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      The Future of AI Writing & Where’s It’s going. - Paul Yacoubian & Neville Medhora

      Paul Yacoubian is the founder and CEO of Copy.ai which rocketed to popularity as one of the very first platforms on the planet to utilize GTP-3.


      • 0:00:00: Intro
      • 0:00:08: Copy.ai was one of the first companies to make GPT-3 easy to use. 
      • 0:01:05: GPT-2 could barely put anything readable together, but SOMETIMES it would sort of work.
      • 0:01:30: During the GPT-2 days Paul originally thought full AI writing was 7 to 10 years away, but then 6 months later GPT-3 came out and it was obvious this was the time to start building. 
      • Was originally using GPT-3 to create science fiction stories. 
      • He had 5 original MVP products before Copy.ai such as a Slack Bot you could chat with and one that just created headlines for agencies and ad people. 
      • One client was an ad buyer for garage door sales companies, and could only come up with so many headlines. AI was great at making 100’s of headlines quick. 
      • Who is this most useful for?
      • “We thought this is going to re-shape how every company works entirely.”
      • Reduced cost in, Faster, More Context, Models Get Better Over Time. 
      • Could either buy copy.ai domain name for $5,000 or Rent-To-Buy for $180/mo so they did that. 
      • Eventually built 75+ tools for Copy.ai
      • 09:40: KK to CC, it’s cool to gave a fun brand.
      • 11:05: They had instant Product Market Fit with Copy.ai
      • 12:00: Get on Twitter, engage with people, and launch, DM everyone who follows you.
      • 2,000 signups in the first 2 days. 
      • “The biggest problem of startups is no one cares about what you've built.”
      • 15:25: Our top SEO things were generators. They took it further and released AI-enabled generators. 
      • 75+ different tools originally. Had to prompt and feed data to each and every one. 
      • 18:06: Most commonly used tools were Paragraph Generator and Instagram Captions Generator. 
      • 18:43: AI has replaced a bunch of supporting content. 
      • 20:23: A lucrative part of copywriting is mid-level writing and AI has enabled many people to just automatically generate it. 
      • 21:20: They actually didn’t sell a lot to copywriters. It wasn’t even the same market. 
      • People who are really good with words are great prompt engineers. 
      • 22:13: “Will AI Take my job?”
      • 23:33: “I think everyone will become a creator because the tools make it so easy.”
      • A lot of what you get paid for is: Doing what other people can’t (or don’t want) to do.
      • Everyone should be using AI tools as helpers. 
      • 32:40: It’s cool to see how easy AI is to use for anyone young or old. 
      • 34:10: It used to be the smaller companies were capturing much of the value, now it seems like bigger companies are making some of the biggest strides in AI. 
      • 35:03:” Where have you seen smaller companies sneak in?”
      • It takes about 2 years for incumbents to implement a new technology. 
      • Easy for someone like Microsoft to just bolt on AI to their existing services. 
      • With the way B2B works, Microsoft could probably coast for 3 decades and be fine.
      • If you take the software people are trying to do and what they’re trying to do, you can optimize that flow.
      • Content production might be very different with AI workflows: It can go scrape all the current content automatically, create all the new content, then post it.
      • 43:18: What’s going to happen to SEO when everyone has AI workflows helping them improve?
      • 46:25: You will get rewarded for “Net New Information”
      • Best use of time is just having a bunch of calls with customer and AI handles all the stuff on the backend. 
      • 51:10: Paul sent me a present, a mechanical typewriter, so you can THINK before typing. 
      • 53:49: 100,000’s of jobs were in newspapers. 
      • 55:45: I can’t see a way we don’t all just become robots. 
      • 1:01:25: What skills are you instilling in your kids to prepare for an AI world. 
      • Entrepreneurship, Curiosity, High Ethical Standards, Physical Activity seem like the best skills to learn. 

      This is an original way to take advantage of AI.


      This can be an issue when you're starting something new.


      Two years is the time required to build brand awareness and distribution.


      Thanks to technology, you can become an entrepreneur in just 26 minutes.


      Entering an entrepreneurs' group used to be really difficult some time ago.


      AI can assist regular people with regular jobs.



      The truth behind copywriting.


      In the end, it's the jobs that don't involve technology that will make you rich.


      Your AI vision should be dumb.


      How do you feel about us all being robots in the future?


      ChatGPT is really special.


      Thanks to AI, it's much easier to have an online presence.


      What's truly valuable will always be bringing new information to the table.


      These are the two things you need to keep in mind to become an expert in AI.


      We must not allow ourselves to be distracted by technology.


      This is a very important skill that we need to teach our kids.


      Listen to the podcast:

      Neville Medhora - Copywriter and Part Machine 😃🦾

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