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    How To Write A Follow Up Email That Gets Results (Plus Free Templates)

    Followup Emails from meeting to followup to sale

    A follow up email is super important after several events:

    Below we've included templates for each which you can copy/paste for your own follow up emails!

    [table id=35 /]




    Follow Up Email After A Sales Call:

    Schedule a call meeting request email templates

    An easy way to follow up after a sales call, even if there is no planned next meeting, is to provide some value. In this example we are just linking a few of the cool tools we discussed over the sales call.

    Just give a quick few links and stop.  Make your last interaction with them a pleasant/useful one!



    Purpose: Send them useful tools discussed on the call.

    Subject Line 1: Stuff from call

    Subject Line 2: The links you wanted

    Subject Line 3: Call notes

    Subject Line 4: All the links you liked



    Purpose: Send them materials they can share around the office

    If you're selling to large companies, often times you'll have one person who will be your "product champion" within the company. Arm this person with some helpful materials they can show their colleagues to convince them to use your product. This template gives them "ammo" to share around the office.

    Subject 1: Slide deck to print

    Subject 2: Slides for the office

    Subject 3: SEO report for [Website]

    Subject 4: Analysis of [Website] complete (results attached)





    Purpose: Following up after a call to close the deal immediately

    Subject 1: Hey [Name]!

    Subject 2: Great talk...how do we close?

    Subject 3: Closing time...

    Subject 4: Last step and we’re done!





    Purpose: Follow up after a phone call to check in

    Subject 1: Quick check in

    Subject 2: Can I answer any questions?

    Subject 3: Setting up a call

    Subject 4: Any secondary Q’s?




    Purpose: Follow up email to book a call after a free trial

    Subject 1: Are you enjoying your free trial with [Company]?

    Subject 2: Can I answer any questions?

    Subject 3: Setting up a call

    Subject 4: Can I help you with your goals?




    Purpose: Follow-up email after online quiz but didn't book a call

    Subject 1: Feedback after your ____ quiz?

    Subject 2: Can I answer any questions?

    Subject 3: I'd love to help






    Follow up email after a job interview:

    Giving References


    If you're really gunning for a specific job, it's always helpful to stand out from the crowd, and go above-and-beyond other applicants.

    Most people beg for a job and hope it works out.  Superstars however can go above-and-beyond to impress (see what recruiters are looking for in a job interview). For this template I created a one page Google Doc with an outline for the help I can offer the company.  This took me less than 10 minutes, and you can copy the template for yourself.

    This is the kind of stuff that could push you over the top for a company to choose you. My buddy Noah got a job at Mint by making a full marketing outline for the entire company. He didn't have to do this, but because he did, he got the job.




    Purpose: Show you are right for the job with an outline

    Go above-and-beyond by sending them a custom outline of what you can help with. This shows you were paying attention and know your stuff.

    Subject Line 1: Outline of [Company] improvements

    Subject Line 2: [Company] improvements I can make

    Subject Line 3: Things I can fix ASAP

    Subject Line 4: Things to improve on [Company]





    Purpose: Let them know you are interested and ready

    Subject Line 1: Great interview!

    Subject Line 2: Would love to join the team

    Subject Line 3: [Company] + [Name] = ❤️

    Subject Line 4: Would be honored to join

    This is just a quick followup email that can help solidify what happened in your interview. It also let's them know you are interested and ready to move on the opportunity.






    Follow Up Email After A Client Meeting:

    Email intro

    If you have a meeting with an existing client, it's always useful to know the next step you're taking together. This helps both parties understand what page they're on, and avoids a bunch of useless back-n-forth emails later on.



    Purpose: Give a quick re-cap of what (and when) the next things are happening

    Subject Line 1: Quick re-cap for you

    Subject Line 2: Re-cap of [Date] meeting

    Subject Line 3: Meeting Outline

    Subject Line 4: Outline of [Meeting Name]





    Purpose: Share the meeting file assets

    Another thing you can do is send a helpful set of notes from the meeting, or share any materials that were involved. Make sure to write "No response needed" so they don't feel obligated to reply.

