....

    In our Copywriting Course Office Hours member Rob Roseman said he wanted to a release a book to his Instagram followers:


    Just 4 weeks after thinking of the idea I'm holding Rob's physical book in my hand! That's impressively fast execution!


    I've procrastinated writing books by months and years, so to see someone do this in ONE MONTH was impressive.

    He did it like this:

    WEEK 1: He got the concept for the book, then split tested titles and covers on Instagram.


    He also did some sample book store split testing for fun:



    WEEK 2: In Office Hours sessions we came up with content formats for inside the book, he split test those as well on his Instagram account:



    WEEK 3: Once he got the content types down, he created all the content and published. He heavily leveraged his divorce Instagram account for content which helped show what content was socially proven.

    **Side Note: His Instagram just started to pop a few months ago, so he didn't have an already giant community until very very very recently.




    WEEK 4: I'm holding the book in my hand 🤯



    Now that's some HUSTLE seen right inside our copywriting community!

    I hope you enjoyed these Friday tid-bits!
    Neville Medhora


    The S.W.I.P.E.S. Email (Friday February 9th, 2024)

    Swipe📁Wisdom🧠Interesting🧐Picture🖼 • Essay📄Splurge✍
    Edition: Friday, February 9th, 2024
    A fun email for Friday. I hope you enjoy!


    🎤 Listen to this email here:


    This is the average cruising speed of commercial aircraft, and you can see it leveled out at ~500mph and has stayed there for 45 years.


    I love images like this that teach you "a little sumthin" in a quick visual!


    I heard a quote "The New Year actually starts in February" 😂

    I personally didn't do much in January this year, so here's to finishing my February Goals!


    Hope you've got your goals set for this month and this year!


    My buddy @RamonVanMeer sold his last company then started several companies in the pet space, and went on SHARK TANK trying to sell "Genius Litter" dressed as Albert Einstein 😂

    genius litter.jpg

    I can't wait to hear his experience of how they film the show!


    He got Lori, Mark, and Robert to invest in his company together at $250,000 for 10%:


    You can see the negotiation here:

    What's really interesting is how he practiced his pitch at home with picture cutouts of the Sharks 😂:



    Here's an A/B/C/D Split Test I'm currently running on the Copywriting Course Homepage (where most of our email signups come from).

    Which variation do you have a hunch will win??

    I'll report back results next week on the winners!




    I'm just gonna do it: I'm not gonna drink caffeine for the next two weeks.

    I’ve tried tapering off and keep failing, so it's time to rip the Band-Aid and go cold turkey.

    I'm posting here for accountability.....otherwise I'll slide back into the sweet sweet sensation of caffeine 😬


    My last caffeine was 10am yesterday (Thursday), I assume withdrawals will kick in within 24 hours from then.

    "What's the big deal?? This doesn't sound hard!!" That's what I thought, and every time I try to give up caffeine for a bit I cave after 2 days.

    I drink between 250mg and 400mg of caffeine per day in either the form of black coffee or sugar free energy drinks.

    I love caffeine, but it's now become a MUST HAVE in the morning and not an optional thing. I just hate that I'm dependent on it and want a reset.

    I purposely picked a weekend to suffer through the caffeine withdrawals so I don't have much work to do.

    February 22nd (two weeks) I'm allowed to have caffeine again


    I just did an interview with my bestest buddy Noah Kagan about reverse engineering business and his book Million Dollar Weekend.



