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      Nomadic Matt Writing Interview

      Today we’re interviewing world famous travel blogger Matt Kepnes (you might know him as Nomadic Matt).

      We talk about his writing process, Corona travel shutdown effects, and weathering the storm of CoronaVirus travel shutdowns.


      Watch the Nomadic Matt writing interview:


      It was really interesting to hear his take on how we writes, how he manages to separate traveling and working, and how the Coronavirus has affected his business.

      Below we’ve broken up the interview into a couple of clips for easy listening and watching.

      Different revenue streams for a travel blogger:


      The effect of Covid-19 on a travel business:


      Nomadic Matt’s writing process:


      A blog is an asset, social media is fleeting:


      Creating a blog and engaging in collaborations are valuable pieces for newbie travel bloggers.


      For a travel blogger, these blog essentials are a must: favorites and budget travel tips.


      it's always fascinating to learn about how people used to make money online back in the day.


      Follow Nomadic Matt:
      NomadicMatt.com, @NomadicMatt

      Matt’s Books:
      Travel On $50 A Day, Ten Years A Nomad

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