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    How To Write A Follow Up Email That Gets Results (Plus Free Templates)


    Most people don't realize that follow-up emails are the most important part of a sales process. Almost everyone ignores your first attempt at reaching out. The key to getting a response is a good follow-up email.

    A follow up email is super important after several events:

    • Following up after a sales call
    • Following up after a job interview
    • Following up after a client meeting
    • Following up after getting no response (but still being courteous about it)

    Below we've included templates for each which you can copy/paste for your own follow up emails!

    #1.) Follow Up Email After Getting No Response

    This is a polite reminder email that acknowledges someone is busy, and asks them to followup at a specific time.

    Subject 1: (Your company name) following up
    Subject 2: Quick follow up
    Subject 3: Checking in
    Subject 4: Bump

    Hi (first name),

    This is (your name) from (your company name) again. I am sure you are busy so I wanted to make sure my previous note didn’t get buried!

    I understand you have tremendous demands on your time. But I wanted to quickly follow up. Because I think we can help you with (x).

    I would love to hop on a quick call next week to share what I have in mind for you. How does next Thursday at 2pm sound?

    (your name)


    #2.) Follow Up Saying "We Work With Top Competitors"

    This email template gives the person an idea that you're working with some of their top competitors, so it might be helpful to take another look at your offering. 

    This is slightly more aggressive, but works well. This template has scored deals with Fortune 500 companies.

    Subject 1: [Just reply to initial email, no new subject line]

    Hey (first name),

    I am sure you get hundreds of emails a day but I wanted to follow up. Because I think (your company name) can help (their company name) in some interesting ways.

    We already work with some of your top competitors (x,y,z). And I think we could do something similar for you.

    Do you have a few minutes to chat next week?

    If not, no response needed.
    (your name)


    #3.) Send them useful tools discussed on the call.

    Subject Line 1: Stuff from call
    Subject Line 2: The links you wanted
    Subject Line 3: Call notes
    Subject Line 4: All the links you liked

    Awesome meeting today.  We talked about a few tools that might help, here they are.

    • Sumo - Add email collection to your site like we talked about.
    • SwipeFile - A publicly updated swipe file so you don't have to keep one.
    • Copywriting Course - That training program for the marketing team to go through.

    Talk again soon!
    [Name] - 555.555.5555


    #4.) Send them materials they can share around the office

    If you're selling to large companies, often times you'll have one person who will be your "product champion" within the company. Arm this person with some helpful materials they can show their colleagues to convince them to use your product. This template gives them "ammo" to share around the office.

    Subject 1: Slide deck to print
    Subject 2: Slides for the office
    Subject 3: SEO report for [Website]
    Subject 4: Analysis of [Website] complete (results attached)

    Hey Jill,

    It was great meeting this afternoon.

    1.) Here's some handy Meeting Request Email Templates you can print and send to anyone in the department.

    2.) I've attached the full slide deck in a PowerPoint to this email.

    3.) I've also attached the full custom SEO report on your website. Feel free to share this around the team.

    Talk soon,
    [Name] - 555.555.5555


    #5.) Follow up after a phone call to check in

    Subject 1: Quick check in
    Subject 2: Can I answer any questions?
    Subject 3: Setting up a call
    Subject 4: Any secondary Q’s?

    Hi [Name],

    Just wanted to check in with you - it’s been 2 weeks since our phone call about _____. Do you have any questions or concerns I can help with?

    Feel free to reply to this email or call my personal number: [Phone].

    Looking forward to hearing back from you!
    Best regards,


    #6.) Follow up email to book a call after a free trial

    Subject 1: Are you enjoying your free trial with [Company]?
    Subject 2: Can I answer any questions?
    Subject 3: Setting up a call
    Subject 4: Can I help you with your goals?

    Hey [First Name],

    Thanks again for signing up for a free trial with [Company].

    Do you have 15 minutes to chat about your goals?

    Here's a link to my calendar so you can find a time that works best for you: https://calendly.com/your-link

    Looking forward to connecting!
    [Name], [Company]

    P.S. On the call I'm happy to answer any questions you have about the program, and maybe even further guide you to more resources.


    #7.) Follow-up email after online quiz but didn't book a call

    Subject 1: Feedback after your ____ quiz?
    Subject 2: Can I answer any questions?
    Subject 3: I'd love to help
    Subject 4: Quick quiz on ____?

    Hi [Name],

    I noticed that you took our ____ quiz but then didn't follow up with a free call from our rep.

    Mind if I ask why you didn't want the call?

    Can I answer any specific questions for you here via email instead?
    Neville Medhora


    #8.) Show you are right for the job with an outline

    Go above-and-beyond by sending them a custom outline of what you can help with. This shows you were paying attention and know your stuff.

