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    The SWIPES Email (Friday April 12th, 2024)


    Edition: Friday, April 12th, 2024
    An educational (and fun) email by Copywriting Course. Enjoy!

    🎤 Listen to this email here:


    While this chart isn't visually very interesting, but the content is very juicy!

    This is USA data from 2023 that shows your age and net worth, and what percentage you fall in compared to others.


    Example: You're 32 years old and have a $500,000 net worth, this makes you richer than 90% of people your age. 



    How did I not know this before? 

    Even number interstates: Side to Side 
    Odd number interstate roads: Up and Down

    I love it when a simple graphic like this teaches you something useful!


    The last episode of My First Million Podcast was recorded from my office with the standard 1080p webcam on the iMac M3.

    Sam Parr initially thought this was the DSLR camera feed! I still think a DSLR camera looks better, but these webcams are getting good!


    I still think a full DSLR setup look best, but the iMac and iPhone aren't too far behind. 
    Same lighting, same positioning, different webcams:
    • Sony a6400 DSLR
    • iPhone 14 Pro
    • iMac M3 webcam
    • iMac M1 laptop webcam


    In Austin, TX. we got a 100% eclipse blackout, but it was super cloudy!

    So I couldn't really see the eclipse itself too well, but the whole place went dark which was really neat:

    Here I am watching the eclipse from home:

    It was fun seeing all the neighbors from every house out as well (also you can see the auto-sensors on the downtown building lights turned on when it got dark)!



    One of my goals this year is to treat my business more like a 9-5 job.

    This means:
    - A little less needless goofing off during the day.
    - Finish my entire to-do list during biz hours.
    - Just because I don’t have anything to do, doesn’t mean I HAVE to do nothing.

    When I was younger and with less obligations it was easy to spread out work across all 16 waking hours. But with more social/family/friend stuff going on, time becomes more precious.

    The 9-5 time block makes a lot of sense, as most of the world operates around this schedule.

    A few benefits I have are:
    - Not having to commute and deal with traffic.
    - This 9-5 schedule is *self* imposed, not forced.


    I have a quick request for you 👇🏼


    All you have to do is reply back to this email with a testimonial for either Copywriting Course, The Swipes Email, or stuff you've learned from me.

    Different types of testimonials you can respond with:
    Level 1.) Respond with anything nice to say about me or Copywriting Course. 
    Level 2.) Respond back with a lesson you learned, applied, and did better with. 
    Level 3.) Respond back with something you improved, and send visual proof or numbers of it improving! 
    Level 4.) Respond back with a video testimonial. 

    I read every single one of these! I appreciate it so much!!

    **Let me know if you want me to anonymize your name on the testimonial.

    Neville Medhora



    Recommended Comments

    • Administrator

    That's so kind of you to say Darcy, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

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    Neville's SWIPES emails are always packed so full of value that I don't delete them! I will read them once (okay, maybe twice), then I will usually snooze them for a week or two so that they return to my inbox as a 'refresher' of sorts -- a lot of the content is valuable weeks and months later, and I really appreciate the amount of time and energy put into these emails. Thank you, Neville, for providing truly thoughtful and impactful information (and for entertaining me while you do it)

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    Neville's Copywriting Course did not just help me with copywriting, it also entertained me along the way! This helped me learn even faster and apply what I learn in my freelancing business. I go through the course once a year and have "This Book Will Teach You How To Write Better" in my office for quick reference. 

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    • Administrator

    That's so nice of you Ben! Glad we have helped in some way 🙂 

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    The Swipes Email is the one newsletter I look forward to. There's always something new I'm gonna learn or be interested in.

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    Guest Russell

    I really enjoy reading Friday SWIPES email and find your interviews super interesting. 

    The company I worked for 29 years closed and now I’m having to pivot. I’m 64 years old.

    I have run my family charity, Watts Powerhouse Food, for sixteen years.  We serve the Grape Street neighborhood of Watts with food, jobs, and mentoring.  

    My plan is to work full time and really make some impactful changes for the neighborhood. I have the experience, knowledge and local street cred to do this, but I need funds. 

    I love writing and think your group class would be cool because I need to send fund raising emails and beef up our social media.

    What course of action do you think would help me accomplish my goals? 

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    • Administrator

    That's awesome Russell! 

    I never make promises, but in our course we've done a lot of fundraising and helped out with fundraising emails, so yes it's something we do in our feedback forum and Office Hours!

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    I took some of the advice I got on the mastermind I wrote a script for one of my best-performing videos on YouTube to date! (its only 400 views but for my new channel it means a lot!) 

    This is the video I am talking about:


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    • Administrator

    That's amazing to hear Nishat thanks for the kind words!

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    Your every email helps me learn something new. Sometimes I save a few emails and read them over the end of the month. This is the one newsletter I read and enjoy most.

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    Guest Quintin

    I love your swipes newsletter.

    It has interesting tidbits and as is true with all of your writing,  it is funny and engaging.

    Your writing style made me unafraid to be a lot less "professional ".

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    • Administrator

    Thank you so much Quintin! Glad to have inspired you to write less professional and more like you normally talk 🙂 

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    When I started out as a copywriter, Neville's Copywriting Course and Office Hours were priceless. His advice helped me at every stage of the business, from reaching out to clients, proposing projects, and then completing the actual copy work deliverables. Over 5 years later, I still come back to his resources throughout the year when I need the right template or framework. Most importantly, Neville teaches a mindset about copywriting and business that has helped me focus on what works, and not overcomplicate things.

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    • Administrator

    This is amazing, thank you so much for the kind words Gerard!!

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    Neville's Copywriting Course turns learning into an adventure with its engaging storytelling and copywriting techniques. It's so enjoyable, you can't help but dive in! You'll master the PAS and AIDA frameworks with plenty of examples. The key takeaways? Keep it casual, as if chatting with a friend over a drink; make it meaningful—your reader’s time is precious; and always stand out. A huge thanks for the invaluable feedback on my emails and pages over the years—they've reached thousands!

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    Guest Goutham

    A long-time reader of your newsletter. I open the email whenever I see your name in my inbox. I've enjoyed the copywriting tips a lot and try to use them especially when writing blog posts & landing page copy.

    Since you were collecting testimonials directly via this email, as a founder it struck me that though readers would be eager to send a testimonial, having to face friction in recording a video, uploading it somewhere, and sending it to you might just stop them from sending a testimonial.

    So I just wanted to share Famewall with you where you can create a custom collection page like this to make it more enticing for your readers to submit a video/text testimonial. Would this be useful for you?

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