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    • Copywriter Salary Range: Entry Level to Successful Freelancer

      Copywriter Salaries

      "How much do copywriters make?"

      Good question. Normally anything you hear is self-reported, and varies by a wide range. (Example: some freelance copywriters make $1,000,000+ per year, and others make $20,000/year).

      But that's WAY too broad. So we decided to put on our "data collection" hats and figure out what a copywriter actually makes.

      The most readily-available data we were able to scrape came from job listings for copywriters.

      There's several different types of copywriters:
      Agency copywriters: They work at marketing agencies.
      Corporate copywriters: They handle all the internal copywriting for large companies.
      Freelance copywriters: They pimp their words out for money to anyone who needs them.

      So....let's get started investigating how much copywriters make!



      This is the best data we have, because we can accurately collect job listing salary data. Below is a huge list of salaries for agency and corporate copywriters. The list is sortable by Salary, Position, and Company:

      Salary $ Company Post Source
      $30,663 Zulily Copywriter [link]
      $65,499 FCB Copywriter [link]
      $67,738 Digitas Copywriter [link]
      $94,097 Saatchi & Saatchi Copywriter [link]
      $108,660 Goodby, Silverstein & Partners Copywriter [link]
      $70,167 Ogilvy & Mather Copywriter [link]
      $74,917 Crispin Porter Copywriter [link]
      $89,822 J. Walter Thompson Worldwide Copywriter [link]
      $85,504 FCB Senior Copywriter [link]
      $92,192 Leo Burnett Senior Copywriter [link]
      $67,790 Leo Burnett Copywriter [link]
      $127,034 AKQA Senior Copywriter [link]
      $56,856 Macy's Copywriter [link]
      $74,845 AKQA Copywriter [link]
      $63,494 Grey Group Copywriter [link]
      $134,751 BBH Global Copywriter [link]
      $100,903 Publicis Senior Copywriter [link]
      $76,213 The CDM Group Senior Copywriter [link]
      $62,850 Integer Group Copywriter [link]
      $87,933 Deutsch Copywriter [link]
      $65,028 RAPP Copywriter [link]
      $78,367 Young & Rubicam Copywriter [link]
      $46,541 mcgarrybowen Junior Copywriter [link]
      $92,640 AbelsonTaylor Senior CopyWriter [link]
      $70,281 Razorfish Copywriter [link]
      $74,759 R/GA Copywriter [link]
      $88,056 Dieste Copywriter [link]
      $48,868 BBDO Junior Copywriter [link]
      $56,222 LAPTV Copywriter/Programmer [link]
      $98,920 Havas Worldwide Senior CopyWriter [link]
      $89,642 Digitas Senior CopyWriter [link]
      $60,805 The CDM Group Copywriter [link]
      $49,895 TracyLocke Copywriter [link]
      $53,729 Nordstrom Copywriter [link]
      $58,583 Arnold Worldwide Copywriter [link]
      $77,808 DDB New York Copywriter [link]
      $71,579 TBWA Worldwide Copywriter [link]
      $51,509 Bromley Communications Copywriter [link]
      $46,108 FCB Junior Copywriter [link]
      $55,763 R/GA Junior Copywriter [link]
      $103,856 Saatchi & Saatchi Senior CopyWriter [link]
      $106,231 Razorfish Senior CopyWriter [link]
      $108,321 Crispin Porter Senior CopyWriter [link]
      $81,810 Dieste Senior CopyWriter [link]
      $75,351 RPA Copywriter [link]
      $38,673 Red Ventures Copywriter [link]