    Subject Line 1: Outline of [Company] improvements
    Subject Line 2: [Company] improvements I can make
    Subject Line 3: Things I can fix ASAP
    Subject Line 4: Things to improve on [Company]

    Hey [First Name], it was great meeting!

    I've included a small one-page document outlining the immediate problems I saw. I would love to help the team fix all of these!


    [Name] - 555.555.5555


    #9.) Let them know you are interested and ready

    Subject Line 1: Great interview!
    Subject Line 2: Would love to join the team
    Subject Line 3: [Company] + [Name] = ❤️
    Subject Line 4: Would be honored to join

    This is just a quick followup email that can help solidify what happened in your interview. It also lets them know you're interested and ready to move on the opportunity.

    Hi Linda,

    It was fantastic interviewing yesterday! Would love to join the awesome team, and have a bunch of great ideas and work to contribute.

    If there are any updates on the hiring process, please let me know. Look forward to speaking with you soon!

    Neville Medhora
    neville medhora on computer


    #10.) Give a quick re-cap of what (and when) the next things are happening

    Subject Line 1: Quick re-cap for you
    Subject Line 2: Re-cap of [Date] meeting
    Subject Line 3: Meeting Outline
    Subject Line 4: Outline of [Meeting Name]

    Hey Bill, awesome meeting today. Just a quick re-cap of what's happening next:

    • July 20th: I'll send you the full set of image deliverables.
    • July 25th: Get back to me with any changes your team has.
    • July 31st: We'll have the final revisions done.

    If you need anything before then just let me know. Otherwise I'll see you and the team at the all-hands-on-deck meeting in August!

    [Name] - [Phone]


    #11.) Share the meeting file assets

    Another thing you can do is send a helpful set of notes from the meeting, or share any materials that were involved. Make sure to write "No response needed" so they don't feel obligated to reply.

    Subject Line 1: Meeting assets
    Subject Line 2: Meeting slides, reports, and PDF
    Subject Line 3: PDF & Slides from [Meeting Name]
    Subject Line 4: Attached: Meeting assets

    Hey Growth Hacker Team,

    Here's all the notes and goodies that were on the call:

    - The slides: [link]
    - The July SEO report: [link]
    - PDF version of the notes Aaron took: [link]

    I've also attached these all in our Slack channel so we can access them later. No response needed.



    #12.) Follow up on a quote they requested

    Subject 1: Quote you requested
    Subject 2: Quote for [Project]
    Subject 3: Can’t wait to work with you
    Subject 4: Touching base on the quote you asked for

    Hi [NAME],

    I just wanted to make sure that you received the quote I sent last week. Let me know that you got it and if you had any questions.

    I look forward to working with you,

    P.S. I’ve reattached the quote in this email.


    #13.) Tell them what you need as a follow up after a call

    Subject 1: I need a few things to get started
    Subject 2: What I need from you
    Subject 3: Re-cap of items needed to start
    Subject 4: A few things missing before I can get started

    Hey [Name],

    We got a lot done in yesterday’s meeting.

    Just a reminder that here are a few things that I will need from you to get started on your project:

    - Your logo
    - PMS color scheme numbers
    - Images of your team
    - Deposit of $3,000. Pay here [link].

    Once I have everything I’ll have a first draft back to you in 3 days.

    I’m really excited about this project and thing you are going to love what I come up with.

    Talk to you soon,



    #14.) Follow Up Email Template after a consulting session

    Subject 1: Nice meeting you
    Subject 2: Great session today!
    Subject 3: Feedback on session today?
    Subject 4: Review of our session

    Hey [Name],

    It was nice meeting with you yesterday! Hope what we discussed was helpful as you move forward.

    Linked here is a 1-question feedback form. Any feedback you'd like to share is much appreciated, even if negative!

    Your Name

    P.S. If you want to book additional sessions, there's a discount code waiting for you after you complete the form. Would love to work with you again.


    #15.) Cut straight to the point and ask the next step

    Let's say you do a couple of calls with a person/company, and they ghost on you.  Here's a simple email to get their attention and cuts straight to the point.

    This should only be used as a last resort, as this email is a bit passive aggressive!

    Subject Line 1: Quick followup?
    Subject Line 2: Next step to take?
    Subject Line 3: Let me know
    Subject Line 4: Hey [Name], next step?

    Hey Erica, quick followup.

    I'm not sure what our next step is. Let me know course of action makes sense (if any).

    Thanks for your response.
    [Name] - [Phone]


    #16.) "Closing Account" follow up email

    Here's a classic email for following up after getting no response from a client. It says you're closing their account and you need their permission. This one works great!

