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The Big List of Holidays

A list of all the holidays in the United States


Holidays are a time when you can pre-plan big sales, build relevant content, and have a great excuse to show up in your audience's inbox with a timely promotion. 

Here’s a list of holidays for every day of the year so that you never run out of relevant content ideas.

Major Federal Holidays:

These are the major holidays most of the country celebrates. These are the big ones. 

  • New Year’s Day - January 1st
  • Martin Luther King Jr Day - 3rd Monday of January
  • Presidents’ Day - 3rd Monday of February
  • Memorial Day - Last Monday of May
  • Juneteenth - June 19th
  • Independence Day - July 4th
  • Labor Day - 1st Monday of September
  • Columbus Day - 2nd Monday of October
  • Veterans Day - November 11th
  • Thanksgiving Day - 4th Thursday of November
  • Christmas Day - December 25th
  • New Year’s Eve - December 31st


This is the start of a new year, so your marketing can tap into the mood of people starting new, looking to improve their health, thinking about New Year’s Resolutions.

  1. New Year’s Day
  2. National Science Fiction Day
  3. Sleep Day
  4. Trivia Day
  5. National Bird Day
  6. National Technology Day
  7. Orthodox Christmas Day
  8. World Literary Day
  9. National Take the Stairs Day
  10. Houseplant Appreciation Day
  11. International Thank You Day
  12. Work Harder Day
  13. National Sticker Day
  14. Organize Your Home Day
  15. Hat Day
  16. National Nothing Day
  17. Customer Service Day
  18. National Gourmet Coffee Day
  19. Good Memory Day
  20. National Cheese Lovers Day
  21. International Sweatpants Day
  22. National Hot Sauce Day
  23. National Pie Day
  24. National Compliment Day
  25. Opposite Day
  26. Spouse’s Day
  27. Holocaust Memorial Day
  28. International Lego Day
  29. National Puzzle Day
  30. National Croissant Day
  31. National Hot Chocolate Day


In February, the novelty of the new year wears off for most people and they’re back into their regular routines. It includes Valentine’s Day, which many companies stretch into a multi-day, multi-week, and even full month of romantic promotions.

  1. Spunky Old Broads Day
  2. Self Renewal Day
  3. National Carrot Day
  4. World Cancer Day
  5. World Nutella Day
  6. National Chopsticks Day
  7. Ballet Day
  8. National Kite Flying Day
  9. National Pizza Day
  10. Teddy Day
  11. National Make a Friend Day
  12. Darwin Day
  13. National Wingman Day
  14. Valentine’s Day
  15. Susan B. Anthony Day
  16. Innovation Day
  17. Random Acts of Kindness Day
  18. Drink Wine Day
  19. International Tug-of-War Day
  20. Love Your Pet Day
  21. Card Reading Day
  22. Walking the Dog Day
  23. Tootsie Roll Day
  24. World Bartender Day
  25. Let’s All Eat Right Day
  26. Carpe Diem Day
  27. World NGO Day
  28. National Science Day
  29. Superman’s Birthday


March is the last month of Q1. St. Patrick’s Day is probably the biggest holiday of the month, but Spring Break usually happens in March too. 

  1. National Pig Day
  2. International Rescue Cat Day
  3. I Want You To Be Happy Day
  4. National Snack Day
  5. World Tennis Day
  6. National Day of Unplugging
  7. World Math Day
  8. Girls Write Now Day
  9. National Meatball Day
  10. International Day of Awesomeness 
  11. Dream Day
  12. Plant a Flower Day
  13. National Jewel Day
  14. National Pi Day
  15. National Peanut Lovers Day
  16. National Panda Day
  17. St. Patrick’s Day
  18. National Awkward Moments Day
  19. Certified Nurses Day
  20. Extraterrestrial Abduction Day
  21. National Crunchy Taco Day
  22. National Water Day
  23. Cuddly Kitten Day
  24. National Cocktail Day
  25. International Waffle Day
  26. Make Up Your Own Holiday Day
  27. National Scribble Day
  28. National Hot Tub Day
  29. National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day
  30. National Doctors Day
  31. Dance Marathon Day


April starts and ends with two fun holidays that you can do a lot with - April Fool’s Day (4/1) and Earth Day (4/22). It’s a great chance to encourage your customers to have fun and get outside. 

  1. April Fool’s Day
  2. National Children’s Book Day
  3. World Party Day
  4. Tell a Lie Day
  5. Go For Broke Day
  6. Army Day
  7. National Beer Day
  8. Zoo Lovers Day
  9. National Unicorn Day
  10. National Farm Animals Day
  11. National Pet Day
  12. Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day
  13. Plant Appreciation Day
  14. Dictionary Day
  15. Anime Day
  16. Save the Elephant Day
  17. National Kickball Day
  18. Pinata Day
  19. Pet Owners Day
  20. Look Alike Day
  21. National Tea Day
  22. Mother Earth Day
  23. Take a Chance Day
  24. New Kids on the Block Day
  25. International Financial Independence Awareness Day
  26. Alien Day
  27. World Design Day
  28. National Superhero Day
  29. World Wish Day
  30. Hairstyle Appreciation Day


May’s biggest holiday is Memorial Day (last Monday of the month) and also includes Cinco de Mayo. It’s typically one of the slower months in terms of special days. 

