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    Introduction Email Templates (Introduce Two People Over Email)


    Let's say you're trying to introduce some folks over email. Here's some helpful templates and examples you can copy.  Jump to the end for even more lines to introduce people.


    #1.) Introducing two people who can work with each other:

    Subject 1: [PERSON 1] + [PERSON 2] Introduction Request
    Subject 2: [PERSON 1] meet [PERSON 2]
    Subject 3: You two should meet!

    Hey [PERSON 1] and [PERSON 2], You two should definitely meet and talk about stuff. You're a perfect fit:

    [PERSON 1]: Is amazing with SEO and anything website related. Phone: 222-222-2222 | Email: person1@person1.com

    [PERSON 2]: Is looking for someone who is amazing at SEO! Phone number: 555-555-5555 | Email: person2@person2.com

    I'll let you two take it from here!

    [Your Name]

    #2.) This is a casual introduction for two friends who may get along:

    Subject 1: Hey [PERSON 1], meet [PERSON 2]
    Subject 2: In town....meet up?
    Subject 3: [PERSON 1] & [PERSON 2] sittin' in a tree.....

    Hey you two goofballs!

    [PERSON 1] is going to be in San Francisco this weekend, and he runs an awesome company.

    [PERSON 2] is my go-to person in San Francisco that organizes all the tech events. He knows everyone, and am pretty sure he's throwing an event this week.

    [PERSON 1] you should join!! I'll let you two take over from here.

    [PERSON 1]: email@email.com, 333-333-3333, Facebook Profile. [PERSON 2]: email@email.com, 666-666-6666, Facebook Profile.

    Hope you two have fun 🙂
    [Your Name]

    #3.) This is a formal introduction for work acquaintances:

    Subject 1: Introduction to [PERSON 1] and [PERSON 2]
    Subject 2: Job search meeting.
    Subject 3: [PERSON 1] & [PERSON 2] sittin' in a tree.....

    Hi [PERSON 1],

    Thanks so much for agreeing to talk to [PERSON 2] about her job search and what it's like to be in your field. I've copied her on this email so you can connect directly for short phone call.

    [PERSON 2], as I mentioned, [PERSON 1] is the best lawyer I know, and is a true expert in the industry. [PERSON 1] will tell you what the work life really is like.

    I’ll let you two take it from here.

    [Your Name]

    #4.) This is a fun introduction that combines personal and business:

    Subject 1: [PERSON 2] has the cutest dog!
    Subject 2: [PERSON 1] <--> [PERSON 2]
    Subject 3: [PERSON 1] + [PERSON 2] = Best Buds!

    Dear [PERSON 1], [PERSON 2] has the cutest dog ever....check him out!

    Donnie Dog

    That's Donnie. He's awesome.

    [PERSON 1], [PERSON 2], and Donnie should meet up for a quick coffee this weekend. You all live in Hayes Valley, and can discuss working together on the new project!

    [PERSON 1]: email@email.com, 333-333-3333, Facebook Profile.

    [PERSON 2]: email@email.com, 666-666-6666, Facebook Profile.

    Donnie The Dog: bark@puppies.com.

    [Your Name]

    #5.) This is a real email that was sent to introduce Susan to Ralph.

    Subject: Susan, Meet Ralph; Ralph, Meet Susan

    I am introducing you two because I think you would enjoy meeting and sharing your knowledge.

    Susan, Ralph is an archivist in our San Francisco office. He moved there from Seattle four years ago and can share lots of insights about the SF team and the city. He is a foodie and a baseball junkie.

    Ralph, Susan moves from Portland to SF next month. She has been with us seven years as a database expert. I bet she can share wisdom to help with your project. Susan is excited about her move into the big leagues of the company and baseball. Go Giants!

    You now have each other’s addresses.

    You can take it from here.
    [Your Name]

    #6.) This is an email sent to introduce Marta and Jeff:

    Subject: Introducing You Two for Networking

    Hi, Marta and Jeff. I’m delighted to introduce you.

    Marta, I met Jeff about a year ago and was struck by his passion for collaboration, mediation, and leadership; his wide breadth of knowledge for a young man, and his engaging demeanor. Jeff is a delight to get to know. Jeff, I have known Marta for many years. She is a gifted collaborator, an incisive thinker, and a wonderful person who is passionate and active in social justice issues.