      $74,178 Mullen Copywriter [link]
      $64,601 McCann Erickson Copywriter [link]
      $120,864 BBDO Copywriter [link]
      $62,576 mcgarrybowen Copywriter [link]
      $74,270 Hill Holliday Copywriter [link]
      $62,377 Wieden And Kennedy Copywriter [link]
      $71,639 LatinWorks Copywriter [link]
      $44,129 RAPP Junior Copywriter [link]
      $91,121 The Wunderman Network Senior CopyWriter [link]
      $98,863 RAPP Senior CopyWriter [link]
      $77,994 Arc Worldwide Senior CopyWriter [link]
      $96,295 Mullen Senior CopyWriter [link]
      $88,864 Harrison and Star Senior CopyWriter [link]
      $64,730 The Vidal Partnership Senior CopyWriter [link]
      $50,254 DigitasLBi Associate Copywriter [link]
      $50,434 AKQA Associate Copywriter [link]
      $54,082 FindLaw Copywriter [link]
      $65,149 MRM//McCann Copywriter [link]
      $68,213 DigitasLBi Copywriter [link]
      $63,960 The Wunderman Network Copywriter [link]
      $50,514 Royall & Company Copywriter [link]
      $35,490 Wayfair Copywriter [link]
      $33,571 Backcountry.com Copywriter [link]
      $63,690 The Richards Group Copywriter [link]
      $50,472 Hill Holliday Junior Copywriter [link]
      $86,631 Organic Senior CopyWriter [link]
      $78,489 VaynerMedia Senior CopyWriter [link]
      $98,483 Young & Rubicam Senior CopyWriter [link]
      $87,025 Sudler & Hennessey Senior CopyWriter [link]
      $25,264 SoftRock Copywriter [link]
      $62,097 Havas Worldwide Copywriter [link]
      $72,042 TBWA\Chiat\Day Copywriter [link]
      $52,258 VML Copywriter [link]
      $46,250 Barkley Copywriter [link]
      $51,561 Guitar Center Copywriter [link]
      $46,446 VaynerMedia Copywriter [link]
      $55,224 Moxie Copywriter [link]
      $44,282 Circuit City Copywriter [link]
      $59,484 Alcone Marketing Copywriter [link]
      $57,595 Epsilon Copywriter [link]
      $56,274 Arc Worldwide Copywriter [link]
      $77,000 Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal + Partners Copywriter [link]
      $65,730 Meredith Xcelerated Marketing Copywriter [link]
      $55,631 Geometry Global Copywriter [link]
      $72,289 Publicis Copywriter [link]
      $60,765 López Negrete Copywriter [link]
      $56,781 Zimmerman Advertising Copywriter [link]
      $69,206 DDB Chicago Copywriter [link]
      $71,271 GSW Marketing & Advertising Copywriter [link]
      $56,770 VSA Partners Copywriter [link]
      $50,197 The Vidal Partnership Copywriter [link]
      $78,404 JOHANNES LEONARDO Copywriter [link]
      $42,277 Conill Copywriter [link]
      $40,172 AdAsia Communications Copywriter [link]
      $94,518 Dieste Technical Copywriter [link]
      $49,890 Leo Burnett Junior Copywriter [link]
      $31,914 Zimmerman Advertising Junior Copywriter [link]
      $51,850 FCB Health Junior Copywriter [link]
      $50,475 Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal + Partners Junior Copywriter [link]
      $46,490 Dieste Junior Copywriter [link]
      $106,284 DDB New York Senior CopyWriter [link]
      $108,390 OgilvyOne Senior CopyWriter [link]
      $112,744 J. Walter Thompson Worldwide Senior CopyWriter [link]
      $79,125 Team Detroit Senior CopyWriter [link]
      $69,341 Macy's Senior CopyWriter [link]
      $94,710 R/GA Senior CopyWriter [link]
      $120,775 TBWA\Chiat\Day Senior CopyWriter [link]
      $73,231 VML Senior CopyWriter [link]