    Subject Line 1: Meeting assets

    Subject Line 2: Meeting slides, reports, and PDF

    Subject Line 3: PDF & Slides from [Meeting Name]

    Subject Line 4: Attached: Meeting assets





    Purpose: Follow up on a quote they requested

    Subject 1: Quote you requested

    Subject 2: Quote for [Project]

    Subject 3: Can’t wait to work with you

    Subject 4: Touching base on the quote you asked for





    Purpose: Tell them what you need as a follow up after a call

    Subject 1: I need a few things to get started

    Subject 2: What I need from you

    Subject 3: Re-cap of items needed to start

    Subject 4: A few things missing before I can get started





    Purpose: Follow Up Email Template after consulting session

    Subject 1: Nice meeting you

    Subject 2: Great session today!

    Subject 3: Feedback on session today?





    Follow up after getting no response:

    Cold Calling Crickets No Pickup

    If you send an email but get no response back, here's some templates to get their attention back and encourage them to response (without being pushy).





    Purpose: Cut straight to the point and ask the next step

    Let's say you do a couple of calls with a person/company, and they ghost on you.  Here's a simple email to get their attention and cuts straight to the point.

    Subject Line 1: Quick followup?

    Subject Line 2: Next step to take?

    Subject Line 3: Let me know

    Subject Line 4: Hey [Name], next step?





    Purpose: "Closing Account" follow up email

    Here's a classic email for following up after getting no response from a client. It says you're closing their account and you need their permission. This one works great!

    Subject Lines 1: Closing your file?

    Subject Lines 2: Your file will be closed.

    Subject Lines 3: Closing your account.

    Subject Lines 4: Close out this account?





    Purpose: Ask for a one word reply to indicate interest

    This is a low-commitment email that just allows them to respond back with one word. I've seen in B2B that sometimes ultra-short and informal emails will get a reply quickly.





    Purpose: Following up if the client didn't do something yet

    Subject 1: Checkin' up

    Subject 2: Reminder [item They Need To Send You]

    Subject 3: Bump!

    Subject 4: 👉🏼 Reminder 👈🏼





    Purpose: Following up on prospective client after ghosting

    Subject 1: Checking in about [Project]

    Subject 2: Are we still on?

    Subject 3: Do you still want [Prospect Goal]?

    Subject 4: Can we get started?





    Purpose: Following up on client after getting ghosted using scarcity

    Subject 1: Can I schedule you in?

    Subject 2: Still looking?

    Subject 3: Last step!

    Subject 4: Almost done here :)





    Purpose: Get a hard yes/no on a lead that's gone cold

    Subject 1: ___ project - still interested?

    Subject 2: Came across these, thought they'd help

    Subject 3: Resources + a quick win for you

    Subject 4: Yes / No ?




    Purpose: Follow up on a proposal you sent in and ask for constructive criticism.

    Subject 1: Any feedback?

    Subject 2: Are you still interested?

    Subject 3: Is [project] still a go?

    Subject 4: Do you need anything else?




    Purpose: Follow up on a proposal you sent in.

    Subject 1: Did you recieve my propsal?

    Subject 2: What is the status?

    Subject 3: Have you made your decision?

    Subject 4: Do you need anything else?




    Abandond Cart Follow Up Email:



    Purpose: Feedback as to why they didn't buy

    Subject 1: Can I get your feedback?

    Subject 2: You forgot something in your cart.

    Subject 3: Is our site working properly

    Subject 4: Why didn't you buy?



    Purpose: Abandoned cart follow-up email for course

    Subject 1: Any questions about our program?

    Subject 2: Any questions about our course?

    Subject 3: Want me to give you a call?

    Subject 4: Can I call you?



