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    • How to write a postcard that’ll earn you mad brownie points (with templates) 


      Have you ever received a handwritten postcard in the mail?

      It feels good. Like, really good.

      Sure, getting an “I love and miss you” text message is nice.

      But opening your mailbox to find a surprise postcard with a handwritten message...now that makes you feel loved.

      Sending a thoughtful postcard is an easy way to cement yourself at the top of anyone’s “favorite people” list.

      Here’s how to write a postcard your loved one will treasure forever...


      Step 1 - Make your postcard a SURPRISE

      Your first step is finding out where to send the postcard.

      The easiest way to get someone’s address is to simply ask. But if you want your postcard to be a surprise (you do), you have to get sneaky. stealing-yellow-pages.png

      Here are some tricksy strategies to secretly find someone’s address:

      • Before hitting the road, take a second to crack open the phonebook and write down any addresses you may need
      • Search online on the Yellow Pages website
      • Ask someone who might know your target’s address (or can easily find out)
      • Ask for their address directly, but make up a different excuse for why you need it
      • Have someone else ask for their address directly (if you don’t have a good excuse)

      Whichever method you use, make sure the address you find is up to date.  


      Step 2 - Pick the perfect postcard

      select the postcard

      Choosing your postcard is an opportunity to really show your loved one how thoughtful you are.

      Instead of quickly grabbing the first one that catches your eye, look for an image that is uniquely special to them. Think of what your person likes or memories you have together.

      For example, if you have a special memory watching a sunset with your loved one, look for a sunset postcard and tell them it reminded you of them.

      Is your BFF an architecture nerd? Food lover? Party animal?

      Pick a postcard that matches their personality. Make it obvious the postcard you send was chosen for a reason.

      If you can’t think of anything (or have limited options), just choose a special place you visited and write you’d love to come back with them someday.  


      Step 3 - Do a test run

      postcard handwriting

      Alright, now that you have the perfect postcard, don’t screw it up!

      There’s nothing uglier than a message littered with scribbles, corrections, and unreadable handwriting.

      If you’re smart, you’ll do a practice run.

      Take out some scrap paper and draw a box the size of the postcard message area (the left side of the postcard).

      Now write your practice message, paying close attention to the size of your letters. Once you figure out how big you can write without any squished letters, carefully copy your message onto the postcard itself.

      Make sure your message doesn’t spill over onto the right half of the postcard (where the address goes).

      If you’re stuck on what to write, here are some simple templates to get your juices flowing.

      How to write a postcard templates

      Let’s face it...we’re not all natural-born Shakespeares. If writing isn’t your strong suit, just steal one of these postcard templates, fill in the blanks, and get ready to wow your loved one.  


      Generic postcard template



      Postcard to your lover



      Postcard to your BFF



      Postcard to grandma



      Postcard to kids


      Step 4 - Add a gift to your postcard

      A postcard alone is enough to show someone you’re thinking about them. But if you really wanna score some brownie points, you can attach a thoughtful gift to your postcard (envelope required).

      Here are some ideas:

      • Origami
      • Ticket stubs with a note
      • Printed photos from your trip
      • A coin or dollar bill in the local currency
      • A drawing of you exploring a famous tourist destination
      • Lollipop or other non-meltable candy from the country you’re in
      • Magnet, sticker, keychain, or other small souvenir that can fit in an envelope
      • A map marked up with the route you took and interesting stories that happened along the way


      You can’t really go wrong with this. Any surprise gift you add will make your postcard even more memorable.

      Step 5 - How to send a postcard

      Now that you’ve written the perfect heartfelt message, it’s time to make sure your loved one actually receives it.

      Here’s how to send a postcard:

      1. Buy a stamp at the post office, bank, gas station, supermarket, etc.
      2. Stick the stamp firmly to the top right corner of the backside of the postcard (or to the top right of an envelope)
      3. Clearly write the address on the right side of the postcard. Draw a box around the address to make it extra clear.
      4. If you’re staying in one place for a while and want a reply, include your return address on the top left corner of the left half of the postcard (see image below)
      5. Double check everything is correct, then drop it off at the post office or a public mail drop box.



      By following the steps above on how to write a postcard, you’ll put a huge smile on your loved one’s face.

      It’s a simple gift, but one they’ll treasure forever.  

      Hope this helps you write a great postcard that puts a smile on someone's face!
      Mitch Glass
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