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    The S.W.I.P.E.S. Email (Friday July 19th, 2024)


    Edition: Friday, July 19th, 2024
    An educational (and fun) email by Copywriting Course. Enjoy!


    🎤 Listen to this email here:


    Checkout this super-duper-ultra-simple piece of direct mail from a custom builder I got in the mail (which results in $200k to $1.5m projects):


    On my walks around the neighborhood, I see this builders sign up in front of several house construction projects! 


    He then sends these quick notes to all of the neighbors. He sends the address of two nearby projects, and I literally walked over to see them. 

    To me this is a perfect piece of direct mail: A cheap/simple campaign to ultra-qualified leads that results in huge numbers.


    I love "Ugly Design" where something is seemingly poorly designed, but it completed its main goal: To make you read it.

    I think this original Kopywriting Kourse waitlist I built years ago was one of my best performing pages ever:




    Learning can take many forms, and some are better than others:


    I can think this seems pretty true!

    • Lecture: 5% (Average Retention Rate)
    • Reading: 10%
    • Audio/Visual: 20%
    • Demonstration: 30%
    • Group Discussion: 50%
    • Practice by Doing: 75%
    • Teaching Others: 90%

    If I just sit in a classroom listening to a lecture, in 10 days I've likely forgot 95% of it. 

    However if I learn something good enough that I have to explain/teach it to someone else, I'll likely remember nearly all of it. 


    I grill almost every day, and the standard meal I eat almost every day for either lunch or dinner (or both):

    • Skirt steak or NY Strip steak.
    • Avocado.
    • Sometimes I throw in tomato or the occasional cheese. 




    I used to properly plate all my meals, but it's way more fun to eat with the cutting board and big giant knife!

    IDGAF if the cutting board touched raw meat, I still eat right off it.


    One thing I've noticed as myself and friends move through different phases of life is the extreme time crunch on your 24 hours:


    When you are single you basically have 8 hours of sleep, 8 hours of work, and 8 hours of free time: 


    If you get partnered up, what was previously free time gets a bit more taken up:


    Then if you throw kids into the mix that free time is further eroded by a significant amount:


    This is of course just for demonstration, and I'm sure this time crunch is actually far worse than pictured!


    Since it's summer I wear sunglasses everywhere, and one cool thing I did a long time ago was buy these knock-off Amazon Rayban's 10 at a time:


    They look like standard sunglasses as you can see:


    But I hate having to "babysit" products I own, and sunglasses are WORST! 

    You have to take them around in their own special bulky case, and you have to be careful not to scratch the lens....well I hate that!

    So I buy a ton of these and keep them allllll over the place:

    • In my car glove box.
    • Tossed into my backpack.
    • Tossed into my laptop bag.
    • Random drawers.

    I find it easier to buy a bunch of these cheap sunglasses and throw away a few pairs every year than buy nice sunglasses and babysit them!

    Have a great Friday!

    Neville Medhora


    P.S. Checkout some wins from Copywriting Course members:


    The S.W.I.P.E.S. Email (Friday July 12th, 2024)


    Edition: Friday, July 12th, 2024
    An educational (and fun) email by Copywriting Course. Enjoy!


    🎤 Listen to this email here:


    Look at this insane stat that shows barely 2% of people reading Reddit post:


    This backs up the concept of The 90-9-1 Rule that states:

    90% of people just lurk:


    9% of people casually participate:


    1% of people create most content:


    Let that sink in next time you consume or make content. It's 1% or 2% of the people you're listening to. 


    This interview was so full of awesome nuggets (read my personal notes from it here):

    How to scale up a business with Ayman Al-Abdullah (lessons from getting to $100m/yr). Watch it on YouTube here:

    Ayman Al-Abdullah was the CEO of AppSumo who got it on track to doing over $80m in a single year, then became a meme lord, then started Agoge Consulting and is doing great getting CEO’s as clients.


    This is The Austin skyline only 2 years apart seen from my balcony:


    I tried to line up the picture better here:


    Pretty crazy that's only 2 years.....and you can't even see a bunch of other buildings and construction being blocked out by all the other buildings 😳


    Here's me and my buddy doing handstands on the beach over 4th of July!

    That's me on the left!


    I thought this was a super cool way to scout for business as a new freelancer:

    This guy goes around updating people's YouTube thumbnails for free. This has two big benefits: 
    1.) Shows the person your work. 
    2.) Shows OTHERS your work.
    Check out what he sent:


    What a great way to start building a portfolio of work AND grabbing eyeballs of potential customers!



    This is every piece of software we use to run SwipeFile and CopywritingCourse.com:

    • Camtasia for video editing.
    • Video studio rental in Austin for interviews.
    • Home studio for doing podcasts and recording trainings.
    • Canva for images.
    • Convertkit for email.
    • InvisionCommunity for CC Members area.
    • WPengine for hosting.
    • Awesome Screenshot for screengrabs.
    • Google Docs (free) for notes.
    • Slack (free) to connect with employees.
    • Hypefury for scheduling social media posts.
    • Zoom for Office Hours.
    • Focus45 to keep focus.
    • Calendly for scheduling meetings.
    • ChatGPT Pro for brainstorming.
    • Edit any website for showing changes to websites.
    • Ahrefs for SEO research.
    • Figma for landing pages.
    • LeadPages for landing pages.
    • Framer for our /join page and /agency page.
    • CaptivateFM for podcast hosting.
    • Quickbooks for accounting.

    Have a great Friday!