    Follow Up Email To Upgrade Your Account:



    Purpose: This is an email designed to get a customer to upgrade to a higher plan

    Subject 1: upgrade?

    Subject 2: New plan for right now?

    Subject 3: Hey ____, can we bump you up plans?



    Follow Up Email After A Networking Event:



    Purpose: This email was written to follow up with trade show contacts that signed up for a free sample product.

    Subject 1: Your free tape sample

    Subject 2: Nice meeting you at the trade show

    Subject 3: The free floor marking tape you requested

    Subject 4: Where should I send your free sample?



    Reconnecting With Past Clients:

    welcome back mat


    Purpose: Checking in with past clients clost to their warranty expiring

    Subject 1: Check your _____ before the warranty expires

    Subject 2:Have you checked your _____? Your warranty is ending soon




    Psychological triggers to use in a follow up email:

    Learn Random Stuff Brain

    Here's some "triggers" with examples you can use. We'll include a small snippet for each example:


    1.) Scarcity:

    Make them think the deal is going away, or they are missing out.


    2.) Extreme Honesty:

    Show some real vulnerability and honest.


    3.) Question Their Power:

    I do not condone using this except in rare situations! This method might burn bridges, so beware.


    4.) Use Specific Facts:

    By quoting actual numbers, one of them might capture the attention.


    5.) Intrigue them with stuff about themselves:

    Everyone's favorite subject is themselves, so maybe indulge that with some cool tools. I used PhotoFeeler a lot in my post on how to choose the right photo for your social accounts. I've found this to be an awesome little tool to run people's public photos through, then send them the results!



    Download all these email templates for your files:

    Enter your email and we'll send you this entire pack of follow up email templates:

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    -Save in your own files (just one extra sale or response can make it worth it)!-

    -Share with colleagues or friends who could use them-

    -Copy/Paste them whenever you need-


    Neville Medhora - Email Copywriter



    P.S. What are your favorite follow up email templates?? Post it below in the comments!

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    Recommended Comments

    Guest Dan Smith


    Thank you for these Neville. I've been quite terrible at remembering to send followup emails. It seems like such a small amount of time for such a large possible result. Will start from now on!
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    Guest Lindsey Lightfoot


    Thanks for these - some really great ideas. I have a template follow up email which basically follows the specific fact route so they see what they are missing out on. I always follow up with an email but rarely get a response so I am obviously doing something wrong.
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    Guest Arnaud


    I like using this one-liner from Kurt Elster:

    Since I have not heard from you on this, I have to assume your priorities have changed.

    I recently used this message with a slight tweak for a resort that went MIA on me. Was effective!

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    Guest Jonathan Kiilerich


    I usually "ignore" the fact that I haven't heard back - and write something like:

    Hey Susan. I forgot to tell you, that I will be on vacation from next Friday, so if you wanna place an order, any time before that would be best.


    Forgot to tell you that I have the product in red as well.


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    Guest Jamie


    Awesome tips as always Neville,

    I use this follow up for B2B when the sale involves multiple people (the idea is a lot of the selling goes on internally and you're piggy backing off people wanting to feel important/knowledgeable).

    In this example it was you who made all the suggestions and pointed out the benefits. However, if 'Susan' forwarded this e-mail to a third party, it reads like Susan pointed out all the benefits and is invested in this solution more than she appears to be. Susan benefits because it makes her seem more conscientious of her company too.

    Subject: (Your COMPANY NAME): Here's Your Whitepaper / Diagram / Brochure You Asked For

    Hey Susan,

    Thanks for your time earlier, it was interesting to learn that you too (face general problem).

    Anyway, as you mentioned if you ( general change) you could save (time, money) which would really help your company get to (point z).

    As requested I've attached (attachment) so you can digest this in your own time and share it around.

    Let me know if you need anyone else involved in this and we can bring them in on the next phone call,

    Have a great day,


    --------How it actually looks-------

    Subject: McAffee: Here's Your Brochure You Asked For

    Hey Susan,

    Thanks for your time earlier, it was interesting to learn that you too are concerned about the increase in cyber crime.

