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    Codie Sanchez: Running "Unsexy Businesses"

    Codie Sanchez has been a journalist, institutional investor for Goldman Sachs, co-founder of Unconventional Acquisitions, and Founder at Contrarian Thinking.

    She specializes in "sweaty & boring" small businesses. Laundromats, car washes, vending machines, ice vending machines...basically stuff that requires one employee or no employees.

    Watch the Codie Sanchez interview ⬇


    Listen to the Codie Sanchez interview:

    We brought her here today because she has a huge newsletter and large social media following, which we’re going to see how she built. Also she’s a master at raising money through basic cold emails.


    What is an “Un-Sexy Sweaty Business?”

    • Your hook is “Un-Sexy Businesses.” Explain?

    • Boring biz's to newsletters - there's a niche for everyone.


    Content Marketing + Social Media + Growing An Audience

    • What are some key ways that you’ve grown your audience?

    • Social Media Platforms: Where are you seeing action?

      • Instagram - Time spent. Pros/Cons of the platform. 50k followers.

      • Twitter - Time spent. Pros/Cons of the platform. 81k followers
      • TikTok - Time spent. Pros/Cons of the platform. Also 81k followers
      • LinkedIn - Time spent. Pros/Cons of the platform. 21k followers 

    • Contrarian. Is that your hook? Is that how people know you? 
    • Contrarian thinking - 1st push to 10k subs then 100k 30 day breakdown


    How to Write Well, and Even Raise Money Through Email

    • Persuasion lessons learned from CIA people 

    • journalist background (I started by writing 30 second police news updates, then long form)
    • Favorite writing books?
    • How to write when you're ADD AF - cuz I am
    • Writing to close investors - we did $150M in fundraising via email 


    Lightning Round with Codie Sanchez:

    • If you were brand new to business, what would you do?

    • How would you grow a Twitter following?
    • How would you start over today? 


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