      $82,820 Geometry Global Senior CopyWriter [link]
      $89,609 Ogilvy CommonHealth Senior CopyWriter [link]
      $82,583 Integer Group Senior CopyWriter [link]
      $49,375 VaynerMedia Associate Copywriter [link]
      $39,041 Tta Copywriter/Translator [link]
      $30,407 Web.com Inc Copywriter [link]
      $47,400 QVC Copywriter [link]
      $71,041 Avon Products Copywriter [link]
      $58,058 Fab.com Copywriter [link]
      $41,104 Vente-Privee.com Copywriter [link]
      $65,987 Bloomingdale's Copywriter [link]
      $64,320 Electronic Arts Copywriter [link]
      $78,056 Shutterfly Copywriter [link]
      $46,855 Doner Copywriter [link]
      $50,132 Staples Copywriter [link]
      $73,917 Williams-Sonoma Copywriter [link]
      $56,089 TMP Worldwide Copywriter [link]
      $85,333 C.C. Filson Copywriter [link]
      $62,234 SK+G Copywriter [link]
      $54,952 The Marketing Arm Copywriter [link]
      $43,500 Rue La La Copywriter [link]
      $48,500 Pure Romance Copywriter [link]
      $38,694 RPM Advertising Copywriter [link]
      $75,265 Saatchi & Saatchi Copywriter [link]
      $60,894 Entree Health Copywriter [link]
      $45,215 Bluefly Copywriter [link]
      $71,154 DiMassimo Goldstein Copywriter [link]
      $37,072 Bon-Ton Stores Copywriter [link]
      $44,907 Aisle Rocket Studios Copywriter [link]
      $65,138 Saks Fifth Avenue Copywriter [link]
      $71,597 Energy BBDO Copywriter [link]
      $39,372 Adcetera Copywriter [link]
      $61,378 GlobalHue Copywriter [link]
      $61,644 Colle+McVoy Copywriter [link]
      $29,827 Virtucom Group Copywriter [link]
      $52,157 EVB Inc Copywriter [link]
      $106,940 Team One Copywriter [link]
      $58,268 AgencyRx Copywriter [link]
      $64,491 Harrison and Star Copywriter [link]
      $74,405 Sapient Copywriter [link]
      $93,838 kirshenbaum bond Copywriter [link]
      $41,855 Burlington Stores Copywriter [link]
      $76,769 AD AMERICAS Copywriter [link]
      $53,878 Nashimoto Marketing Director/Copywriter [link]
      $55,267 Publicis Junior Copywriter [link]
      $54,441 Saatchi & Saatchi Junior Copywriter [link]
      $45,845 J. Walter Thompson Worldwide Junior Copywriter [link]
      $45,812 Arnold Worldwide Junior Copywriter [link]
      $53,653 Mullen Junior Copywriter [link]
      $43,828 Arc Worldwide Junior Copywriter [link]
      $43,499 Integer Group Junior Copywriter [link]
      $40,901 Slingshot, LLC Junior Copywriter [link]
      $35,825 Team Detroit Junior Copywriter [link]
      $45,921 Young & Rubicam Junior Copywriter [link]
      $81,714 Critical Mass Senior CopyWriter [link]
      $81,849 Huge Senior CopyWriter [link]
      $82,728 Ryan Partnership Senior CopyWriter [link]
      $62,333 REI Senior CopyWriter [link]
      $101,900 C-K Senior CopyWriter [link]
      $115,625 BBDO Senior CopyWriter [link]
      $66,911 Momentum Worldwide Senior CopyWriter [link]
      $83,745 Campbell Ewald Senior CopyWriter [link]
      $80,354 AgencyRx Senior CopyWriter [link]
      $96,190 360i Senior CopyWriter [link]
      $86,026 López Negrete Senior CopyWriter [link]
      $136,105 Deutsch Senior CopyWriter [link]
      $89,286 GlobalHue Senior CopyWriter [link]
      $109,598 Tribal DDB Senior CopyWriter [link]
      $68,572 Bromley Communications Senior CopyWriter [link]
      $86,318 Accentmarketing Senior CopyWriter [link]