    Much of her work experience has involved mediating on environmental issues. I believe meeting would be a rich experience for you both, and I hope you will connect soon.

    [Your Name]

    #7.) This is a real email that was sent to introduce Bob and Janice:

    Subject: Bob, Meet Janice. 

    Dear Bob,

    I'm writing to introduce you to Janice.

    I know Janice through the Brandon Theater Group, where, as you know, I am the technical director. Janice and I have worked together on several local theater projects. She is a terrific stage manager with over 10 years of experience.

    Janice is interested in relocating to the San Francisco area in the near future and would appreciate any recommendations you could offer her for conducting a job search for a theater position and any help you can provide with the logistics of relocating to California.

    I've attached her resume for your review and you can contact her at janicedolan@email.com or 555-555-5555. Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide.

    [Your Name]

    #8.) Super Short And To The Point:

    Subject 1: You two are awesome
    Subject 2: Hey [Person 1] and [Person 2]!
    Subject 3: Ya’ll should meet
    Subject 4: [Person 1] + [Person 2]

    Hey [Person 1] and [Person 2],

    I really think you both should meet! [Person 1]: Chip designer for Apple.

    [Person 2]: Doing super interesting research in semiconductors.

    I’ll let ya’ll take it from here!


    #9.) Funny And Lighthearted Email Introduction:

    Subject 1: [Person 1] + [Person 2] = Awesome
    Subject 2: Hey you two lovebirds...
    Subject 3: Hey, I’m matching you two up!
    Subject 4: [Person 1] 😛 [Person 2]

    Hey [Person 1] and [Person 2] you two should definitely meet, but I’m too lazy to get ya’ll in the same room so we’re doing this over email!

    [Person 1]: [Cool fact about Person 1]. Phone: 333-333-3333
    [Person 2]: [Cool fact about Person 2]. Phone: 444-444-4444

    You can both setup a time to meet on your own (once again, I’m lazy) 😛


    #10.) "I Had A Dream" Intro:

    Subject 1: I had a dream about you last night
    Subject 2: The craziest thing happened in my dream
    Subject 3: We talked and it gave me a nightmare
    Subject 4: Dreamed about ya’ll!

    And you were both in it.

    I was having lunch with [Person 1] and they showed me [Problem Person #1 has] and I thought [Person 2] could help. That was when I realized that I have not introduced you two yet.

    Now that you have met in my dreams it is time for you two to connect in real life.

    Talk to you later,

    #11.) Re-Connecting Email:

    Subject 1: Re-introduction
    Subject 2: [Person 1] was asking about you
    Subject 3: Remember [Person 1]
    Subject 4: Intro!

    I was talking to [Person 1] the other day and they asked about you.

    Here is a quick email to help you two reconnect. Sincerely,

    P.S. Don’t reply with anything bad about [Person 1] I’ve CC’d them on this email so that you have each other’s contact 😛

    #12.) Collaboration For Work Introduction:

    Subject 1: Re-connecting, and more connecting
    Subject 2: Interesting project for ___ alumni
    Subject 3: Do you two know each other?
    Subject 4: Great opportunity for collab
    Subject 5: [Role 1] + [Role 2] project available

    Hey [Person 1] and [Person 2],

    Long time no talk - since the conference in 2018, to be precise.

    I’m not sure if the two of you connected back then, but I’ve just been offered a ____ project and immediately thought of both of you. I’m not going to be able to take the project on, but I wanted to refer it to someone (or someoneS) I know. I’ve seen both of you posting great stuff on ____(platform) and thought you’d be great collaborators.

    [Person 1], a custom Shopify theme and support would be fantastic here…

    [Person 2], I loved the copywriting I’ve seen from you. A little humor would be great for this client.

    Let me know what you both think - it’d be great for ___ (conference name) alumni to come together for this. (Plus the $’s not bad either) Looking forward to hearing back from you!

    Speak soon.

    #13.) Matchmaking Introduction Email:

    Subject 1: Matchmaking
    Subject 2: The intro I promised...
    Subject 3: You + You = hell yeah
    Subject 4: Y’all are perfect for each other

    Alright fellas,

    I’ve been talking to both of you about...both of you, for a while. I think it’s time to take the relationship to the next level and let you two actually connect.

