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Learn & utilize persuasive language.

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    Did you know Neville takes on private consulting clients?

    Clients either do 1 session, 4 sessions, 8 sessions. These sessions are crazy beneficial because Neville can help you modify marketing and copy week by week. This can mean huge gains in your business.

    The goal is to make your money back by a minimum of 10x your investment.

    Each consult is:

    • 1 hour long.
    • Is over Google Video Hangouts or Zoom.
    • Will focus on whatever you need.
    • Will get actual work done on the spot.
    • ...if you don't know what you need, Neville will help you figure it out.
    1-on-1 Consulting Sessions. Book 1, 4, or 8 sessions (4 sessions is most common):
    Book 1 Session: $750 buy now.png
    Book 4 Sessions: $2,400 ($600/each) (most common)buy now.png
    Book 8 Sessions: $4,000 ($500/each) buy now.png
    Other arrangements:
    On-site team training: $12,000/day + travel expenses.
    Small price for company-wide gains.
    buy now.png
    "Just do it all for me!" Copy done and delivered: $20,000
    buy now.png

    I look forward to working with you!

    Neville Medhora

    P.S. The results seen for nearly all clients are insane. I try to make you back 10x your investment whenever you work with me. I look forward to it!

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