      $47,332 Digitas Associate Copywriter [link]
      $44,526 Eberle Communications Group Associate Copywriter [link]
      $53,293 LatinWorks Copywriter/Technical Writer [link]
      $32,843 TechTarget Marketing Copywriter [link]
      $43,045 hibu Copywriter [link]
      $38,672 Sears Copywriter [link]
      $65,586 Thomson Reuters Copywriter [link]
      $63,568 Expedia Copywriter [link]
      $82,089 Havas Copywriter [link]
      $45,420 Groupon Copywriter [link]
      $39,725 Agora - MD Copywriter [link]
      $96,115 Mattel Copywriter [link]
      $39,149 Dillard's Copywriter [link]
      $86,597 Amazon.com Copywriter [link]
      $57,496 SapientNitro Copywriter [link]
      $91,088 MEplusYOU Copywriter [link]
      $71,067 Esurance Copywriter [link]
      $35,097 MBS Textbook Exchange Copywriter [link]
      $46,613 Moroch Copywriter [link]
      $83,812 Condé Nast Copywriter [link]
      $79,256 Gotham Copywriter [link]
      $52,889 The Designory Copywriter [link]
      $49,092 Team Detroit Copywriter [link]
      $53,676 Concept Farm Copywriter [link]
      $57,865 AbelsonTaylor Copywriter [link]
      $64,137 MRY Copywriter [link]
      $34,864 Agora Financial Copywriter [link]
      $68,431 gyro Copywriter [link]
      $67,292 BoomBox Copywriter [link]
      $54,306 PetEdge Copywriter [link]
      $71,413 FCB Health Copywriter [link]
      $51,211 BVK Copywriter [link]
      $54,609 One Kings Lane Copywriter [link]
      $36,117 TriDigital Copywriter [link]
      $71,949 72andSunny Copywriter [link]
      $37,009 Officite Copywriter [link]
      $55,752 Ignition Copywriter [link]
      $54,073 Davis Elen Advertising Copywriter [link]
      $75,924 United Online Copywriter [link]
      $58,096 McCann Worldgroup Copywriter [link]
      $60,564 Weber Shandwick Copywriter [link]
      $68,463 BBDO Detroit Copywriter [link]
      $48,658 T3 Copywriter [link]
      $46,686 Meredith Corporation Copywriter [link]
      $32,581 TNT Dental Copywriter [link]
      $58,536 Guess? Copywriter [link]
      $42,221 Melaleuca Copywriter [link]
      $80,302 Vitro Copywriter [link]
      $73,593 GSD&M Copywriter [link]
      $51,711 HZDG Copywriter [link]
      $40,800 BFG Copywriter [link]
      $56,051 GlynnDevins Copywriter [link]
      $34,136 ARS Advertising Copywriter [link]
      $56,847 Intouch Solutions Copywriter [link]
      $44,749 Upshot Inc Copywriter [link]
      $66,189 Olson Copywriter [link]
      $28,603 True North Custom Copywriter [link]
      $29,775 LocalVox Copywriter [link]
      $50,254 Domo Copywriter [link]
      $46,582 Two x Four Copywriter [link]
      $62,534 Havas Health Copywriter [link]
      $80,641 Publicis North America Copywriter [link]
      $61,012 H4B Chelsea Copywriter [link]
      $60,149 The Home Depot Copywriter [link]
      $67,369 Huge Copywriter [link]
      $64,687 G2 USA Copywriter [link]
      $57,555 The Mars Agency Copywriter [link]
      $59,913 LLNS Copywriter [link]
      $91,101 Beachbody Copywriter [link]
      $30,538 Brafton Copywriter [link]
      $62,166 Sudler & Hennessey Copywriter [link]
      $95,131 Translation Copywriter [link]
      $84,989 Ignited Copywriter [link]
      $68,332 Swirl Copywriter [link]
      $133,872 Devito/Verdi Copywriter [link]
      $117,295 Productopop Copywriter [link]
      $50,606 NHK Cosmomedia America Copywriter [link]