    • 0:00:27 Watch Noah go through the different split tests they tried to pick out the book cover.
    • 0:02:10 The way to design a book cover is look at it like a tiny little thumbnail, as if someone is browsing on Amazon on their phone.
    • 0:05:05 People don’t usually randomly get “lucky” with success, there’s often a ton more methodology behind those people. Tim Ferriss and James Clear examples.
    • 0:07:07 Most people are shy about marketing.
    • 0:08:18 If you build something people want, it’s easier to market it and tell people about it because you’re proud.
    • 0:08:34 Noah lists products he’s tried that DIDN’T work, easy to forget when you have success that tons of stuff didn’t work.
    • 0:10:19 Make sure people want the thing you’re about to sell. Start Today. Ask People. Stick With It.
    • 0:10:40 Cliches are true.
    • 0:11:35 Example: Guy built a podcast guest research tool for $20/mo. Meh. BUT if you send people more podcast listeners that’s more valuable. When you don’t have to convince someone to buy it, that’s when you know it’s valuable.
    • 0:12:22 I validated a newsletter writing service (or dis-validated). Get closer to the money. Help people save more money or make more money.
    • 0:14:00 The right answers are often simple and boring. The complex answers are more exciting. Keep things very simple. Complexity is not better.
    • 0:15:58 I’m calling it TwitterX from now on.
    • 0:16:11 Companies will do things end customers don’t care about, like new logos. Instead just gimme a cheaper price!
    • 0:16:37 Why did you wanna write a book? I wanted to embrace something that will take a long time. Have done self published books before, but wanted to do full publisher route. Started writing proposal on March 2020 and book came out February 2024.
    • 0:20:30 Noah’s book goals: 1,000 reviews. 25,000 sales in first 7 days.
    • 0:21:42 We got a publisher to agree to publish a book, and they didn’t care what it was about so long as you can sell 10,000 books.
    • 0:22:50 Almanack of Naval Ravikant self published, crossed a million in sales, but won’t appear as a NYTimes best seller.
    • 0:24:35 A book proposal needs stuff like how big is your audience, first full chapter, table of contents and market differentiation.
    • 0:25:00 Self Publishing vs traditional publishing. Traditional feels like you have to swing for the fences and take it more seriously. Self publishing is probably the future, but for now traditional still feels different.
    • 0:25:53 Noah asks Neville what he saw from his vantage point when creating this book.
    • 0:28:19 “Yesterday we did $284,000 in sales, but that originally started from a PayPal button and Gmail.”
    • 0:30:07 Find things that don’t feel like effort to you. Craft your life to include more of those things.
    • 0:32:56 Seinfeld said he loves the boring “long Shawshank slog through the sewer” which is why he lasted in comedy.
    • 0:35:44 Copywriting Course email marketers and freelancers making more money.
    • 0:38:29 We watched two of Noah’s videos, the supposedly “cheesier” one about asking yacht owners what they do was far more educational.t
    • 0:44:23 The Ten Year Rule: Can I do this for 10 years? Will it be easy or hard for me?
    • 0:46:05 Do you write much? For the book launch 30 days of content for social media, plus 5 emails for launch week, plus a weekly email. I really enjoyed doing the actual writing and marketing. Creating an email that’s so f’ing good that even if you don’t buy you enjoy it.
    • 0:47:05 There’s an absence of really good long-form blog articles. Seems like newsletters have taken over.
    • 0:47:43 I started writing on NevBlog again. No comments. No distribution. But it’s a cool place I can write in semi-peace.
    • 0:49:25 “The Artist’s Way” book. When you just sit and write stuff you can come up with more ideas than you expect.
    • 0:51:42 Where do you come up with ideas? Mostly just shared Google Docs
    • 0:53:43 How do you develop taste? You taste a lot of dishes!
    • 0:57:53 Do more of what works over a very long period of time.
    • 0:59:25 Noah’s guiding star to keep focus. “I hate losing. I like competition. I need an enemy.”
    • 1:01:55 Noah likes having a team because then outputting a lot of stuff is sustainable.
    • 1:02:28 Noah actually works very hard. Knowing him for years I see that when he works, HE WORKS, and he’s locked in for long periods of time.
    • 1:03:10 There are certain days I don’t do anything…but systems in place keep things going.
    • 1:03:58 “Anger is a gift.” Use frustration to work harder. Don’t mask it.
    • 1:10:15 Internet allows you to live way different lives than a few years ago that weren’t possible. You can live in a small town in Ireland and be the creative director of Red Bull.

    The marketing and behind the scenes he goes into is a masterclass in book marketing alone!