    Subject Lines 1: Closing your file?
    Subject Lines 2: Your file will be closed.
    Subject Lines 3: Closing your account.
    Subject Lines 4: Close out this account?

    Hey Niles,

    We are in the process of closing files for the month. Typically when I haven’t heard back from someone it means they’re either really busy or aren’t interested.

    If you aren’t interested, do I have your permission to close your file?

    If you’re still interested, what do you recommend as a next step?

    Thanks for your help.


    #17.) Ask for a one word reply to indicate interest

    This is a low-commitment email that just allows them to respond back with one word. I've seen in B2B that sometimes ultra-short and informal emails will get a reply quickly.

    Hey Ryan, can you reply back to this email with a quick "yay" or "nay" on moving forward with this?

    Either is great, just wanted to be sure!


    #18.) Following up if the client didn't do something yet

    Subject 1: Checkin' up
    Subject 2: Reminder [item They Need To Send You]
    Subject 3: Bump!
    Subject 4: 👉🏼 Reminder 👈🏼

    Hey [First Name], can you bump this over to me real quick?

    [Item They Need To Send You]
    Thank you!!


    #19.) Following up on prospective client after ghosting

    Subject 1: Checking in about [Project]
    Subject 2: Are we still on?
    Subject 3: Do you still want [Prospect Goal]?
    Subject 4: Can we get started?

    Hey [Ghoster],

    Last week we chatted about how I could help you [Main Goal They Wanted To Accomplish] so that you could [Main Benefit They Were Looking To Achieve].

    I haven’t heard back from you, and my schedule is filling up for [Month].

    Is this still something you'd like done?


    #20.) Following up on client after getting ghosted using scarcity

    Subject 1: Can I schedule you in?
    Subject 2: Still looking?
    Subject 3: Last step!
    Subject 4: Almost done here 🙂

    Hey [Ghoster],

    Are you still looking to [Prospect’s Main Goal]?

    I only have one open slot left in my schedule this month. Do you want it?

    Let me know if and we can get started.


    #21.) Get a hard yes/no on a lead that's gone cold

    Subject 1: ___ project - still interested?
    Subject 2: Came across these, thought they'd help
    Subject 3: Resources + a quick win for you
    Subject 4: Yes / No ?

    Hi [Name],

    I’ve been thinking about our conversation, especially the issues around ______.

    I put together a couple of resources that might help you with the project, if/when you decide to move forward with it.

    (Links to 2 relevant articles about the issue)

    With that in mind, I think your quickest win would be to start with ____.

    If you’d still like to work on this project together, reply to this email and we can work out the details as discussed.

    If not - that’s totally fine, but please let me know. I only take on a few clients per month and I’m saving you a slot.



    #22.) Follow up on a proposal you sent in and ask for constructive criticism.

    Subject 1: Any feedback?
    Subject 2: Are you still interested?
    Subject 3: Is [project] still a go?
    Subject 4: Do you need anything else?

    Hi [Name],

    I just submitted a proposal for [PROJECT], and I figured this was a great time to reach out and connect with you.

    If you’ve got time for a quick 15-20 minute call, I’d like to learn a little more about your side of the process, especially:

    2-3 points that take a good proposal and make it a great one;

    Any red flags you look for that might immediately disqualify a proposal;

    Any specific extras I can send to improve my proposal. I’ve got case studies, presentations, and other research/resources I can forward to you if you’d like.

    I’m sure your department has just been hit with a wave of submissions, so I understand if you’re busy - I just want to put together the best package possible.

    If you have the time, here’s a link to my scheduler: [LINK]

    Many thanks!


    #23.) Feedback as to why they didn't buy

    Subject 1: Can I get your feedback?
    Subject 2: You forgot something in your cart.
    Subject 3: Is our site working properly
    Subject 4: Why didn't you buy?

    Hi [Name],

    I noticed you added ___ to your cart but ended up not buying it.

    That's totally fine, but would you mind telling me what made you change your mind? Of if there was some sort of technical glitch?

    I really believe in what I've made here and I want to make sure the site is working properly!



    #24.) Abandoned cart follow-up email for course

    Subject 1: Any questions about our program?
    Subject 2: Any questions about our course?
    Subject 3: Want me to give you a call?
    Subject 4: Can I call you?

    Hi [Name]

    I noticed you added our course to your cart but didn't purchase.

    Can I help answer any questions?

    If you're still on the fence, I might be able to help you figure out if this is the right choice for you - just reply to this email with your phone number and I'll give you a call.



    #25.) This is an email designed to get a customer to upgrade to a higher plan

    Subject 1: upgrade?
    Subject 2: New plan for right now?
    Subject 3: Hey ____, can we bump you up plans?
    Subject 3: Upgrading your account?

