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      Nick Huber and Neville Medhora Interview Podcast

      Nick Huber, aka @sweatystartup, discusses his entrepreneurial journey in this interview. Topics include self-storage ventures, content marketing strategies, Twitter perspectives, writing habits, and key business insights like hiring and delegation challenges.



      • Can you name all the companies you own? 
      • How are you monetizing

      Self Storage

      • This used to be the preferred business of Indian uncles. How did you get into it?
      • Why of all the different paths self storage specifically? 

      Content Marketing

      • What forms of content marketing are you in? 
      • How do you approach it? Just send out good stuff? Have a framework?
      • What is your biggest month or season?
      • How do you get people to buy gym equipment on a random April?
      • Have you experimented with video? Results?
      • Podcast or YouTube?

      Twitter / X

      • How do you view Twitter? Social Network? Town Square? A blog? 
      • You are unique that you’re this fund manager, but a mad shit talker 😂
      • I think about your Pappy Van Winkle post like 3 times a week.
      • Is shit talking innate, or a growth strategy?
      • Is Twitter where you get all your clients?
      • Social Media: What channels are best for you?


      • Are you scheduling out stuff or writing as it comes?
      • Do you schedule specific “writing time” or is it throughout the day?
      • Did you ever study copywriting?

      Clips Questions:

      • What is the most popular trend you’re seeing in your industry right now?
      • Best book that’s changed your life?
      • What business would you start if you had to start again today?
      • What productivity advice has changed your life?
      • Is AI going to replace all writing?
      • How did you get better at writing? 
      • Were you always good at writing? 
      • Tell me something about rich people 99% of people don’t know.
      • What would you do if you had billions of dollars and money was no object.

      It's pointless to hire someone who expects something you know you'll never be able to give


      What you tolerate, you get.


      Making a good work environment.

       Correct these aspects in your company to create a good work environment.

      The largest fleet of private jets is....

      You probably didn’t imagine this about Walmart

      Firing someone?

       Firing is hard, but even harder is being frustrated because an employee doesn’t change.

      Making decisions is a "muscle" to exercise.

       These are the two things that happen when you encourage your employees to solve problems.

      Don't have too many monkeys on your back.

       As a boss, you should be careful not to have too many monkeys on your back.

      What type of people should you hire?


      Two types of delegation.

       These are the two levels of delegation that will make you wealthy.

      This is what your employees truly want.


      This is the most challenging business of all.


      Listen to the podcast:

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      • Administrator


      That's great @Candace Wong!

      Do you listen from YouTube or from podcast? 

      I personally use BOTH and flip-flop back and forth.

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