    Watch the interview here -->

    I hope you enjoyed these Friday tid-bits!
    Neville Medhora


    The S.W.I.P.E.S. Email (Friday February 2nd, 2024)

    Swipe📁Wisdom🧠Interesting🧐Picture🖼 • Essay📄Splurge✍
    Edition: Friday, February 2nd, 2024
    A fun email for Friday. I hope you enjoy!


    🎤 Listen to this email here:


    I never realized what a monopoly on mountains the West had till I saw this color coded topographical map!


    I’m more used to seeing maps like this which don’t convey much information besides state borders:



    Checkout this image of a San Bernadino locomotive factory from 1928:


    Thoughts that come to mind when I see this image:
    • Capitalism
    • Hard Work
    • Commerce
    • Engineering
    • Job Creation
    • Elbow Grease

    This is what built America.

    I’m very thankful people in this harsh work environment paved the way for me to sit in air conditioning on a laptop while I'm sick with flu and working from bed:



    Woot! I hit 100,000 subs on YouTube!

    Do they still send out those silver plaque thingies?? Hope I can get one still!

    Here's the lifetime channel stats, with most of the action happening only recently:



    This is the best office ever: Laying in bed on a rainy day finishing up a book 😁


    P.S. Yes I realize there are TWO pictures of me working from bed this past week 😂

    I was down with flu so there was a lot of bed hanging out time!


    Wow…since 2019 there are roughly 60,000 more design agencies listed on Clutch.
    This is likely caused by: 
    • More solopreneurs entering the game. 
    • Remote work makes this more possible. 
    • Starting an agency is very low effort thanks to the internet + organizational tools like Slack, Notion, Google Docs, AirTable etc.


    Original thread on Reddit

    It's been really cool to watch the barrier to entry to starting a business (like an agency) drop so low. 

    It used to take lots of money, time, and employees to start something like this 20 years ago....now with a laptop and a few hours you can get it done. 

    Paul tells this cool story about how his daughter started in online shop in 26 minutes:




    Compared to blog posts and social media, there's something about a BOOK that feels immortal.

    Today marks the day my friend Noah Kagan's writings and teachings are cemented in history with his book Million Dollar Weekend 🙂


    There was a book launch party, and here's @noahkagan hitting a piñata during the party....can you guess what's inside it?!?!

    I hope you have an awesome February!!


    I hope you enjoyed these Friday tid-bits!
    Neville Medhora


    The S.W.I.P.E.S. Email (Friday January 26th, 2023)

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    Edition: Friday, January 26th, 2024
    A fun email for Friday. I hope you enjoy!


    🎤 Listen to this email here:


    This is kind of fun, look at this “Visual Style Guide” used by the animation team for the King of the Hill TV show:


    It's neat to see all the very-intricate details for every tiny movement and gesture!

    Here’s a few more slides of the style guide:


    This cool illustration shows how much you learn from theory, from practice, and from mistakes:



    Best office ever: Laying in bed on a rainy day finishing up a book 😁


    I really love laying in bed reading (when I have a good book I'm into). One of the best feelings!


    I spent last weekend in Palm Springs and it was awesome 😎


    We stayed at one of those big crazy AirBnB's for a friends bday and it was very cool.



    One interesting tid-bit about Palm Springs was the airport is 90% outdoors, felt more like a farmers market or festival than airport!

    The view from the airport entrance alone was amazing!



    Toughen up.


    There’s a lot of talk about mental health, and that’s great. But like any movement, some people take it too far.

    It’s starting to get common for people to take “mental health days” anytime they’re sad, don’t feel like doing something, or something is even remotely hard.

    Well toughen up.

    Being sad sometimes is normal.
    Being tired sometimes is normal.
    Being anxious sometimes is normal.

    These are not always mental disorders. There are normal, everyday, human feelings.

    If you just tell yourself whilst feeling sad, “This is a pretty normal human emotion. Many people have experienced it. It’s usually temporary. It can almost always be solved by hanging out with loved ones, getting some exercise, taking a walk outside, or making a concrete plan on how to get out of your funk.”

