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    The SWIPES Email (Friday March 1st, 2024)


    Edition: Friday, March 1st, 2024
    A fun email by Copywriting Course and SwipeFile. Enjoy!


    🎤 Listen to this email here:


    I really liked this Michael Cera + CeraVe advertising campaign 😂


    This was developed by WPP and Ogilvy after seeing random rumors on Reddit that Michael Cera the actor created CeraVe Lotion.

    Weeks before their Super Bowl ad they got influencers to fuel the speculation that Michael Cera was the founder...

    Then they hired influencers to release photos and TikTok's saying, "Guys run to this pharmacy in BK, I just saw MICHAEL CERA signing bottles!! 😳😳"


    They also hired influencers to release shots of Michael Cera holding 20+ bottles of CeraVe:


    Then after all this buzz on the internet stirred up....they released a funny ad disproving it 😂



    This is a cool graphic by @KateBour with 12 different pricing psychology tips I really liked:


    I'm not sure 100% of this is totally correct, but I loved the way this way laid out for easy reading.


    On the YouTube tracking site ViewStats, you can now see a "Change Gallery" for any specific video, and see every split-test for headline and thumbnail 👀


    It'll also show you when that video was updated if the performance went up/down:


    It's pretty cool to see some of your favorite creators split testing titles and thumbnails!


    I’ve been moving designs from Figma into actual live web pages, and this meme captures it perfectly 😂

    Design mockups look so awesome in Figma, but when actually translating them into your page builder they get all funky and lose some of the prettiness.


    Here's a real live example:


    It might be hard to tell at this resolution, but it always looks a lot crummier in production!


    One fun thing to do with whatever new business idea you come up with is apply it to a different type of business model.

    Subscription Model: You charge $X/mo to get access to something. It could be software, or courses, or services. I personally sell a subscription for people to access my community.

    E-commerce Model: You sell a product online, and get it delivered to the customer (either you ship it yourself or send it through a drop-shipper). This was how I made my first company HouseOfRave.

    Affiliate Marketing Model: You talk about products, and put an affiliate link and you get a cut of sales each time someone buys. For example this is an affiliate link to ConvertKit, if you click that link then buy a subscription, every month I'll get a small kickback.

    Ad-based Model: This is where you get traffic to a website, and you put ads all over it. For example if you go to SwipeFile.com it's littered with ads, and when people click those I get a couple cents or a couple bucks.

    Consulting Services Model: This is where someone pays you for consulting. I do this by offering hourly calls that (sometimes) lead into bigger projects.

    Franchising Model: You might not have a great business mind, but you can run a template someone else has, so you can "franchise" their business. You can buy your way into running a McDonald's or SubWay.

    Digital Products Model: You can sell a small (or big) digital product like a how-to video. I once sold a $10 PDF of a "Problem Solving Checklist" that 1,000's of people bought.

    Marketplace Model: These are hard because you have to find people willing to sell a product/service, and people to buy it. Like eBay or Uber or Craigslist. But if you can get one going it can be a strong brand.

    Direct Sales Model: You send people a piece of mail, and they send you money for the product. This 1-page letter was how Gary Halbert originally became a millionaire.


    In the Essay above I mentioned the "Subscription Model" I sell for people to access my trainings and community.

    The reason I do this followed this logic:
    1.) I originally made one course called Copywriting Course which taught some basic copywriting principles.

    2.) Then I made another course about sending fun & engaging emails called The Email Writing Course.

    3.) Then I made a course on how to use autoresponders to automate a lot of your email marketing.

    4.) Then I made ANOTHER course.......and this goes on times 12!

    5.) Eventually people got confused on which course to buy, so we made a bundle of courses to sell.

    6.) But I realized the real successes came from when people took my courses, but also got feedback on their copy and different projects. This covered the copywriting and business strategy and all the digital marketing in between.

    7.) To best serve students we went to a monthly subscription model so myself and professional writers could give them feedback, improvements, and much of the time just re-write their stuff.

    8.) We also realized people who spent a whole year in the course did the absolute best, so we broke up the plans into Monthly and Yearly.

    Monthly: So it's affordable for people and they could "test drive" us.

    Yearly: So people could get help throughout the entire year, plus all the courses, and we could really spend some time helping them.

    The pricing plan for subscription eventually ended up like this:


    From this model we've been able to generate thousands of Wins for members every year, and on so much more than just copywriting training, we're a community of builders making things:



    I hope you enjoyed these Friday tid-bits!
    Neville Medhora



    Recommended Comments

    Hi @Neville! I just went through your problem-solving checklist...wow! It makes so much sense! Kinda curious as to how you convinced people to buy the pdf...

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    • Administrator

    Hey Jordie, I don't promote it much, and I make a few bucks per month from it still, so I think it's great (but I'm not super active on it).

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    Guest Kathleen

    Love the podcast. I get more from it… it seems to take on more meaning and I understand what you’re talking about a bit more.

    Thank You for your time in recording it.

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    • Administrator

    That's good to know Kathleen! I can often SPEAK IT better than I can WRITE IT!

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    • Administrator
    Hinal Shah said 1 hour ago:

    I just went through your problem-solving checklist...wow! It makes so much sense! Kinda curious as to how you convinced people to buy the pdf...

    Hey @Hinal Shah! I got people to buy it through a combo of my blog, and then later launched it in the AppSumo marketplace. 

    So I would mention it in my blog posts, on the sidebar of my blog and such 🙂 

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    I'm one of those people that listen to your newsletters.  Also, glad you reminded me of that Gary Halbert Campaign-- that was a good one!

    Thanks for all you do, and hope you have a great weekend.

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    • Administrator

    Thanks so much for the shoutout from the pod CJ, much appreciated!

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    • Administrator

    Thanks so much for letting me know Mike, I'll keep em up!

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    I listen.  Sometimes a little late, but I do listen. It's helpfully to listen while I read for the additional context.  

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    • Administrator

    That's great to know Anwar, thanks for letting me know!

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