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    Digital products > Physical products + services

    I’ve been selling online for close to 20 years.
    Since the early 2000’s, I’ve sold 3 things:

    • Consulting services.

    • Physical products.

    • Digital products.

    Physical Product: YOU have to spend money to fulfill each order.
    Example: A restaurant sells a burger for $10. They get 100 orders. The restaurant has to spend $7 per burger to deliver those orders.
    Digital Product: It costs nothing to deliver each product.
    Example: The same restaurant sells a cookbook for $10. They get 100 orders. The restaurant doesn’t have to spend ANY extra money to deliver those cookbooks.

    Physical Store: You can only reach people who live close by.
    Example: You run a bookstore in downtown Santa Fe. 10,000 people live within 5 miles of your store. Therefore, you can probably only reach ~10,000 people.
    Digital Store: Audience is billions of people worldwide.
    Example: You sell your books on Amazon. You can reach any Amazon user in the world.

    Local Marketplace: You can only sell to the people who physically visit the marketplace.
    Example: You sell handmade jewelry at your local farmer’s market every Saturday. At best, you can reach a hundred people once a week.
    Digital Marketplace: You can sell to anyone who uses the marketplace.
    Example: You can sell to any of Etsy’s 40 million users across the world, 24/7.

    Service: Delivering a service “costs” time, and there’s a limited amount of time in your day.
    Example: You sell a 1-hour consulting call. You can only sell a few of these every day before you max out your schedule (and your energy).
    Digital Product: A digital product “costs” a bit of time to create it once, but it costs zero time to sell it or deliver it.
    Example: You sell an ebook. It took you 10 hours to write it, but you can sell an unlimited number of copies every day.

    Service: You can only sell a limited number of services per day or week. This puts a ceiling on your earnings, even if you sell a high-ticket service.
    Example: You charge $10,000 to build websites for clients. You can handle up to 2 clients per month. Therefore, your service has a ceiling of $20,000/month.
    Product: There’s virtually no ceiling on your earnings.
    Example: You charge $1,000 for a course on building websites. Selling it to 10 people is no different than selling it to 1,000 people.

    Digital products can scale like nothing else.
    They don’t have the time, cost, and reach limitations of physical products and services.
    That’s why we created a cohort that’ll teach you how to build + sell your own digital
    products (while you sleep 😎).
    It’ll include:

    • A 5-day sprint to choose a topic, build a digital product, and get it published online.

    • One month of structured support while you promote and sell your digital product.

    • One year of Copywriting Course access.

    This isn’t a DIY course - it’s a one-time cohort that’ll start next Monday (March 1st).

    Want to join us?

    [Build + Sell a Digital Product]


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