    You will then be able to bear this emotion like a big boy or girl.

    A story in my mind that sticks out:

    Someone once asked Arnold Schwarzenegger whilst he was going through a nasty divorce, and a cheating scandal, and other political stuff how he was holding up. And he replied, “Well it’s better than being in the coal mines in Austria.”



    I always dread finishing a good book, because then I go into a LACK of having a gripping book to read!

    I just finished a hard-science book called House of Suns (my brother recommended it):


    I asked people some other book recommendations and they came up with:
    @henhaohank Pushing Ice
    @theryanhelms Spin, Three Body Problem
    @MouyyadA The Expanse 
    @JohnJBlatchford The Windup Girl
    @Ldnbox Under the Dome
    @loganletsgo Anything from Ted Chiang

    Do you have any other book recs for me, (hard-science fiction or just great books)??

    I hope you enjoyed these Friday tid-bits!
    Neville Medhora


    Jason Cohen - Founder of TWO unicorn companies (WPengine + Smart Bear)

    Jason is the founder of two unicorn companies: WPengine and ASmartBear.


    • 0:00:00 Intro: Jason started two unicorn companies.
    • 0:00:11 What is Smart Bear?
    • 0:00:53 What is WPengine? Largest managed Wordpress host in the world. 
    • 43% of the web builds on Wordpress
    • 0:01:42 How did you know you could charge 10x or 20x more than the competitors. 
    • He had the problem so he fixed it for himself, but most of the time that’s not really a business. 
    • To make a company out of a problem you have, it must be cost effective enough. 
    • 0:03:35 He did 50 customer interviews and 5 months later, he found out people would pay 10x more for a Wordpress host if it was fast, scaleable, secure, and have engineer-level tech support. 
    • 0:05:15 I’ve personally used Wordpress for 15+ years, and every few years I’d get hacked until I moved to WPengine then it stopped.
    • 0:06:11 When a company is small if you call their “support line” you’ll likely get an engineer or the founder themselves….it’s a huge advantage for small companies over bigger companies with bigger support teams.
    • 0:07:47 “Inciting Moments” or “Inciting Events” = When someone gets hacked all of a sudden they really want a more secure website….but maybe it takes them several times of getting hacked before moving.
    • 0:09:35 They found their biggest allies in getting people to signup was SEO people. Their recommendations caused people to take action. Those were the keywords and niches they first went after. 
    • 0:10:23 It’s like selling burglar alarms, you don’t need one 
    • 0:10:35 WPengine had an office next to me, and had a TV on the wall with their MRR which was $2,000/mo (Now it’s…well, WAY higher) 😂
    • 0:11:19 “It’s fun to put your most important number on the wall and say we’re going after that.”
    • 0:13:35 I like optimization. “Here I am in a great market doing something I love.” That’s a good place to start as an entrepreneur. What are my assets, talents, experience sets, and what in combination is unique, what do I love doing so much you wouldn’t have to pay me? Now figure what in there an actually be a business (not all of it). 
    • 0:16:04 It was easy to go after the Wordpress market because even at the time it was 11% of the internet which is just soooo big and still growing. Large and growing markets are great because there’s always niches to service within that.
    • 0:18:43 How do you come up with business ideas? Do you write a bunch down? “I don’t build too many 1st products, but we build a lot 2nd and 3rd additional products to our main product.”
    • 0:23:04 Talking to customers is the only way to figure out the right product. “If you can’t get them on the phone now, how will you get them on the phone ever?” You can be creative and use platforms like LinkedIn to reach out. “I’m building a startup that’s supposed to be for people like you. I know your time is valuable, so I’m happy to pay even more than your normal hourly rate to get your feedback. 40 out of 50 people agreed, and only one person charged him. 
    • 0:24:52 It’s hard to go look for a problem, you generally stumble upon it. So the answer is exposing yourself to stuff. Then try to validate. Doing something like McKinsey Consulting will exposure you to all sorts of businesses and industries.
    • 0:27:11 Talking about Wordpress. 
    • 0:31:30 Forums → FB Groups → Private Communities 
    • 0:03:30 What platforms do you use? Twitter, LinkedIn, Threads…standard stuff. I post the same thing everywhere. I don’t primarily do social media but I write longform that’s unique to me. That’s where I want to spend most of my time. I have hundreds of drafts. 
    • 0:35:33 How did you get your first WPengine clients. “I had 18,000 RSS feed subscribers, I launched it, and only 2 people signed up.” You have to muscle your first customers in. 
    • 0:37:20 Why did you first start writing online? “Started the blog for Smart Bear and wanted to be the voice of the company like the 37 Signals blog, but no one wrote on it but me.” It became the largest driver of traffic to the corporate site.
    • 0:38:39 Personal Brands vs Corporate Brand? Write under your own name or company name? There’s a macro-trend of younger people not having personal secrets as much. If the goal is to sell the company you have to have a corporate blog.
    • 0:43:44 Using AI? Using mainly for coding and it’s so good it’s frightening. 
    • 0:44:14 Writing for me is personal expression, trying to hone my craft, and my own ideas which are new. Using AI to write that is completely counter to that. I sometimes use it as a super-thesaurus or to generate social content angles from a longer article.
    • 0:46:46 Are you afraid of where AI is going? “I’m afraid of it’s impact on everyone. I think longrun its net impact will likely be good, but it might happen to quickly.” The speed at which it happens is the issue, not that things change. In the 80’s people thought robots would take their jobs, but what happened was the jobs moved to other countries. This time instead of blue collar it’s the writers and accountants and such. It’s frightening how fast and uncertain things are and nobody has a comprehensive answer.
    • 0:49:37 Are things moving faster and changing…or are we just old?
    • 0:54:45 What skills are you teaching your children to future proof them for AI? “Kids are better than this stuff already. THEY are going to be deciding what skills will be important, not us.”
    • 0:55:35 The most popular Wordpress trend? Block based themes. You’ll be able to drag and drop everything.
    • 0:56:49 How would you go about starting a new business? Take what I currently know about and see where I could solve a problem and need.
    • 0:57:37 Are there any marketing hacks you tried that worked or flopped? Going to events did a lot better than we thought…you don’t even need a booth. You can walk around with a logo backpack and talk to 100 people.
    • 0:59:48 A book that’s changed your life? Good Strategy Bad Strategy by Richard Rumelt
    • 1:13:33 Being around people with extreme levels of wealth, where do people get the most fulfillment? Internal fulfillment, some have external purposes like religion or other causes. Teaching gives you some ego plus feels like you’re paying it back. 
    • 1:16:47 Generally many very rich are not happy, not fulfilled, and don’t have a good family life. Leaving a company often leaves you directionless. “Life After Exit.” 
    • 1:18:35 The Seinfeld story after the end of the show, Seinfeld was a hardcore road comic, and that saved him.

