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    The "Slippery Slope" of Marketing

    I want to show you a concept coined by famous copywriter Joseph Sugarman called "The Slippery Slope."

    Here's a video I made explaining it:

    This is the Slippery Slope:

    The slipper slope of copywriting headlines

    Joseph Sugarman stated the job of a headline was to act like “A slippery slope” in which the person would be:

    ...first sucked in by the headline

    ….then sucked in by the 2nd line

    ……..then sucked in by the 3rd line

    …………and so forth

    For example look at this 1962 Volkswagen ad, and notice how it uses the "Slippery Slope" to make you read the text:

    vw why are the wheels crooked print ad


    See how this ad beautifully slides you down the slope?


    Much of what you do in marketing is a similar "funnel" or "slippery slope" in which you progressively move people to the next stage.

    If you're seeing this as a subscribed member to my email, that means you're right here in my own marketing funnel, and hopefully some people in this bucket will buy something from us!


    Let's look at a more modern example of an ad using "The Slippery Slope" to get people to take an action:

    This is an Instagram Ad for an Oura Ring that targets people who work out:

    oura ring ad

    You can see how it works with a grabbing headline, grabbing image, and a button to take more action:


    This ad perfectly "leads people down the Slippy Slope" in one image!


    Make sure to watch

    explaining this concept


    Hope you've learned something and enjoyed this!


    Neville Medhora - On a slippery slope


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