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      Codie Sanchez: Running "Unsexy Businesses"

      Codie Sanchez has been a journalist, institutional investor for Goldman Sachs, co-founder of Unconventional Acquisitions, and Founder at Contrarian Thinking.

      She specializes in "sweaty & boring" small businesses. Laundromats, car washes, vending machines, ice vending machines...basically stuff that requires one employee or no employees.

      Watch the Codie Sanchez interview ⬇


      Listen to the Codie Sanchez interview:

      What is an “Un-Sexy Sweaty Business?”

      • Your hook is “Un-Sexy Businesses.” Explain?
      • Boring biz's to newsletters - there's a niche for everyone.

      Content Marketing + Social Media + Growing An Audience

      • What are some key ways that you’ve grown your audience?
      • Social Media Platforms: Where are you seeing action?
        • Instagram - Time spent. Pros/Cons of the platform. 50k followers.
        • Twitter - Time spent. Pros/Cons of the platform. 81k followers
        • TikTok - Time spent. Pros/Cons of the platform. Also 81k followers
        • LinkedIn - Time spent. Pros/Cons of the platform. 21k followers 
      • Contrarian. Is that your hook? Is that how people know you? 
      • Contrarian thinking - 1st push to 10k subs then 100k 30 day breakdown

      How to Write Well, and Even Raise Money Through Email

      • Persuasion lessons learned from CIA people 
      • journalist background (I started by writing 30 second police news updates, then long form)
      • Favorite writing books?
      • How to write when you're ADD AF - cuz I am
      • Writing to close investors - we did $150M in fundraising via email 

      Lightning Round with Codie Sanchez:

      • If you were brand new to business, what would you do?
      • How would you grow a Twitter following?
      • How would you start over today? 

      Spotting great businesses and transforming them into something smaller can be a winning strategy.


      If you could rewrite your story, what key move would you be making?


      Each social media platform has its unique strengths, so why not take advantage of them all?



      Everyone has their own way of growing on social media.


      Follow Codie Sanchez:

      🖥 Website: https://contrarianthinking.co/
      🐦 Twitter: @Codie_Sanchez
      🌄Instagram: @codiesanchez

      Follow Copywriting Course:

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