    People are willing to pay more when it's something that matters to them and they know it will work.


    It's not enough for your strategy to be good, you have to know how to execute it well.


    As an entrepreneur, how can you be sure that what you're doing is really what you want?


    Begin by targeting a small niche and gradually work your way towards expansion


    The most popular trend on WordPress at the moment.


    This is why children should be involved with the internet.


    This strategy can bring you good results.


    You need to learn how to use AI now.


    We don't know who will be replaced due to AI


    Listen to the Podcast

    I hope you enjoyed this interview!
    Neville Medhora


    The S.W.I.P.E.S. Email (Friday January 19th, 2024)

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    Edition: Friday, January 19th, 2024
    A fun email for Friday. I hope you enjoy!


    🎤 Listen to this email here:


    IKEA: "We want you to design a simple ad."

    Copywriter: "Hold my beer..." 😏


    This Ikea billboard was seen on Oxford Street in London....I love it because it's soooo simple, yet everyone knows what it's for because of IKEA's iconic big blue bags.

    Hilarious side note, a few years ago New York made a policy where you couldn't bring dogs on the subway unless they could fit in a bag.....and people used big IKEA bags to skirt this rule 😂



    On January 15th I completed 2 months of eating no added sugar (and had a bet with my friend Sam Parr for $1,000 to keep us honest)! 