    Anyway, as you mentioned if you boost your security you could prevent a lot of down time which would save on computer repairs, and maybe even help you win some new contracts.

    As requested I've attached a brochure so you can digest this in your own time and share it around.

    Let me know if you need anyone else involved in this and we can bring them in on the next phone call,

    Have a great day,



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    Great article, we use a quote follow up email. After we have sent a quote, an email goes out asking if they'd had a look and if they had any questions, but more importantly getting them to call. Similar to the below.

    Hi [Name],

    I sent your quote over a couple of days back. Just thought I'd drop you an email to see if you've had the chance to look at it? If so, please give me a call so I can walk you through it.




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    Guest Mike Ziarko


    Here's my favourite that I've used for years and gets the most responses:


    Hi Josh,

    I haven't heard back, I am guessing that means we aren't a great fit right now?

    No worries, if you ever want X to help you with Y just let me know. For now I will just put you on the do not follow-up list.


    It was great talking and good luck with your business.





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    I hate the Booking follows up. I searched for some place to stay for the previous weekend, I reserved and actually stayed there, but since than it sends me e-mails every day like "price dropped in [city i stayed in] for the next period". DUDE, I JUST WENT THERE! I will probably come back there in another life!
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    Guest Priscilla Wood


    Following up is where I usually fail in the prospecting process and that's sometimes where the money is, I know my SEO colleagues have gotten thousands of $$$ by a simple follow up email. Take mental note Priscilla, stop being a little bitch and follow up!
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    Guest Peter Čelko


    Hi Neville,

    thank you very much for your post.

    My favourite follow-up template goes like this.

    (I send it after they buy online course from me):

    "Hi (First name of a buyer),

    Congratulation on your decision to buy a product XYZ. You have made a smart decision.

    Welcome to the family of my clients. Hope you like sweets.

    Kindly Regards



    On the other side I tell them:

    If you have any questions feel free to ask me.

    (Email and phone number).

    It helps me to keep refunds on minimum. Because they associate me with good feeling they have, when they eat the chocolate. It is also very surprising, because today, almost nobody is doing this (Especially here, in Slovakia).

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    Guest John Walters


    Neville, good post as usual with great examples. It probably makes sense to have several of your different elements in a sequence of follow-up emails since we don't always react right away to them and as they say it may take many (as much as 7 or more) to really connect with the intended reader. As a good first start I like to actually send as the first follow-up after a call or meeting a Digital Handshake via a video email. This I think reaffirms the person to person connection and you can go over the fine points of your conversation, showing emotion and enthusiasm in your delivery. I find it impactful and of course the recipient is not expecting this type of follow-up response so it does not "fall through the email crack", gets noticed and opened, usually more than once.
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    Guest Wuraola


    I used this follow-up email to land a gig from a client. I knew he was extremely busy, and might not reply my first two emails. The fourth one(mentioned below) caught his attention. The rest they say, is history.

    Hello Abass,

    I got your email last night. In my previous inquiries, i stated that while searching for an information on the web, I discovered your website (xyz.com),and I was really impressed with the articles you published.

    A little about me – I'm a freelance writer and blogger for hire with

    experience writing on various topics. I noticed that your blog has slowed.

    You must be incredibly busy as a medical student, freelance writer and content marketing strategist; hence, updating a blog does take a lot of time and effort. Adding regular blog content is a great way to improve your blog’s discoverability and get in front of more potential customers.

    I offer blog posts that are SEO-friendly and ready-to-publish on your ideal time frame. In other words, my job is making your job easier. If you hire me as a writer for your blog, you'll be assured that each article I produce will have:

    —an eye-catching headline

    —a compelling introduction

    —examples, stats and resources when applicable

    —a call-to-action for your readers

    —an engaging and entertaining voice

    —and of course, be thoroughly proofed and edited

    Thank you for your time and consideration.




