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    The SWIPES Email (Friday April 26th, 2024)


    Edition: Friday, April 26th, 2024
    An educational (and fun) email by Copywriting Course. Enjoy!


    🎤 Listen to this email here:


    On one hand, this seems like a bad billboard....
    No description.
    Not obvious what the product is.

    On the other hand, it got me to Google "Really . com" while pumping gas and looking at this thing....so maybe it worked!


    Turns out it's some sort of privacy-based phone service.

    However if I was just driving by in my car and couldn't Google this right away I doubt I'd care enough to look it up.


    The standard AIDA Formula is still one of the most useful things in copywriting a person can learn, look at this result:


    It's probably the lowest effort to learn, yet highest impact concept:


    Just remember "A.I.D.A" and you've got it memorized!



    Last year I was excited about self publishing another book, but I never put it out because:
    The subject matter wasn’t that big.
    I doubt this could be an all-time best seller.

    ...but I still wanna do it!

    It'll be only 50 pages and I am setting the pencils-down date for end of June 2024.

    I'm just putting it out there so I'm shamed into working on it harder!



    My buddy Noah Kagan moved his YouTube studio to a different room, and this is the barebones V1 getting it setup.

    I can’t wait to see progress and final result! Seeing behind-the-scenes of video studios is fun.




    ....speaking of watching the progress of video studios, here's a Before/After of my own home office:

    Just a raw 13' x 14' room with concrete floors (extremely echo-y).


    1. Added wallpaper
    2. Put a big ass rug down
    3. Positioned desks to face pretty wall
    4. Hue lighting to control everything



    This one room actually multi-functions as a:
    - Home office
    - YouTube studio
    - Co-working space
    - Overflow guest bedroom

    Here's how it's setup:


    I like how the space is multi-functional. For example if I have the whole family over and we need more bedrooms, the couch folds out into a Queen-sized bed and makes another guest room:


    I can also adjust the lighting with one touch so the color range can change instantly like this...


    ...to this:






    I found a weird snack I’ve been enjoying a lot (no affiliation to this): It's called Obleas by ConsciousSnack and it's got:

    • 6 ingredients.
    • 42 calories for entire package.
    • It has about 25 ultra-thin wafers.
    • You can snack on these for like an HOUR.
    • Can crack into small pieces with almost no crumbs.


    I love snacking on stuff, but if I were to just sit for 30 minutes popping Pringles, I'd eat 1,000+ calories EASILY.

    I can sit there snacking on these, breaking them into pieces, and get only 42 calories. There's also very little sweetness so I don't get sugar cravings after these.

    Fun little find I randomly found at a store in Austin!

    Neville Medhora



    P.S. Checkout some wins from Copywriting Course members:



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    • Administrator

    Thanks Kelii.....that's how the last book title was made, it was kind of a joke at first but then it stuck 😂

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    Guest Anthony

    Fun fact, Obleas are a Polish Christmas tradition.

    People break pieces off someone oblea while wishing to other people that all their dreams come true.

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    • Administrator

    Bahahhaha that must've been fun to see!

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