    Ali, Bill already knows you’re the ____ of ___. He’s looking for _____. Bill, I already told Ali about your background as a _____. He’s looking for ___.

    So, you’re obviously a good fit for ____ project. Plus, you’re both Steelers fans 🙂

    I’m going to remove myself from the conversation but I’m interested to hear how you guys get along.

    Good luck!

    #14.) Casual And Personal Introduction:

    Subject 1: Hey Janice
    Subject 2: I have someone you should meet
    Subject 3: I have a cool connection for you
    Subject 4: Can I introduce you to a cool client of mine?

    Hey [Person 1],
    Long time, no talk!

    How’re the kiddos doing? Speaking of kiddos, I’m working with an interesting client I think you should meet. She’s s a daycare provider who [something cool she’s doing] and is looking for [something Janice does].

    Mind if I connect you two?

    Have a great weekend,


    P.S. Happy Mother’s Day!

    #15.) Casually Introducing Two Cool People:

    Subject 1: Unstoppable duo?
    Subject 2: You should meet this guy
    Subject 3: Got a connection for you (you’re welcome)
    Subject 4: Bill + Bob = the match made in heaven

    Hey Bill and Bob,

    You are both cool dudes, and I think you should meet.

    Bill, Bob is a ___ wizard. Bob,
    Bill is THE best ___ I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting.
    Together, you’d be unstoppable.

    [Contact Info]

    Alrighty then, I’ll leave you two to it. Giterdone.

    #16.) Twitter Intro

    Build in Public is 🔥.

    Let's try Introduce in Public:
    @jayclouse and @nevmed: you should meet and talk about community. 

    @nevmed and @robfitz: you should meet and talk about useful book writing.
    @robfitz and @AdrienneNakohl: you should meet and talk about personas & journeys

    Full List Introduction Templates:


    Reasons to introduce people, and some helpful lines:

    • “You two should meet and discuss community”
    • “You two should connect on Bob’s Podcast”
    • “You two should chat about that new SaaS tool you were each raving about”
    • “You two should meet because you both love Copywriting”
    • “You two should connect since you both live in Portland”
    • “You two should chat over coffee since you will both be at the X Conference next week”
    • “Wanted to loop in Brian because he was just mentioning that he was interested in exploring X service. And that’s exactly what Suzanne (cc’ed) just reached out to me about”
    • “You two could form a great partnership since you are both in X industry”
    • “Adding Jeremy to this email. His area of expertise is X and I think he would love to hear more about your offer”
    • “You two should hop on a quick zoom call to see if you could refer some leads to each other”

    How to introduce Do’s:

    • Keep it super short and sweet.
    • Mention why you think they should meet.
    • Include what they could talk about.
    • Compliment each of them.
    • Be willing to join them on the first call/meet up if they want.
    • Show that you have done your homework on both of them.
    • Point out each person’s area of expertise.
    • Include their LinkedIn profile for additional context.
    • Call out a recent big win for one of the people you are introducing to peak the other person’s interest.
    • Give them an easy out if they are too busy.

    How to introduce Don’ts:

    • Decide that they have to work together. Let them make that decision after the meeting.
    • Schedule the actual call for them. They may not be ready to talk immediately.
    • Provide a full blueprint of the exact conversation they should have. Some conversations can go down a completely different path than you expected.
    • Guilt them into having a conversation if one of them isn’t interested.
    • Include all of their contact info. Let them share private contact info if they want to.
    • Make an intro just because you are doing someone a favor. Make sure it actually makes sense for them to connect.
    • Randomly introduce two people you don’t even know. Don’t act like you are doing them a favor if they don’t even know you.
    • Guarantee that they will hit it off. You don’t always know people as well as you think you do.
    • Force them to meet in person. Some people are much more comfortable emailing first.
    • Tell them they would hit it off just because they share one thing in common. Dig a little deeper to see if they have any personal similar interests.
    • Just give someone an email address and tell them to reach out. Help make a warm intro.


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    Download all of the templates on this page:

    - Share them with your team for improved results -
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