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    Dude. This is great.

    I've also done this with initial contact if my first mails were ignored, and almost ALWAYS I get some sort of reply back.

    Send them something they would like (donuts/desserts work awesome), enclose a small note, and just feel good that you've done something nice for someone... and perhaps made that connection you've been dying to make (-:

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    Why don't you share one of your follow up emails here? Maybe the community here can help you pinpoint what's wrong?
    Link to comment
    Guest Mike Ziarko


    Yeah i find being told that they won't be followed up with elicits a response, because they know they won't hear from us again, so this is their last chance to respond
    Link to comment

    I don't have a "script," per se, but maybe I should...

    If I send an intro email that just gets flat out ignored, I just use "bump" to show them that I'm not a spam bot and I want a response. I think the slight pressure sometimes gets to people and they end up responding.

    I also got to secure a call with a really high-profile guy in Boston a couple years back by telling him that I simply respect his time and I won't be wasting it. (your brutal honesty technique with a different twist, Neville.)

    I asked him if I could have lunch with him that weekend (had met him at a gathering before,) and he replied saying that he doesn't have time...

    My next email's subject was "I Know How Valuable Your Time Is!". I'm not SUPER proud of this email - this is back in January 2015... Good times (-:

    Here's a copy of it:


    I understand that you are a beyond busy man, and that your hour is worth more than my day.

    I am very sorry if I am spamming or flooding you, and I will stop if you ask me to.

    But, please, just give me a chance to have just a 15 minute talk with you. Less if you don't have time. 5 minutes. Anywhere, anytime. I will take a cab to Salem if I have to.

    All I want to do is ask you some questions as a fellow husky. (husky puppy?) I swear I don't want anything else from you.

    Give me a shot? I swear I'm not another freshman. :)"

    Well, fast forward 3 days later, and I got an email from his assistant asking me if this or that time works for a call (-:

    So, yeah. Honesty, I think, really can separate you from the crowd. It obviously doesn't work every single time, but touching that nerve in people that makes them go "okay, this sounds legit and from-the-heart" tends to elicit a response, methinks.

    That's why I don't keep a script. Every situation and person are different.

    Link to comment
    Guest Jamie f


    This is $$$! I've spent so much time saving email templates.

    Here's a dead simple followup template I use when my first followup doesn't get a response:

    [same subject/thread as first followup email]

    "Just bringing this back up in your inbox in case it's buried. Let me know if you [whatever next step I'm asking]."

    My most recent response:

    "I like that "bringing this back up in your inbox". I think that is exactly what happens with a lot of busy people."


    Link to comment
    Yeah! I do the same thing but instead with a simple "bump." :D
    Link to comment
    Guest David Cumming


    GREAT idea - literally off to do that now

    Who doesn't like a box of donuts turning up?

    Link to comment
    Guest Hernan Theis


    I like the ultra-short and informal emails when I'm not getting a response:

    Hey (name), can you reply back to this email with a quick “yay” or “nay” on moving forward with this?


    Link to comment
    Guest Julie Alexander


    These are so helpful.

    I've been following up with clients after they purchase a coaching session with me in order to get their feedback on how things went. I'd like to find a way to bring into that email some enticement to purchase additional sessions or get more sales. Anyone have any ideas? This is my developing side-hustle and I'm super-new at this.

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    Hey Nev!

    Great post and I love the different categories of examples.

    I'm a sucker for contests (especially t-shirts), so here's a template I use if a person told me they would contact me (but don't):

    Hi (Name):

    How are you? Hope you had a great (July 4th holiday, weekend, etc.)!

    Checking in to see how you're doing and if you'd like to make an appointment. Here are some openings for this week:

    Th 7/6 @ 3 p.m.

    F 7/7 @ 12 noon (or later).

    As we discussed during your last session, it would be a good idea to check the status of your biomechanics and mobility every 1-2 months.

    Warm regards,



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