    Neville Medhora


    P.S. Checkout some wins from Copywriting Course members:


    How to scale up a business with Ayman Al-Abdullah (lessons from getting to $100m/yr)

    Ayman Al-Abdullah was the CEO of AppSumo who got it on track to doing over $80m in a single year, then became a meme lord, then started Agoge Consulting and is doing great getting CEO’s as clients.

    There is a different CEO in all stages of a company


    You need to find out what kind of CEO you are


    🎤 Listen to the podcast:

    Neville's Notes

    0:28: Why leave a sweet gig at Appsumo? Really really knowing what you’re good at and what you like doing. 

    0:37: Three phases of a company's growth. 1.) Startup Phase ($5m revenue).  2.) Scale Up Phase.  3.) Grow Up Phase. 

    2:30: In the beginning the founder is the star player. Then you move to coach. At $50m in revenue then you move to owner of a team, and it’s more like a politician. 

    3:50: Thought he was going to take a break from working for a while, but people kept asking questions, so Agoge Consulting was born. 

    6:05: “I always tell founder, you know you’ve hit product market fit when it feels like you’re wearing a meat suit in a dog park.”

    6:25: Why didn’t you just make this a course? The nature of working with these founders is way too individual. 

    7:12: When you coach CEO’s, it’s so different dependant on the company, so it’s difficult to make a one-size-fits-all program.

    8:02: What do you do with clients? They have a monthly check in (what you doing this month, what doing next month), voice noting + texting, quick phone calls, it’s like being a concierge medical doctor for business. 

    9:35: He made a thing called “9 steps to 9 figures” he walks CEO’s through.

    10:43: What technical skills have you learned? His core thing is Notion. Easy to use and everything works with it. Great search. 100% be using AI, if not it’s like being in the 90’s and not using the internet. Loom has AI SOP’s now. Learning easy softwares provides ultra-high leverage. 

    12:50: Example: Everyone can use video editing with CapCut, but if you use After Effects you can make it 100% better. So levelling up your toolset can increase your value big time. 

    13:36: Become a Triple Threat. Become Full Stack. 

    14:46: Trung Phan and Matt Gray stack their skills together on social and it made them stand out. Combining styles can create a unique advantage. 

    16:16: Social media seems like the early days of the UFC, it’s just getting started. 

    16:52: People follow individuals not companies. Without a good social presence it’s much harder to attract talent. 

    18:05: ATM Framework = Attention → Trust → Money

    18:58: SEO has tectonically shifted, and less people are clicking ten links.

    19:50: Google searches down 33% because of AI. Google released 3 major updates that changes results. But mainly, how do you diversify your revenue stream so you’re not heavily impacted.

    21:05: Building a business on one social media channel is like having an office space where the rent doubles every 18 months. 

    22:00: Things like direct mail and conferences are very powerful but not as sexy so you hear about their successes less. 

    22:35: Start with who is your customer, and where are they at. If you’re marketing to plumbers they’re probably not finding you on Reels. How do you build a marketing engine that feeds into that customer persona. 

    23:15: Opinions on podcasts? It depends on your avatar. Like Chris Do is for designers, and they listen to a lot of podcasts. If you’re a roofer you wanna be going door to door or buying billboards, so it just depends on who the customer is. 

    24:24: What industries are killing it, what industries are hurting? Education is getting commoditized, people are not paying for knowledge, courses, communities the way they used to because it’s all becoming free and harder to compete. Selling education is uphill battle, but if you can turn that information into a template or tool or software that is taking off. It’s much harder to be in business right now. Companies that are doing well are ones that help individuals make more money. If you can be directly tied to revenue that’s a more defensible business. 

    26:46: Why a newsletter agency didn’t totally make sense. Newsletters weren’t tied to revenue. “Can I prove my revenue?”

    29:00: Ayman is so clear he’s not a “start with an idea guy.” He is a scale guy. He has an exercise he uses with CEO’s where he finds the 4 moments they are most proud of, and that tells him a lot about what they enjoy doing. 

    31:35: There are some outlier examples like Mark Zuckerberg or Warren Buffet, but it’s not common. Like there’s 5 examples, so it’s not helpful to compare to those.

    33:11: What’s the deal with AI!? Interesting applications? Try to find how your business plays into disruptive technologies. Ford example of a faster horse. Ironically the horse industry is bigger today than it was before. Figure out the END PROBLEM THE CUSTOMER IS TRYING TO SOLVE and then ask “Could AI make this better?” Fortunately even if many companies are “late” to AI it can still be ok, we saw this happen with the internet 20+ years ago. 

    38:20: 3 fundamentals for a $100m company: Persona, Problem, Promotion. Persona: Who do you sell. Problem: What do you solve. Promotion: How do you acquire customers. American Express travellers check example. 

    40:10: A lot of AI people are just trying 20+ ideas to gauge traction. But it’s important to make sure if the AI gets better your product gets better.

    41:15: Peter Levels is doing a good job at finding uses for AI. 

    41:44: We thought AI would kill Copywriting Course. Low, Medium, and High level copywriting are big distinctions. AI is great at low level writing, decent at medium level, and bad at high level (currently). We notice this in Office Hours that people come for a mix of strategy, CRO, UX, copywriting, and design….it’s not just copywriting alone. People care about the END CONVERSION RATE, they don’t care about what method you use to increase it. 

    44:36: Better Design, Better Layout, Better UX, Better Copy. Ayman explains why Neville is so good at it.

    45:26: “Familiarity Blindness” is when you look at something so much that’s it’s difficult to improve it anymore, which is why Office Hours and our Forum is so good at improving people’s stuff because other people look at it with a fresh perspective. 


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