  1. Batman Day
  2. International Harry Potter Day
  3. Paranormal Day
  4. Star Wars Day
  5. Cinco de Mayo
  6. International No Diet Day
  7. National Tourism Day
  8. National Give Someone A Cupcake Day
  9. Lost Sock Memorial Day
  10. National Small Business Day
  11. Eat What You Want Day
  12. Limerick Day
  13. Top Gun Day
  14. National Chicken Dance Day
  15. National Chocolate Chip Day
  16. International Pickle Day
  17. National Telecommunication Day
  18. World Aids Vaccine Day
  19. Malcolm X Day
  20. World Bee Day
  21. National Waiter and Waitresses Day
  22. World Goth Day
  23. Lucky Penny Day
  24. Scavenger Hunt Day
  25. Geek Pride Day
  26. National Paper Airplane Day
  27. Nothing to Fear Day
  28. International Hamburger Day
  29. Paper Clip Day
  30. National Creativity Day
  31. National Smile Day


June is the start of summer for many people. Kids are wrapping up the school year and families go on vacation, so this is a great time for summer sales. 

  1. Say Something Nice Day
  2. National Rotisserie Chicken Day
  3. Love Conquers All Day
  4. National Cheese Day
  5. Hot Air Balloon Day
  6. Drive in Movie Day
  7. Daniel Boone Day
  8. Best Friends Day
  9. Donald Duck Day
  10. National Iced Tea Day
  11. Corn on the Cob Day
  12. National Jerky Day
  13. Weed Your Garden Day
  14. World Blood Donor Day
  15. Worldwide Day of Giving
  16. National Fudge Day
  17. Eat All Your Veggies Day
  18. Go Fishing Day
  19. Juneteenth
  20. World Productivity Day
  21. National Selfie Day
  22. World Rainforest Day
  23. Public Service Day
  24. Midsummer Day
  25. Anthony Bourdain Day
  26. Forgiveness Day
  27. Sunglasses Day
  28. Insurance Awareness Day
  29. National Camera Day
  30. Meteor Day


This is halfway through the year, a time when you can revisit your New Year’s Resolutions, and have people prepare for Q4. 

  1. International Joke Day
  2. Made in the USA Day
  3. Compliment Your Mirror Day
  4. National Barbeque Day
  5. National Workaholics Day
  6. National Fried Chicken Day
  7. Tell the Truth Day
  8. Be a Kid Again Day
  9. Fashion Day
  10. International Nikola Tesla Day
  11. National Mojito Day
  12. Simplicity Day
  13. International Rock Day
  14. National Mac and Cheese Day
  15. Be a Dork Day
  16. Hot Dog Night
  17. World Emoji Day
  18. World Listening Day
  19. New Friends Day
  20. Nap Day
  21. National Junk Food Day
  22. Mango Day
  23. Gorgeous Grandma Day
  24. Tell an Old Joke Day
  25. National Hot Fudge Sunday Day
  26. Aunts and Uncles Day
  27. National Scotch Day
  28. National Waterpark Day
  29. National Lasagna Day
  30. Paperback Book Day
  31. Mutt’s Day


This is usually when people are coming back from summer vacations. There’s not much in the way of big holidays, but you can still find relevant ways to welcome people back to normal life. Back-to-school sales usually start in August. 

  1. Spiderman Day
  2. Dinosaurs Day
  3. National Watermelon Day
  4. Single Working Woman’s Day
  5. National Underwear Day
  6. Wiggle Your Toes Day
  7. Professional Speakers Day
  8. Bullet Journal Day
  9. International Coworking Day
  10. International Vlogging Day
  11. National Hip Hop Day
  12. Vinyl Record Day
  13. International Lefthander’s Day
  14. National Financial Awareness Day
  15. National Failures Day
  16. National Roller Coaster Day
  17. National Non-Profit Day
  18. Never Give Up Day
  19. Potato Day
  20. Virtual Worlds Day
  21. Senior Citizens Day
  22. Never Been Better Day
  23. Hug Your Sweetheart Day
  24. Shooting Star Day
  25. National Park Service Day
  26. Women’s Equality Day
  27. World Rock Paper Scissors Day
  28. Dream Day
  29. Chop Suey Day
  30. Frankenstein Day
  31. Eat Outside Day


This is back to school month in most places, from kindergarten through to universities. It’s also usually the beginning of football season and the end of baseball season, so it’s a great chance to work sports and school into your promotions. 

