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Eric Bandholz of Beardbrand Content Interview

Eric Bandholz runs Beardbrand.com which sells in the very high millions of dollars worth of beard and hair products a year online.

He's managed to crush content marketing on YouTube, other social channels, and SEO.

Eric gets a massive amount of exposure through content marketing:

Beardbrand YouTube Channel: 1.6m+ subscribers

Beardbrand Alliance YouTube Channel: 110k+ subscribers.

Beardbrand Instagram: 173k+ followers.

But I think the coolest he did was start a barbershop where he can more easily film YouTube videos.

I hope you enjoy the video above, or


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How Beardbrand thinks about content (“you must suffer at first”):

  • Your content game is ON POINT, how do you approach it?

  • How do you think about factual vs emotional style content?


How Beardbrand puts out social media that reaches 2m+ people (“have a mission”):

  • How are you doing social so well. Is there a mentality you think of it as? Was it purely random or methodical?

  • Your messaging isn’t about beards, but rather confidence. All your videos talk about that heavily. Do you think having that is important? Is that called “a mission” or “a purpose?
  • I personally put out random stuff on social media. I don’t have a reason, I don’t have a purpose, I don’t have a plan. What are some core concepts in social media you follow. Or is it just fun?  


Beardbrand’s writing strategies (for content marketing and eCommerce):

  • When it comes to content marketing there’s some silent killers out there, and I think you’re one of them. Alexa 50,000 site. 200,000 to 400,000+ organic seo visits per month. Was that intentional vs paid ads? How did it start?

  • How do you think about writing product descriptions? Factual and to the point, or emotional?


1.6m+ YouTube subscriber strategy:

  • What’s your cadence for putting out videos? Have a schedule or just freeballing it. What tricks up your sleeve that us pleebs can have?

  • So ya’ll built out a barbershop studio to make YT videos?
  • Has the barbershop “returned on investment”
  • Any benefits/downsides to building a full barbershop?
  • Do you have a team of people making YT videos? Editors etc?
  • Do you get recognized on the street for your YT videos?
  • Have you ever thought of doing infomercial or QVC style videos?
  • How important is consistency in releasing videos?


Building a successful ambassador program:

  • You have this crew of beardsmen that are your ambassadors like Greg Berzinsky etc. How does that work?

  • How did you find the right people?


Making YouTube videos w/o burning out:

  • I’m going to kill all your marketing channels...except one. Which would you save?

  • Doesn't making YouTube videos people want get old? What about making some for yourself?


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I hope you enjoyed this interview and learned from Eric like I did!


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