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    Leading Questions (and how they are used in different situations)

    normal question and leading question angel devil


    What heck is a Leading Question?

    A "Leading Question" is when you ask a question that sneakily "injects" the answer you want.

    They are frequently used by lawyers, marketers, and as screening for hiring.

    In personal situations, Leading Questions can often escalate a simple question into a full blown argument. This is because leading questions "slyly imply" a certain action.

    Let's go over some examples of Leading Questions below:


    Leading Questions in Law:🕴🏻

    Leading questions are most famously used by lawyers to "inject" some meaning into a question.

    What how an innocent question can instantly turn into a "sneaky" Leading Question:

    leading question shooting

    WHOA!! A harmless question instantly turned into a freakin murder accusation by adding a Leading Question!

    Even if the person being asked the question answers "No"......the question still "kinnndddaa of" implies they were involved. This is why Leading Questions can be so sneaky.

    It's how lawyers will "control" the answers of a witness, or "suggest" a person did something wrong.

    A leading question can also be used to "add a negative meaning" to what the person did. Like this:

    leading normal playground

    See how the Leading Question took this to a negative place very quickly?


    Leading Questions in Sales:💵

    Salespeople make good use of leading questions. Buying a roomful of furniture is a major purchase, a big decision. . . .


    leading question normal couch


    leading question in sales warranty


    Leading Questions in Marketing:💰

    Leading Questions are often used in stuff like marketing pop-ups such as this:

    sales training leading question

    The button says "I REJECT THE FREE EBOOK"....giving this pop-up a little more "oommph."

    I'm torn on whether or not these are good or bad, but questions like this do tend to increase conversion rates.



    Leading Questions in Surveys:👩🏻‍💻

    Leading Questions can also be used to dramatically alter the results of a survey, like this question:

    Leading Question for a product

    This is often a huge problem, as the way you word a survey can dramatically have an impact on the answers:

    Leading question president survey

    This kind of Leading Question can confuse or coax people into giving the answer you are secretly hoping for.



    Leading Questions in Relationships :💏

    Leading Questions can cause arguments between people, as they can be very "accusatory" like this:

    leading questions relationship


    You can also pre-define how an event will go by using a Leading Question:


    ....now that's my kind of Leading Question!! 🍺🍺🍺😃😃🍺🍺🍺


    Leading Questions in Parenting:👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

    leading questions parenting

    This leading question inserts an accusation, which could possibly escalate this question into an argument.



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