      $79,492 Hanft Unlimited Copywriter [link]
      $54,081 Modernista Copywriter [link]
      $148,048 Optimedia International Copywriter [link]
      $49,831 Yamagata Bank Copywriter [link]
      $56,338 Ogilvy & Mather Junior Copywriter [link]
      $54,585 Havas Worldwide Junior Copywriter [link]
      $50,447 Digitas Junior Copywriter [link]
      $48,521 Sudler & Hennessey Junior Copywriter [link]
      $50,130 McCann Erickson Junior Copywriter [link]
      $48,983 Tribal DDB Junior Copywriter [link]
      $42,555 Flashpoint Medica Junior Copywriter [link]
      $44,836 GSD&M Junior Copywriter [link]
      $31,342 Versa Creative Group Junior Copywriter [link]
      $40,340 Upshot Inc Junior Copywriter [link]
      $44,208 Rue La La Junior Copywriter [link]
      $91,396 Ogilvy & Mather Senior CopyWriter [link]
      $70,961 Capital One Senior CopyWriter [link]
      $87,946 GSD&M Senior CopyWriter [link]
      $112,922 Grey Group Senior CopyWriter [link]
      $94,837 MRM//McCann Senior CopyWriter [link]
      $98,633 RPA Senior CopyWriter [link]
      $122,862 mcgarrybowen Senior CopyWriter [link]
      $72,005 The Mars Agency Senior CopyWriter [link]
      $84,345 Havas Health Senior CopyWriter [link]
      $85,418 GA Communications Group Senior CopyWriter [link]
      $94,528 RealNetworks Senior CopyWriter [link]
      $98,324 Digitas Health Senior CopyWriter [link]
      $119,491 72andSunny Senior CopyWriter [link]
      $147,035 Goodby, Silverstein & Partners Senior CopyWriter [link]
      $111,483 Arnold Worldwide Senior CopyWriter [link]
      $80,578 LexisNexis Legal & Professional Senior CopyWriter [link]
      $110,235 eBay Enterprise Senior CopyWriter [link]
      $44,116 Horizon Hobby Senior CopyWriter [link]
      $71,622 Havas Life Senior CopyWriter [link]
      $73,310 R.R. Donnelley Senior CopyWriter [link]
      $63,302 Capstrat Senior CopyWriter [link]
      $55,729 Sears Senior CopyWriter [link]
      $74,468 Dailey & Associates Senior CopyWriter [link]
      $85,662 H4B Chelsea Senior CopyWriter [link]
      $99,909 MTV Networks Senior CopyWriter [link]
      $84,653 Havas Senior CopyWriter [link]
      $97,342 Leopard Communications Senior CopyWriter [link]
      $57,367 Upshot Inc Senior CopyWriter [link]
      $80,092 H4B Catapult Senior CopyWriter [link]
      $108,108 Conill Senior CopyWriter [link]
      $97,415 Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal + Partners Senior CopyWriter [link]
      $89,008 Sapient Senior CopyWriter [link]
      $89,196 Reader's Digest Senior CopyWriter [link]
      $113,261 Zubi Advertising Senior CopyWriter [link]
      $85,040 Casanova Pendrill Senior CopyWriter [link]
      $126,162 Droga5 Senior CopyWriter [link]
      $79,111 Prudential Senior Copywriting Specialist [link]
      $78,907 Crispin Porter Senior Interactive Copywriter [link]
      $69,146 Princess House Bilingual Copywriter [link]
      $47,249 LatinWorks Technical Writer/Copywriter [link]
      $48,007 Crispin Porter Interactive Copywriter [link]
      $48,710 AbelsonTaylor Associate Copywriter [link]
      $47,004 VML Associate Copywriter [link]
      $46,457 Integer Group Associate Copywriter [link]
      $45,622 FCB Associate Copywriter [link]
      $40,453 Corbett Assistant Copywriter [link]
      $53,120 Groupon Marketing Copywriter [link]


