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    Freelance Pricing Calculator

    Enter your info, and this calculator will generate pricing sheets for you:

    Your name:

    Ex: Jason | The Design Shop | BlueWave Marketing

    Minimum you want for project:
    Ex: $500 | $1,000 | $5,000 | $12,000 | $25,000

    Type of freelance project:

    Ex: Copywriting | Web Design | Graphic Design | Accounting
    Here's a Three Tiered Pricing Structure Neville can follow for their Copywriting freelancing project:
    Basic Package: Advanced Package: Professional Package:




    This is the cheapest package. This is the optimal price to charge. This is the "Hell yeah I got a huge price" package!
    [See Basic Pricing] [See Advanced Pricing] [See Professional Pricing]

    Neville's Basic Copywriting Package: $500

    Description: Price:
    Basic Project: $500
    Support: 48 hours.
    Total: $500

    This will be the minimum amount of money you would take for this project. However this package will include a very limited project, just the very basics. This will ensure you won't scare away the client with this price.

    Neville's Advanced Copywriting Package: $1,200

    Description: Price:
    Advanced Project: $650
    10 more pages: $100
    Social Media Images: $100
    Research: $100
    SEO: $150
    Support: 2 weeks $100
    Total: $1,200

    This will be the "ideal" amount of money for your project. It will come with some more complete features.

    Neville's Professional Copywriting Package: $5,550

    Description: Price:
    Professional Project: $2,500
    Unlimited pages: $600
    Social Media Images for all platforms: $650
    Professional Research and suggestions: $600
    SEO research and proper tagging: $700
    Support: 4 weeks $500
    Total: $5,550

    This price might make you uncomfortable to ask for, but it keeps the possibility of getting a very high price for the project! Often freelancers are afraid to ask for a lot of money so they don't scare away the client, however when presented in this Three Tiered structure, the low option is always available, the medium option is the best value, and the high option is in hopes of getting lots more money!


    "How do I know what to charge clients?!?"

    How do I know what to charge

    This is an ultra-common question asked by freelancers all over the world. As a freelancer myself, I've come to the conclusion one of the best ways to charge for projects is by first asking yourself "What would be the minimum amount of money I'd be willing to make on this project?"

    Let's say that amount is $500.

    However you don't want to short-sell yourself. Perhaps your client is willing to pay you far more than $500....but how do we ask for that price without scaring them away?

    The answer is.....

    bunch of arrows pointing down grey

    Three Tiered Pricing!

    Three Prong Pricing Stickman

    Three Tiered Pricing means you offer three different packages of varying costs: Cheap Package = The minimum price you would be happy to receive. Medium Package = The ideal price you'd like to receive for the project. Expensive Package = The amount of money you'd like to make in your wildest dreams! This will generally be at least 10x more than your minimum price.


    Watch the video on how to price like this:


    How to accept money for your freelance project:


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    P.P.P.S. Here's my swipe file of pricing examples for more ideas and examples of pricing structures.

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