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    What Should I Tweet on Twitter?

    The key to growing on Twitter is consistency. Use this generator to come up with endless ideas of what to Tweet.

    Click "Generate" to make 3 Twitter prompts:

    • Reply to people in your feed
    • Respond to comments people have left you
    • Post a picture from your life
    • Go through your screenshots on your phone and post one
    • Scroll through your phone and post something
    • Post a review of your product
    • Post a cool thing about your product
    • Share something you’ve learned
    • Share something you’ve learned about history
    • Share something you’ve learned about using your phone or computer faster
    • Do a Quote-Tweet of something cool you've seen
    • Retweet your top post
    • Post a picture of your home office
    • Post your favorite meme that makes you laugh
    • Post a quote you really like
    • Introduce yourself to the world, who you are, what you need help on, what you like
    • Post a quick summary of your favorite book
    • Share a blog post you’ve written
    • Take a blog post you’ve written and share one interesting snippet from it
    • Share something you’ve recently bought that makes your life better
    • Share some behind-the-scenes stats (website, social media, video)
    • Share your top three favorite podcasts and why you like them
    • Share an advertisement you really like
    • Make fun of something
    • Share the top people you follow on social media
    • Share something from your personal notes
    • Post something you learned from a recent podcast you’ve listened to
    • Comment on a recent news story (related to your field)
    • Follow some other accounts in your field
    • Post something from your Swipe File
    • Post a tip or tactic you’ve found very helpful
    • Share how you make your to-do lists
    • Share an easy trick most people don’t know on their computers
    • What’s your favorite YouTube channel?
    • Summarize a podcast you’ve recently listened to
    • Read a book and post some interesting concepts from it
    • Constantly take notes, and post interesting findings
    • What did you do 10 years ago to this day?
    • Ask a question you’ve never been able to find the answer
    • What’s the most frequent task you perform at work?
    • What’s your top 3 recommendations for stuff to do in your city?
    • Publicly state your monthly goals
    • Publicly state your yearly goals
    • Share a great social media post (on the same platform)

    Don't know what to Tweet?

    This "What Should I Tweet" Generator can create ideas for you!
    → On load it gives a randomized idea to post on Twitter.
    → Click "Generate" it comes up with 3 more ideas.
    → Has a text field where you can practice writing.

    The generator will come up with Twitter posting ideas such as:
    • "Publicly share your monthly goals."
    • "What’s your favorite YouTube channel and why?"
    • "Respond to comments people have left you."
    • "Comment on a recent news story (related to your field)."
    • "Share some behind-the-scenes stats of your business (or website, social media, video)."
    • "Share something from your personal notes."
    • "Post a tip or tactic you’ve found very helpful."
    • "Post something you learned from a recent podcast you’ve listened to."
    • 100+ more prompts can be created by pressing "generate" above.
    Hope this helps you Tweet more!
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