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  • Meeting Request Email Templates
    (Schedule A Call Using These Emails)


    Schedule a call meeting request email templates


    Let's say you need to schedule a call with someone. These are templates you can use to get a meeting scheduled. They are geared towards getting meetings with potential clients.  


    The Standard Meeting Template:


    Subject 1: Schedule a meeting?
    Subject 2: Meeting tomorrow?
    Subject 3: [Company] + [Their Company] Meeting
    Subject 4: You + Me = Meet?



    Flattery Then Schedule A Meeting:


    Subject 1: Love your work!
    Subject 2: You're a legend.
    Subject 3: Quick call (with a legend)?
    Subject 4: You are legendary in the [Industry] community



    Casual And Informative Meeting Invitation:


    Subject 1: Call tomorrow?
    Subject 2: 3 things to cover tomorrow
    Subject 3: Tuesday at 4pm - 4:15pm sound good?
    Subject 4: Touching base tomorrow



    Traditional Meeting Template (Kind Of Boring And Generic):


    Subject 1: Availability tomorrow?
    Subject 2: Let's schedule a call
    Subject 3: [Company] can use our help
    Subject 4: [Product] + [Their Company] = Amazing!



    Personalized Industry Meeting Email:


    Subject 1: [Insert Company Action] lately?
    Subject 2: Saw the news about [Insert Company Action]
    Subject 3: Saw you in the press recently
    Subject 4: [Impressive Customer] uses us, would you like to also?



    Brag A Little Bit:

    Subject 1: [Your Company] + [Their Company] = ❤️❤️❤️
    Subject 2: Quick chat about [Field] tomorrow? (we're near the top)
    Subject 3: [Impressive Customer] loves us
    Subject 4: Top 15 companies in [Industry] use us



    Offer Demo Of The Product:

    Subject 1: Quick demo of [Product]?
    Subject 2: Respond faster to customers
    Subject 3: Faster support for [Their Company]
    Subject 4: Does [Their Company] have painfully slow support?



    Casual Meeting Request After Meeting Someone In Person:


    Subject 1: Great to meet you!
    Subject 2: Had a fun time yesterday!
    Subject 3: Met at [Host]'s party
    Subject 4: Great meeting, let's keep it going...



    Cold Website Help Meeting Request:


    Subject 1: Issue with your site
    Subject 2: [Issue] with site?
    Subject 3: Can I fix your [Issue] bug?
    Subject 4: [Industry] professional at your service




    The "Brutal Honesty" Strategy:


    Subject 1: [Pain Point] bothering you? I can help
    Subject 2: I do [Solution] for [Industry] people like you
    Subject 3: Quick call (15 min strict limit)
    Subject 4: 15 min call scheduled for tomorrow?



    Bribe Them With Free Stuff:


    Subject 1: We get leads for [Industry] companies
    Subject 2: Our goal: More leads for [Their Company]
    Subject 3: More leads. Plus you get a certificate.
    Subject 4: I'm bribing you to take my 15 minute call



    LucidChart Meeting Schedule Template:


    Subject 1: Make diagramming more exciting
    Subject 2: Most diagrams suck, not ours
    Subject 3: LucidChart wants you to diagram better
    Subject 4: Diagram Demo Day???



    CodeMentor "10 Minute Chat" Template:


    Subject 1: [Company Name] Software
    Subject 2: Software for [Company Name]?
    Subject 3: Network vetted develops for [Company Name]
    Subject 4: 10 min chat about your devs?



    UpCounsel "10 Minute Demo" Scheduling Request:


    Subject 1: Legal for [Company Name]
    Subject 2: Can we show you UpCounsel insider numbers?
    Subject 3: Handling your day-to-day legal work
    Subject 4: we just do all your legal work?



    Optimonk Specific Outreach To Shopify Vendors:


    Subject 1: Appointment request
    Subject 2: Just 15 min?
    Subject 3: More Leads. Less Effort. Better Shopify.
    Subject 4: Demo of beta-test Shopify product.



    Zenefits Testimonial Included Meeting Request:


    Subject 1: Something of interest for [Company Name]
    Subject 2: [Impressive Customer] uses Zenefits, you on board?
    Subject 3: "We can compete with bigger companies bc of Zenefits"
    Subject 4: Onboard 45 associates in 6 weeks or less



    Yodel Question-Based Meeting Schedule Email:


    Subject 1: Hello [First Name], I have a question about your Slack integrations
    Subject 2: Slack integrations??
    Subject 3: Customer service time down to 20 minute responses
    Subject 4: Slack + Magic = Yodel 😎


    Full List & Rankings Of Meeting Templates:

    Ranking: Industry: Title:
    4 Any Brag A Little Bit
    2 Any Bribe Them With Free Stuff
    4 Any Casual And Informative Meeting Invitation
    3 Any Casual Meeting Request After Meeting Someone In Person
    4 Hiring CodeMentor “10 Minute Chat” Template
    4 Development Cold Website Help Meeting Request
    4 Any Flattery Then Schedule A Meeting
    3 Software LucidChart Meeting Schedule Template
    3 Customer Support Offer Demo Of The Product
    2 eCommerce Optimonk Specific Outreach To Shopify Vendors
    1 Any Personalized Industry Meeting Email
    3 Any The Standard Meeting Template
    2 Any The “Brutal Honesty” Strategy
    1 Any Traditional Meeting Template
    3 Legal UpCounsel “10 Minute Demo” Scheduling Request
    4 Communications Yodel Question-Based Meeting Schedule Email
    3 Hiring Zenefits Testimonial Included Meeting Request



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