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    The SWIPES Email (Friday April 19th, 2024)


    Edition: Friday, April 19th, 2024
    An educational (and fun) email by Copywriting Course. Enjoy!


    🎤 Listen to this email here:


    I propose a toast to the single-image-that-teaches-you-something. 

    Here's some examples:

    To me, being able to transmit information in a single blink of an eye is a superpower.


    The new AI writing assistant Google launched is embedded in Chrome, making AI stuff even easier to use. 

    To use it first turn it on: 
    Settings → Experimental AI → Help Me Write. 

    Use it anytime: 
    Right click on a text field → Help Me Write

    Here it is in action:




    Google Keep is low key the most useful note taking app out there:

    - Super easy to save notes and pictures.
    - Masonry layout is easy to browse.
    - It’s free.
    - Natively ties into all Google products.
    - Can export everything into a Doc.

    It's so much easier to use than Notion for me!


    I'm surprised more people don't know about it.

    I've been pushing it forever....and what makes it WAY MORE USEFUL than all other note taking apps is the native integration into every Google product:



    I didn't Xweet for 5 days because I was in Mexico recently for a vacation and it was awesome 😎

    Checkout this ridiculous cave spa:


    Another part of the spa where you hang out under each different type of water fountain:


    Washing off before a massage:


    Cool view out my room of this spiral pyramid thingy:


    I loved the cave-y architecture all throughout the resort, I wish I was able to see how they built all these structures!


    They had so many of these cave-like natural walls which I "think" are artificial but TBH I couldn't tell:


    It was a fun trip!





    I started noticing the term "Full Stack Writer" start popping up since about 2019. 


    I think it's a great term because it means "a writer who can mix in other skills."

    For example if you can write, but ALSO use Wordpress, cook, know photography and video, use Excel really well........this means you can potentially be a better writer because of your breadth of experiences:


    A Full Stack Writer would be someone who knows multiple skills related to writing such as:

    📝 Writing text in an editor.
    🖼 Creating and editing images.
    🖥 Knowing how to create/manage/publish websites.
    🕵️♂️ Understanding very basic SEO.
    🌅 Knowing how to write on social media platforms.
    📊 Understanding how to promote an article once released.
    🎥 Knowing how to create videos.
    🎨 Design, UI, UX.

    Obviously if a writer knows all these other related skills they will be a much more powerful force!



    I'm still surprised how hard it is to write, design and organize a sales page from start to finish.


    Yes there are templates and stuff you can start from, but you still need to know A LOT of things to do this well.

    I currently use LeadPages, and as a hobby project I'm currently learning to use Framer.

    I am re-doing our own Sales Page and it's a big project! I'm breaking it into several steps:

    Step 1.) I made these slides in Google Presentation that outlines the flow of the entire sales video and sales page.

    This by itself took a long time:



    Step 2.) Mocking up the design section-by-section.

    This is where I'm using more help than other areas because I want to improve my own design sensibilities:



    Step 3.) Recording a new sales video. 

    This is being made out of the slides, then further animated in editing. It was also recorded in 4 separate parts. These are hard 😳

    Hopefully it turns out great, and I can report back on conversion findings next month!


    Neville Medhora



    P.S. Checkout some wins from Copywriting Course members:

    ConvertKit (1).png


    Recommended Comments

    Hey Neville - I plan to rejoin CC soon!

    In the meantime I need a vacation 😎 and want to go to mexico, can you share the resort you went to? It looks amazing. Thanks!

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    Love this email! I guess the travel part makes the work better. 

    Your weekly email is already great, but this one is greater!

    - Wan

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    • Administrator

    For everyone asking this was a hotel called Xcaret Arte!

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    • Administrator

    Thank you so much Karmsheel! 

    And yes "Full Stack Writer" has a great ring to it, and indicates you do so much more than just writing!

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    Guest Karmsheel

    Great edition, I'm always surprised by how different your emails are (by use of those graphics) and it really stands out and shows you put a lot of effort.

    I liked the Full Stack Writer moniker, I think I might adopt it for Linkedin.

    Reminds me of Balaji talking about the most important skills/ job and he termed it Full Stack Creator.

    P.S. The trip looked awesome.

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    • Administrator

    I think Keep because it's so easy across all devices and sending links to other people.....I love Apple, but they're sharing is sometimes very meh.

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    Guest Sonya

    Very fun!!! What part of Mexico??? We are just flying home to Breckenridge from Cabo today. I wonder if some of those cave like structures are connected to cenotes?

    Anyhow, thank you for always sending valuable and memorable newsletters! 

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    • Administrator

    Thank you so much Sonya! This was Xcaret Arte in Playa Del Carmen, definitely enjoyed it!

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    Guest Craig

    Neville! You blew my mind today!
    I've been out of work for a couple of months now and the job search has been horrible. I'd been describing myself as a "jack-of-all-trades" content developer in my cover letters, but not after today. 

    From now on I'm a "Full Stack Writer"! This describes me to a "tee"! You've been talking it up since 2019 and I'm only just seeing it?!?

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    • Administrator

    YES! Sounds better and means more. "Jack of all trades" is almost negative sounding sometimes 😬

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