      We can see pretty clearly that the most common copywriter salary is around the $55,000/year range. Going low as about $31,000 and high as around $147,000:

      most common copywriter salaries chart  



      Some places prefer to pay their copywriters on an hourly rate rather than full time. You can see the different levels of income for different levels of copywriter and by company:

      Hourly Rate $ Company Post Source
      $9.62 Fathom Copywriter [link]
      $60.63 FCB Copywriter - [link]
      $50.41 Aquent Senior CopyWriter - [link]
      $43.25 Lunchbox Copywriter - [link]
      $40.93 Aquent Freelance Copywriter - [link]
      $37.69 Aquent Copywriter - [link]
      $28.32 Goldstar Events Copywriter [link]
      $26.73 Walmart eCommerce SEO Copywriter [link]
      $25.19 AR Media Copywriter/Creative Coordinator [link]
      $24.74 YP Copywriter - [link]
      $24.56 J. C. Penney Copywriter - [link]
      $23.54 FindLaw Copywriter - [link]
      $22.75 QVC Copywriter [link]
      $20.34 Sears Copywriter - [link]
      $19.62 Starmark/MARC USA Copywriter [link]
      $17.71 Golden Hippo Media Copywriter [link]
      $17.71 Forever 21 Copywriter [link]
      $16.92 The RealReal Copywriter [link]
      $15.83 Belk Copywriter [link]
      $15.31 Kohl's Digital Copywriter [link]
      $14.83 HauteLook Copywriter [link]
      $14.64 iNET Web Copywriter [link]
      $14.52 Drift Web Design Copywriter [link]
      $14.45 FCB Copywriter Intern [link]
      $14.23 REVOLVE Copywriter [link]
      $13.55 Overstock.com Copywriter [link]
      $13.36 Ajax Union Copywriter [link]
      $13.35 SoftRock Copywriter [link]
      $13.34 Zulily Copywriter [link]
      $11.39 eDrop-Off Copywriter [link]
      $11.13 Sudler & Hennessey Copywriter Intern [link]
      $11.05 The CDM Group Copywriter Intern [link]
      $10.69 Web.com Inc Copywriter [link]
      $10.31 RPA Copywriter Intern [link]
      $10.14 Tocquigny Copywriter Intern [link]


      The most common copywriter hourly salary is around the $18/hour range, and the average is about $21/hour. The lowest hourly wage was $10.14/hour, and the highest hourly wage was $60.63/hour. Now a lot of these hourly positions are for interns and junior copywriters, but it's still helpful to see it graphed out:

      most common copywriter hourly wages    


      The highest paying Corporate and Agency Copywriter Jobs (over $100,000/year):

      We sorted the salaries that bring in over $100,000/year, and here's what we got:
      Salary $ Company Post Source
      $148,048 Optimedia International Copywriter [link]
      $147,035 Goodby, Silverstein & Partners Senior CopyWriter [link]
      $136,105 Deutsch Senior CopyWriter [link]
      $134,751 BBH Global Copywriter [link]
      $133,872 Devito/Verdi Copywriter [link]
      $127,034 AKQA Senior Copywriter [link]
      $126,162 Droga5 Senior CopyWriter [link]
      $122,862 mcgarrybowen Senior CopyWriter [link]
      $120,864 BBDO Copywriter [link]
      $120,775 TBWA\Chiat\Day Senior CopyWriter [link]
      $119,491 72andSunny Senior CopyWriter [link]
      $117,295 Productopop Copywriter [link]
      $115,625 BBDO Senior CopyWriter [link]
      $113,261 Zubi Advertising Senior CopyWriter [link]
      $112,922 Grey Group Senior CopyWriter [link]
      $112,744 J. Walter Thompson Worldwide Senior CopyWriter [link]
      $111,483 Arnold Worldwide Senior CopyWriter [link]
      $110,235 eBay Enterprise Senior CopyWriter [link]
      $109,598 Tribal DDB Senior CopyWriter [link]
      $108,660 Goodby, Silverstein & Partners Copywriter [link]
      $108,390 OgilvyOne Senior CopyWriter [link]
      $108,321 Crispin Porter Senior CopyWriter [link]
      $108,108 Conill Senior CopyWriter [link]
      $106,940 Team One Copywriter [link]
      $106,284 DDB New York Senior CopyWriter [link]
      $106,231 Razorfish Senior CopyWriter [link]
      $103,856 Saatchi & Saatchi Senior CopyWriter [link]
      $101,900 C-K Senior CopyWriter [link]
      $100,903 Publicis Senior Copywriter [link]


      It's pretty clear that most of these jobs are for Senior Copywriters at large advertising agencies. So if you want to make over $100,000/year as a copywriter for an agency or corporation, aiming to become the Senior Copywriter is your ticket!    



      This is the hardest group of copywriters to accurately gather data for, because it's all self reported.

