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    Best marketing channel for popular crochet company?

    Harrison Richards runs FurlsCrochet, one of the most popular brands in the crocheting world. He's only 27 and not the exact target demographic of people who crochet, but he's relentless about designing the best products, and therefore has been a huge brand in this industry.

    In this quick clip we ask Harrison how he manages to get so much traffic (and eventually buyers) to his site. Despite having very popular social media channels he still says the order of importance is:

    #1.) Have great product (MOST IMPORTANT).

    #2.) Email List.

    #3.) All the rest...

    Harrison says "Instagram & Facebook Likes are vanity metrics."

    Follow Furls Crochet:

    Website: FurlsCrochet.com

    Instagram: @furlscrochet

    I always love it when someone who isn't exactly their own target market goes and dominates an industry. Very impressive.

    Hope you enjoyed this quick mini clip!

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