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    Hey You Stupid F***ing Podcasters Stop Wasting Your Content!


    Hey you podcasting idiots.

    That's right I called you idiots.

    It's because most of you are missing out on one of the biggest traffic opportunities for your blog ever:

    Making content for every platform, from a single podcast episode:



    Most of you won't do this because you're lazy fucks. That's usually why you started a podcast:

    "Oh cool I can just talk to people on the phone and I'll be just as popular as Joe Rogan!!"

    Ok dummies. Because I feel sorry for your lame asses I'm gonna help you out.

    It takes effort to do this....hours per podcast perhaps. However there are some DEFINITE benefits to this:

    • SEO and direct traffic.
    • It's great to link to vs a simple "here's what's in this episode" post.
    • Not everyone has time to listen to all your episodes, so they can get the gist from a post instead.
    • From a single great piece of content, you can get endless social posts to promote the post!

    For example this single post was easily turned into 3 Facebook posts, 3 LinkedIn posts, and 3 Twitter posts:





    The Podcast Content Process:

    1.) Record your podcast (preferably with a video component).

    2.) Make a blog post out of the episode (NOT just a transcript).

    3.) Break it up into interesting clips.

    4.) Make an email.

    5.) Make pre-scheduled social media posts.

    Now do that same process for all your episodes (or at least the really popular ones).

    Rob Roseman started doing this for his podcast, and he noticed something:

    "The guests usually won't share just a link to the podcast. However they get way more excited when I make a whole article out of the show, and they always share it."


    Yes it takes a few more hours to create all this content, but in the end it's worth it.

    In fact, watch as I turn this humble little blog post into a BUNCH of different media formats and promotional materials right before your eyes!

























    Starting to get the point??

    By putting some extra effort into your podcasting process, you can create tons of extra content, and a 100X times more chance people will be exposed to your podcast!




    Neville Medhora - Kopywriter


    P.S. Know of any podcasts that do this well?

    Drop a link to a specific page where they take the podcast episode and make content out of it.

    P.P.S. If you need some help creating your podcast here's a handly podcast name generator for you.

    P.P.P.S. Have any questions for me about your podcast? Ask away!

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    I believe I’m doing a pretty good job at this. I recently took every episode and made them into their own posts with bullet points of what we talk about, the full Libyan audio track, the YouTube video which is just the full interview with an image and sometimes an embedded Spotify player of one of their songs.

    I also make video teasers each week of clips from the show and post Monday and Thursday before the episode launches.

    Currently I’m working on turning a clip from an episode into an animation which is pretty hilarious but super fucking time consuming.

    I used to create quotes from episodes with the time marker and episode number but stopped. I’ll have to start that up again.

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    Guest Neville Medhora


    That's awesome Mike!

    I would suggest embedding some of the clips inside the blog posts, and perhaps a lot more pictures and media. Ultimately if you have a blog post that can stand on it's own (even if the person doesn't listen to the podcast), you have a chance of ranking in the search engines.

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    Guest Forrest Kelly


    https://www.headliner.app/ .  booooooom baby! this site makes it super easy to edit smaller pieces of content from your podcast. it even transcribes it for you! thank you, you are very welcome.
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    Guest Chris Wilson


    seanwes do this really well and have recently made podcast episodes (and related content) on this very topic! In fact, it made me wondered if you had been influenced by them (or perhaps you have the same influenced/a good idea emerges at the same time in two different places). One of the tools that Sean mentions to help make their shorter content is Descript which can transcribe auido, so then you can use that as a starting point.

    By the way, I really liked your point that the blog post shouldn't just be the transcript. A podcast transcript doesn't make the best blog post.

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    Guest Rob Roseman


    Yeah Nev! You showed me how to create these podcast blogs on Kopy Office Hours, and the results have been amazing — more website traffic, getting listener’s emails, and just booked a big time Dad guest....Pat Flynn! 👊
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    Guest Ryan Nile


    Holy **** this is exactly what I need, thanks Neville. I just launched my new show and needed a way to maximise and systemise the content

    Now time to do the work so more people can see/listen to the show!

    *gets to work*

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    Guest Marian Knopp


    Yes! 🙌

    I've definitely been doing a similar strategy with the Productivity Tip of the Day.

    Season 1 was a content marketing experiment where I was utilizing the video, audio, and transcript (and yes, it was awful that I used a transcript for a blog post! NEVER AGAIN! *cringe*)

    Season 2 is bit scaled down to the things I enjoy. I go Live on Facebook on my computer and Live on Instagram on my phone, so two platforms down without anymore work. I upload the video to YouTube and the audio to all sorts of podcast platforms. I post the YouTube video and Spotify audio on my website.

    After all the above heavy lifting, it's super easy to send an email and share on LinkedIn, Instagram (as a post, since the live episode is already in my stories; and I toggle the switch so that it shares on Twitter too), and my Facebook personal profile (my Facebook business page has the live post).

    I certainly am a bit lazy in how I recycle this content, not too much copy is being written. But, I'm happy the content is out there in some form, and when I have stronger business intentions, I'll do some outsourcing of these tasks and level up the originality of the content.

    Thanks for this inspirational article!

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    Hey, Neville. Awesome man, I already do that but yout post open my mind for other possibilites. Thank you man! \o/
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    Guest Neville Medhora


    Nice Eddy! You're far more likely to rank for keywords and get linked with posts like those vs plain podcasts. Great work!
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    Guest Neville Medhora


    Very welcome Igor, glad you're already putting in this extra effort!
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    Guest Neville Medhora


    That's a smart system Marian! Writing posts out of this is definitely the hardest part, but you definitely have pretty much every platform covered with your system!
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    Guest Neville Medhora


    Oh nice, at least you've already got the video recording going! I think more people consume "podcast" content on YouTube than any other podcasting network, so you've got a huge leg up by doing that :)
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    Guest Neville Medhora


    Yeah you're definitely doing it pretty well Rob, and actually ranking for keywords thanks to it!
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    Guest Neville Medhora


    Thanks Chris! That podcast episode you linked was ok....not great though. It was just a basic summary of what's in the episode, whereas I'm suggesting they turn that blog post into something that can stand alone. It's a lot more work so I understand why people don't do it....but it can be a huge asset in the end if it brings in consistent traffic!
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    Guest Cory Boatright



    This is PURE GOLD, bro!

    Remember... be a servant,


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    Guest Mark Thompson


    We’ve been doing this but slightly differently. We do a live show, which is turned into a podcast, which is then split into bit sized chunks which are distributed to as many places as possible, the possibilities are endless.

    lets say we get only  3 2 minutes snippets from a show each of those can have 40 pieces of content , that’s 120 pieces of content that goes out from a 40 minutes show and we do one of those a week.

    the only thing I’d add to you post .. Systemise it!

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    Guest Kurnia Kwik


    I see similar things that Gary Vaynerchuk is doing to his content. He got tons of interviews and his team cut them into little pieces with many subjects and made tons of contents from one interview. Genius.
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