      The data gets all garbled because:

      • ....a freelancer will often self-report only their "greatest" years, not the average numbers.
      • ....a freelancer can "bring in" $100,000 in revenue, but that doesn't remotely mean it was all profit.  Since they are running their own business they may have lots of costs and overhead they're not reporting.
      • ....there's no reliable way to see if they're reports are true.
      • ....the ranges vary so so so so much. You'll meet freelance copywriters making $2,000 per year, and other freelance copywriters making $2,000,000 per year.  These extreme ranges make it difficult to report a specific amount.

      For example, I brought in several hundreds thousand dollars last year from copywriting fees off this page alone.

      BUT.....I also know a great deal of freelance copywriters that made maybe $800 extra in the whole year.

      The other issue with reporting this number is I didn't actively promote my consulting services, so the number could be far different depending on the amount of marketing I do to the consulting services. There's just no super-reliable way to full understand these numbers.  

      Why freelance copywriters can *possibly* make the most money:

      If someone is a "freelance copywriter", what that really means is they are a "small business owner."

      This means they have to handle all the annoyances of owning a business (such as expenses, lean years, and accounting), but also get all the perks of owning a business (such as making an unlimited cap of money, doing whatever you want, and getting paid as you choose).

      The freelance writer can follow a path like this to becoming very successful:

      Works as an agency copywriter --> Picks up a few freelance writing clients on the side --> Word gets out about them and they take on more clients --> They start making more money than their job so they quit --> They put up a website and join writing communities --> Opportunities come along where they can make a lot of money by partnering with another company --> They get offered a position to be director of marketing a fast growing startup --> They end up making a good deal of money etc etc....

      What happens is the freelancer writer after a few years often gets tangled up in some other businesses.  This doesn't always work out, but it can.

      And just like any small business owner, the path to success is usually not a straight and paved path. It's usually disguised in the form of a meandering and uncertain path.

      Me for example, I never planned on becoming a "copywriter."  In fact until about 5 years ago I didn't even what that word meant (I thought copywriting was what patent lawyers do).

      By trying to become a copywriter you end up picking up this whole stable of skills along the way (Go here if you are trying to get your first freelance gig😞

      • How to charge clients.
      • How to consult as a side job.
      • The psychological reasons people buy things.
      • How to sell products and services.
      • After years of experience you start developing a sense of what WILL sell and what WON'T sell.
      • The difference between using logical selling points and emotional selling.
      • The list goes on.....


      Salary Synopsis (by copywriter type):

      Here's a quick synopsis of the data we found sorted by the type of copywriter being hired:
      Copywriter Salary
      Average Copywriter Salary Data:
      These are the salary ranges for any type of copywriter:
      Average: $57,000
      Lowest: $31,000
      Highest: $147,035
      Junior Copywriter Salary
      Junior Copywriter Salary Data:
      As an entry-level copywriter in the working world, here's the salaries you can expect:
      Average: $46,868
      Lowest: $31,342
      Highest: $56,338
      Copywriting Intern Salary
      Copywriter Intern Salary Data:
      If you're simply interning as a copywriter, you can gain a massive amount of great experience, but the pay is often on the lower end and hourly:
      Average: $11/hour
      Lowest: $10/hour
      Highest: $14/hour
      Technical Copywriter Salary
      Technical Copywriter Salary Data:
      If you are writing technical documents, the copywriting work can be more lucrative (although sometimes a little boring):
      Average: $65,020
      Lowest: $47,249
      Highest: $94,518
      Senior Copywriter Salary
      Senior Copywriter Salary Data:
      A senior copywriter can pull in a strong wage, as they are in charge of all the marketing copy that goes out the door and makes sales:
      Average: $91,005
      Lowest: $44,116
      Highest: $147,035
      Associate Copywriter Salary
      Associate Copywriter Salary Data:
      An associate copywriter working can expect earnings like this:
      Average: $47,746
      Lowest: $44,526
      Highest: $50,434


      Of course these are just the lows/highs/averages from the data we collected, but hopefully this gives you a good idea of what you can make as a copywriter! Related Copywriting Articles:


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      Hope you learned something and enjoyed!

      Neville Medhora

      P.S. Let's get some self-reported data from the copywriters! In the comments tell us how much you make as a freelance copywriter!

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