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    What to look for in an email editor

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    I've used every email editor under the sun either for myself or for clients.

    They all have their little quirks. 

    I originally started on GetResponse back in the day, then used Aweber, then used MailChimp a lot through a client, then wanted to accept payments so moved to InfusionSoft, then Appsumo created SendFox, then I moved InfusionSoft emails to ConvertKit.

    What I've learned is that.

    ....as you can see I've been all over the spectrum with email services.

    Here's what I've learned you ACTUALLY frequently use with an email sender:

    1.) Basic email sending. Composing emails. Format that YOU like.

    2.) Basic tagging.

    3.) Embedding signup forms that can deliver a product.

    4.) Basic Image editing.

    5.) Basic analytics.

    6.) Way to keep your list clean, doesn't charge you for duplicates. Spam honeypots.


    Here's what I've learned you BARELY use from an email sender:

    1.) Advanced segmentation of lists.

    2.) Pretty email templates.

    3.) Page builders (sort of).


    1.) Advanced segmentation of lists. 

    Many people try to segment their lists, but then quickly realize it becomes complex and a lot of extra work. Instead what you'll likely use is tagging.


    2.) Pretty email templates.

    Your email service might come with 1,700 pretty email templates...you'll most likely use the blank email template, or MAYBE just a one standard looking template. Don't get wooed by a bank of 1,000's of templates you'll never use.


    3.) Page builders (sort of). 

    Email services are stepping up their game and allowing you to make pages which is awesome, but from my experience these are best for VERY SMALL PAGES, not full sales pages like LeadPages or the Divi Builder make. They have limited functionality and overall are kind of jaanky at the moment.

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