  1. World Letter Writing Day
  2. World Coconut Day
  3. National Skyscraper Day
  4. National Wildlife Day
  5. International Day of Charity
  6. Read a Book Day
  7. Google Commemoration Day
  8. Star Trek Day
  9. International Sudoku Day
  10. International Makeup Day
  11. National Emergency Responder Day
  12. Video Games Day
  13. Fortune Cookie Day
  14. National Sober Day
  15. Google Day
  16. National Guacamole Day
  17. International Country Music Day
  18. International Read an eBook Day
  19. Talk Like a Pirate Day
  20. National Pepperoni Pizza Day
  21. World Gratitude Day
  22. World Car Free Day
  23. International Day of Sign Languages
  24. National Bluebird of Happiness Day
  25. National Cooking Day
  26. National Pancake Day
  27. World’s Tourism Day
  28. National Good Neighbor Day
  29. Confucius Day
  30. International Podcast Day


October is the beginning of Q4, which is biggest sales period in the US. The unofficial starting point for the most intense sales is Halloween, which is a huge event by itself. Some companies start their Black Friday sales as early as the end of October. 

  1. World Vegetarian Day
  2. National Name Your Car Day
  3. Techie’s Day
  4. Improve Your Office Day
  5. National Storytelling Day
  6. National Coaches Day
  7. LED Light Day
  8. National Children’s Day
  9. National Sneakers Day
  10. National Metric Day
  11. National Food Truck Day
  12. National Savings Day
  13. International Plain Language Day
  14. National Lowercase Day
  15. Global Handwashing Day
  16. World Spine Day
  17. National Pasta Day
  18. National No Beard Day
  19. Evaluate Your Life Day
  20. International Sloth Day
  21. Back to the Future Day
  22. Clean Up the Earth Day
  23. Mole Day
  24. United Nations Day
  25. International Artists Day
  26. National Pumpkin Day
  27. Navy Day
  28. National First Responders Day
  29. National Oatmeal Day
  30. National Publicist Day
  31. Halloween


November is one of the busiest periods for sellers. Many buyers are preparing for Christmas and others just want to take advantage of the biggest sale of the year - Black Friday. This is the Friday after Thanksgiving and most companies extend their sales through the following Monday (“Cyber Monday”). 

  1. National Authors Day
  2. National Deviled Egg Day
  3. National Sandwich Day
  4. National Candy Day
  5. National Donut Day
  6. National Nachos Day
  7. National STEM Day
  8. National Parents as Teachers Day
  9. National Freedom Day
  10. National Accounting Day
  11. Veterans Day
  12. National Happy Hour Day
  13. World Kindness Day
  14. National Seat Belt Day
  15. America Recycles Day
  16. National Button Day
  17. National Take a Hike Day
  18. National Princess Day
  19. Gettysburg Address Anniversary
  20. National Absurdity Day
  21. National Gingerbread Cookie Day
  22. Humane Society Anniversary Day
  23. National Espresso Day 
  24. National Jukebox Day
  25. National Play Day With Dad
  26. National Cake Day
  27. Turtle Adoption Day
  28. Red Planet Day
  29. National Day of Giving
  30. National Personal Space Day


December can be a tricky, but it’s still a great time to sell. The big holidays are Christmas and New Year’s, but it’s also a month when many people take a week or two off of work and go on vacation. 

  1. Rosa Parks Day
  2. Special Education Day
  3. National Roof Over Your Head Day
  4. National Sock Day
  5. International Ninja Day
  6. St. Nicholas Day
  7. National Letter Writing Day
  8. National Brownie Day
  9. National Pastry Day
  10. Nobel Prize Day
  11. National App Day
  12. Worldwide Candle Lighting Day
  13. National Ice Cream Day
  14. National Free Shipping Day
  15. National Cupcake Day
  16. National Underdog Day
  17. Wright Brothers Day
  18. National Twin Day
  19. National Emo Day
  20. Games Day
  21. Crossword Puzzle Day
  22. National Short Person Day
  23. Festivus
  24. Christmas Eve
  25. Christmas    
  26. Boxing Day
  27. Visit the Zoo Day
  28. National Card Playing Day
  29. Tick Tock Day
  30. Bacon Day
  31. New Year’s Eve

Seasonal Sales Stats

Different industries will have different “high sales seasons.” Let’s take a look at a few. 

Real Estate / Housing:
Moving Season is generally in the summer months, and most people buy or rent homes in this time frame. 


Retail Seasonal Patterns:
Everyone knows Q4 is a huge time for retailers, as they do sales and promotions to meet the high demands of the holiday season. Here’s the patterns for retail:



Most general businesses:
A huge spike happens in Q4 for many businesses, as companies and government agencies need to use their remaining budgets. Also a huge holiday season causes consumers to buy more items for themselves, parties, and gifts. 



Major Holidays:
While there’s a “holiday” almost every day of the year, here are the major holidays celebrated in the U.S.

No matter what time of the year it is, you can often “back into” a promotion or sale. Use the list above to find a good sale angle for yourself. 

If you need help creating an email sales sequence to promote your products, join The Copywriting Course and let our professional writers help you write it!


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