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    Why Images Are Greater Than Text In Marketing (In Many Cases)


    Did you know you can "hack" information into people's brains with images, MUCH faster than you can with text:

    It's true....watch this:

    This is an article about elephants (you don't have to read it, just skip ahead of the blue box):

    elephant description text

    Wow.....that box of text looks booOOOoorrRRRRRrriiNNnnngGGG!

    Instead, let's try to convey this information in simple image format:

    For example, I want to convey that elephants consume grasses, small plants, bushes, fruit, twigs, tree bark, and roots.

    Instead of just listing it out with text, we can spend some extra time to turn this into images:

    Elephants eat grass-plants- bushes-twigs-tree bark and other vegetation

    We can convey all sorts of other information by combining some basic text with images!

    Elephants use their long trunks to eat.

    elephants preganant for 2 years


    elephants can have up to 6 babies in their lifetime

    Elephants can weigh up to 13,000 lbs

    Using images to convey information is often more fun, and more effective. It is slightly more work than just typing, but it makes better content in the long run.

    Even thought it's more work for you, cumulatively it's better to spend the extra time.

    If images remove 10 seconds of comprehension time from your article, and your article gets seen 10,000 times...you just saved the world 27 hours of time 🙂



    Rules and Formulas for Using Images:

    Using images isn't ALWAYS necessary, however images are generally much quicker absorb than text. In fact it takes between 13 and 100 milliseconds to process an image.

    It takes much longer to process text...and often that text cannot be read by people who don't speak the same language or cannot read.


    Now using images isn't ALWAYS better in every single case, but there are times when images are CLEARLY better.

    Use images when the product is physical:

    Trying to sell a simple yo-yo? Just SHOW the thing combined with some features!



    Use images to demonstrate a service:

    Do homes with a clean driveway sell faster than dirty driveway homes? Use text and images to show that:

    powerwashing driveway image-example


    Text + Images + Video = Powerful:

    Do you know how X-Rays are created?

    Watch Ari of RadTechBootcamp (they help train radiography technicians) use simple images, text, and audio to install this knowledge in your head

    The alternative to this combination of video with text, images and audio are textbook pages that look like this:


    ....as you can see, simply watching a series of images be explained it much easier for a large audience to absorb.


    By the way, making images is NOT hard!

    Guess what....all of these images were made very easily in a simple Google Presentation! I made each slide, then clicked "File --> Download As JPG."

    You can also use Google Drawings to make great images too.

    If you need something even more advanced yet still free, Sketch.io is essentially a free online version of Photoshop.




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