    On that day we pigged out on sugar, then committed to another few months of no added sugar.

    I ate a huge slice of cake, ate 5 cookies, around 3 cups of ice cream, and at least 15 pieces of chocolate....and I felt very sick after it all 😂

    TO BE HONEST.....this was not that hard.

    All through Thanksgiving and Christmas I didn't have a single bite of cookie, cake, pie, or dessert.

    I didn't even try the cookies and cake I decorated (I'm especially proud of my Grover cookie) 😂


    Once I stopped eating added sugar for 2-3 days the cravings went away. The HABIT is hard to kick (not eating dessert when everyone else is).

    This may become more of a permanent change for me in the next year.

    Sugar is my uncontrollable vice. It's hard for me to "just eat a little" and stick to that. I always eat wayyyyy more than I intend, and then feel bad about it.

    I'm slowly seeing less-and-less benefit to it.

    I see more benefit in drinking alcohol (because it's fun) than consuming added sugar.


    Check it out, this guy built 20+ tools over 4 years before finding one that’s starting to work!

    Look at his list of projects:


    Lesson #1: Try lots of stuff. Pivot quick. Act fast.

    Lesson #2: The real winner here is GoDaddy for all those domains 😂



    "The post-economic nerd" is one of my favorite people...because even with wild success and no need to work, they remain curious and creative and active and often still code or go down rabbit holes of interest.

    One of my favorite ones is a guy named Jason Cohen. He started TWO unicorn companies:

    Smart Bear: Finds bugs in software -and-
    WPengine: Managed Wordpress hosting

    These are both billion dollar companies, super profitable, and still growing. His blog is one my favorites on the web: longform.asmartbear.com

    I recently did an interview with Jason I'll send out on Monday.


    We asked some people where they plan to write more in 2024, and here's what people said:


    The answers were in this order:

    1. Blog: 36
    2. LinkedIn: 31
    3. Newsletter: 29
    4. Twitter/X: 25
    5. Facebook: 23
    6. Journaling: 21
    7. Instagram: 17
    8. Medium: 17
    9. YouTube: 15
    10. Other: 13
    11. TikTok: 8
    12. None: 6
    13. Reddit: 3

    Blog, LinkedIn, Newsletter, and Twitter/X were the big winners:


    Super interesting!


    My favorite category of fiction books is “Hard Science” where the story is obviously fake but the physics are real.

    My current read I'm super into is “House of Suns.” 


    I’m halfway through the book and gripped!

    I'm open to more hard science suggestions if you have them.

    I hope you enjoyed these Friday tid-bits!
    Neville Medhora


    The S.W.I.P.E.S. Email (Friday January 12th, 2024)

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    Edition: Friday, January 12th, 2024
    A fun email for Friday. I hope you enjoy!


    🎤 Listen to this email here:


    Here's some great copywriting in real life:

    • Meh Headline: “Lost Cat”
    • Great Headline: “Dude Where’s My Cat?”

    Something that stands out even just a little more than usual can get way more attention!


    I heard a cool quote from Reid Hoffman in an interview (I'm paraphrasing):


    It’s not a “pivot” if you don’t lose a bunch of customers.



    The actual words he said were, "A pivot changes the product enough that there’s a risk of transition to lose customers or fail."


    What do you think of a pricing structure like this?


    This pricing structure was taken from this page.

    In one chart it has 3 different services:
    $ = Self Paced Course
    $$ = Self Paced Course + 1:1 Live Consult
    $$$ = Done For You Package

    I personally love 3-tiered pricing like this:


    I think the good part of this pricing structure is going with the lower option seems like a super bargain now. 

    The downside is it gives "more options" to consider, and therefore more brain power to expend before purchasing. 


    If you’ve got a badass name, you gotta use it 😂

    I see this guys billboard all over Austin and it makes me laugh every time, and his website is stuck in my head 😂



    Personal hobbies often end up having business value, I love this Tweet about having hobbies outside of your work:


    Personal hobbies also also:
    - Keep you sharp and learning. 
    - Help avoid burnout. 
    - Are fun!