    Hi [Name]

    I'm aware you're wrapping up the program on Friday, but then you'll have to wait 2 weeks until the 12-week program starts.

    I REALLY want you to maintain your momentum, so...

    I'd like to offer you personal training for those 2 weeks. This is something I'd usually charge $xxxx for, but it'd be 100% free for you.

    Can I upgrade your plan?


    #26.) This email was written to follow up with trade show contacts that signed up for a free sample product.

    Subject 1: Your free tape sample
    Subject 2: Nice meeting you at the trade show
    Subject 3: The free floor marking tape you requested
    Subject 4: Where should I send your free sample?

    Hi [Name]!

    Great talking with you at our booth. We discussed sending you a sample box of our ______, could you send over the shipping address?

    This box will include:
    • [item 1]
    • [item 2]
    • [item 3]

    This is 100% no charge, and our way of proving our stuff is the best.

    Just reply with your shipping address and I'll send it over!


    #27.) Checking in with past clients close to their warranty expiring

    Subject 1: Check your _____ before the warranty expires
    Subject 2: Have you checked your _____ warranty?
    Subject 3: Your warranty is ending soon
    Subject 4: Warranty expiring 4/23

    Hi [Name]!

    [Name] here from _______ - we're the guys who did _____ work for you back in [Date].

    I'm sending this to you because according to our records, you've got part of your __________'s warranty ending this year.

    It's a good idea to inspect the _____ and make sure that *if* anything's wrong with it, you take care of the problem while the warranty is still valid. Waiting until after it expires could mean thousands of dollars in extra costs that you can easily avoid.

    If you'd like us to come out and inspect your ______, just hit reply and let me know. It's a 2 hour process and we can be out there as early as next week.

    All the best!


    #28.) Follow Up To "No Response" With a "Refresher" Link"

    Subject 1: quick follow up
    Subject 2: quick check in
    Subject 3: Did you see my last note?
    Subject 4: following up on my previous message

    This is a great way to "refresh" someone's mind about what you had initially emailed them. This templates has worked well in B2B sales many times.

    Hey (first name),

    Curious to hear your thoughts on the email I sent you on Monday?

    I reached out because I am confident that we can work together on (x).

    Here is a quick refresher on what we do (link to your website).

    Mind if I send over a calendar invite for this Friday at 11:00am?

    Hope to chat soon,
    (your name)


    Above are a ton of follow up templates for you to use, here's some elements 


    A.) Acknowledge how busy they are (even if they aren’t busy)

    Show an understanding of how extremely busy these individuals are. They probably don’t even remember the first email you sent them. Here's an example:

    Hey Jim, 

    I am sure you are extremely busy so I wanted to make sure my previous email didn’t get overlooked.


    B.) Make it super easy to reply

    List out a number of likely responses for them and ask them to just reply with the number that resonates most. Here's an example:

    Hi Jill,

    Checking in here again. Curious if?:

    1. You are not interested
    2. You are interested but not right now
    3. You are not the right person to connect with
    4. Something else?


    C.) Use Specific Facts:

    By quoting actual numbers, one of them might capture the attention. Here's an example:

    Hey Aaron, still debating if we're worth it?

    • 22,374 project managers around the world using us everyday.
    • 2,300 job applications get filled per day.
    • 98.5% of our customers re-use us when they need new hires.

    Hopefully we get a new PM on board named Aaron!


    D.) Use "Scarcity" in your email

    Make them think the deal is going away, or they are missing out. Show them what they'll miss out on. Example:

    Hey Reena,

    We've got 10 engineers ready to go this quarter, but if we don't close this deal by next week the company is allocating them to another project. Let me know by Friday if this is a solid go, or we'll pass for now and contact you next year.


    E.) Show some extreme honesty and compromise:

    Show some real vulnerability and honesty and compromise a little.

    Hey Laura, being completely honest here: We're willing to go low as $125,000/yr, but lower than that is not profitable for us.

    Let me know this week and I can lock in that price, otherwise the PM told me we're closing out this account.


    F.) Question Their Power 😬:

    I do not condone using this except in rare situations! This method might burn bridges, so beware. Here's an example:

    Hey Jim, seems like we might be asking the wrong department about this, can you forward me to the person/department who can make this happen?


    G.) Realize they still may not respond:

    End your follow up email mentioning that you know there is a chance they still won’t respond. And you will be surprised by how just simply mentioning this will increase your response rates.

    Hey Beth,

    I understand you have tremendous demands on your time. So if you are too busy to respond, no problem. But even if you could reply with a sentence or two, it would mean a lot to me.


    Neville Medhora - Email Copywriter



    P.S. If you need your follow up emails reviewed, join Copywriting Course and have them improved by professional writers. 


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