    This incredibly detailed image instruction set gives the full instructions on how to make ~40 drinks. It’s kind of cool how much data is easy visualized in this one image:


    I hope you enjoyed these Friday tid-bits!
    Neville Medhora


    Writing Online For Fun (Where will YOU write in 2024?

    Here's why I love writing...and not just for business reasons (Video):

    Over time writing online has become intertwined with “making money online” but I’d say there’s a HUGE COMPONENT of fun, curiosity and personal mental exploration to it!

    “Writing” is often less typing, and more thinking and organizing your thoughts.

    That process often looks like this:

    1.) You have a bunch of disorganized thoughts:


    2.) You edit, organize, and tighten those thoughts:


    3.) You end up with a quick & clean output!


    There's so many reasons to write for fun that are beneficial personally and business-wise: 

    • It's like mental exercise.
    • The more you do it, the easier it gets.
    • You get lots more ideas by writing things down.
    • It forces your brain to organize and think deeper about your random thoughts.
    • Sometimes an idea sounds awesome in your head, but when you write it down it feels half-baked, so you tighten it.
    • Some of your good writings can turn into social media posts, video scripts, business ideas and more.


    Where do you plan on writing more in 2024? 
    Reply to this email with your choices and let me know!
    A.) Blog
    B.) Facebook
    C.) Instagram
    D.) Journaling
    E.) LinkedIn
    F.) Medium
    G.) Newsletter
    H.) Reddit
    I.) TikTok
    J.) Twitter/X
    K.) YouTube
    L.) Other (Which platform?)
    M.) None

    I will report back with the results from everyone. 
    Neville Medhora - Writer

    P.S. Here’s the results:


    The answers were in this order:

    1. Blog: 36
    2. LinkedIn: 31
    3. Newsletter: 29
    4. Twitter/X: 25
    5. Facebook: 23
    6. Journaling: 21
    7. Instagram: 17
    8. Medium: 17
    9. YouTube: 15
    10. Other: 13
    11. TikTok: 8
    12. None: 6
    13. Reddit: 3

    Blog, LinkedIn, Newsletter, and Twitter/X were the big winners:


    Super interesting!

    The S.W.I.P.E.S. Email (Friday January 5th, 2023)

    Swipe📁Wisdom🧠Interesting🧐Picture🖼 • Essay📄Splurge✍
    Edition: Friday, January 5th, 2024
    A fun email for Friday. I hope you enjoy!


    🎤 Listen to this email here:


    The Las Vegas Sphere: "We turned our entire building into a billboard."


    The Luxor: "Hold my beer!"


    The Luxor Hotel (the big pyramid shaped thingy)....


    ....turned one of it's sides into a massive Dorito 😂


    I don't know who thought of this but they deserve a raise! The amount of attention they'll get from this will likely far outweigh what they paid.


    Friendly reminder to everyone with a website, change your footer from: 

    © Website 2023 
    © Website 2024

    This is a common problem I see with a lot of websites and it makes them look out of date. 

    I don't think it has a HUGE impact on sales, but anything that triggers a users "Spidey Sense" to make your website look illegitimate is not helpful.

    Go check if yours is updated now! 


    Mike was selling air purifiers for $1,000. They did not sell well. 
    But when he upped the price to $2,000, he couldn’t keep them in stock!

    What changed?

    The competition was selling at a $2,000 price point, so when he matched their price, the product seemed in the same league:


    Interesting thing about pricing:
    No one gets mad if you lower your price...
    ...but everyone goes nuts if you raise your price.
    ...so you may as well start with a high price early on:



    After a year of making fun of the fandom over these giant Stanley mugs, I was gifted one for Christmas…and I gotta say it’s pretty awesome!

    • Feels indestructible.
    • It keeps stuff cold for DAYS.
    • Doesn’t condensate and get things wet when I put ice in it.

    I’m a convert!


    Here's the things that worked well for me in 2023:

    • NEWSLETTER: Great for interacting with audience (you're reading it right now)! It helps to stay top of mind and even sell things.

    • SHORT CLIPS: Great for staying top of people's social media feeds, get new audience on YouTube and Instagram. Hard to make a lot of these.

    • LONG FORM PODCASTS to meet people, cut up into clips, have interesting conversations. Meh for views.

    • COMMUNITY as a form of scaled training, work on tons of cool projects inside, make deeper connections with audience.

    • SOCIAL MEDIA, mainly X, to meet people IRL, bounce ideas, and interact with people. Great for connecting, not great for direct sales.

    • USING AI as an assistant to making content…but using it sparingly. In fact anything that's been "too much AI" has fallen flat for me.

    • UNIQUENESS in content or brand. With content getting easier to make with AI, leaning into your uniqueness will become an advantage.


    Do you have a big email list for your company but don't do a good job maintaining it? 

    What if myself and other professional writers....just did it for you?

    EasyMode.studio: Get A Done-For-You Email Newsletter


    I've been the voice behind brands such as AppSumo (2.5m emails), TheHustle (3.5m emails), and are helping other brands like Codie Sanchez nail down their writing style and newsletter. 

    In 2024 we'll be taking on a few clients to send out a newsletter every two weeks for them.

    Read more about Easy Mode Studio here →


    I hope you enjoyed these Friday tid-bits!
    Neville Medhora


    365 Days of Short Videos: My Results and Learnings


    Starting at the beginning of 2023 I started posting a short video clip everyday on:

    It's a little difficult to gauge popularity of these clips because different platforms get different results.

    For example this video on TikTok got 350,000+ views, but on YouTube it got 12,000 views:

    TikTok: 350,000 YouTube 12,000
    image.png image.png












    The top 12 of these videos is below (I'll share all my findings at the end of the post below).


    #1.) People hate landlords



    #2.) What type of people should you hire to make your business successful?



    #3.) Small money move vs big money move



    #4.) You probably didn't imagine this about Walmart



    #5.) Project Hail Mary is the must-read book that everyone loves.



    #6.) This is the essential skill every podcaster should have.



    #7.) Don’t believe everything Andrew Tate says about copywriting.



    #8.) This is how raising the price of a product can help you.



    #9.) As a boss, you should be careful not to have too many monkeys on your back.



    #10.) What may seem odd today could easily become the norm in 20 years.


    #11.) Correct these aspects in your company to create a good work environment.



    #12.) Being an entrepreneur? Well, you better enjoy sales! 📈🚀


    Findings from posting Shorts for 1 year:

    Ok so what did I learn? Here's a list of some lessons.

    • Putting out a video a day is hard. It's a good amount of work to get done. I would say you should hire someone to do this for you, as it'll make you go insane doing these everyday.
    • Consistency definitely helps. 
    • Higher quality video seems to help a lot. I noticed the videos that "popped" often had higher quality recordings.
    • My interview-style videos usually did the best, rather than just me talking at the camera. 
    • Finding the right clip or topic is the hardest part. 
    • You can use software like Descript to "tighten" the clips by taking out errs & umms and cutting out sentences that aren't 100% necessary. 
    • It would be nearly impossible to record a separate clip each day. Rather batching them is best.
    • The flow is Long Form Video --> Cut Into Short Form Video.
    • The numbers can fool you: 100,000 views on a short video can mean....nothing! The attention is quick and fleeting. They are cool vanity metrics, but they sometimes mean nothing.
    • Short Form Video is great for discovery, but long form video is wayyyyyy better for getting subscribers.

    I was really surprised that in my personal life family friends that never consumed any of my content were now seeing it because of social media. This is because they may not follow any of my copywriting stuff, but they probably follow me on Instagram or LinkedIn, so they end up seeing it. 

    I'm also starting to notice that more and more people found my content through these clips than they did through SEO. 

    SEO used to be a big part of my getting discovered, and still is, but I'm seeing these clips do more of it now.

    Neville Medhora

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