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    Examples of simple digital products you can build

    No matter what kind of business you have, there is likely a small digital product you can build & sell.

    I just brainstormed a couple of micro-product ideas to sell through GumRoad, AppSumo, or PayPal in this email.

    These are all products that can be made in 1 day and sold for between $10 and $99. Let's start →

    The process you use for hiring in your industry:

    ​Share your process, templates, and make a 30min video on how you do it.

    Mental models collection:​

    Make a PDF, slideshow, or video of your frameworks (I'm going to make this one myself next month)!

    How you set pricing on products in your industry:

    ​Share your tips, techniques, templates on how to price products....this is often a frustrating problem, so if you have insight, people will listen.

    How you manage your team:

    ​Show the systems, software, do's, don't, your personal tips, and processes you use for managing a team of people in your industry.

    How you stay productive and manage your time:

    ​Share tips, processes, hacks, and software you use to stay productive and sane. This is already a huge category of interest on YouTube.

    Templates of the cold emails you send:​

    Share your personal collection of emails and maybe a 30 min video on how to use them. You'd give out a PDF or shared doc of your templates.

    Templates/process for how you negotiate:​

    Share the scripts you use to handle negotiations, and a 30 minute video explaining the process. You could even record a "negotiating role play" session.

    Templates for invoicing and miscellaneous processes:

    ​Share your custom templates that are annoying to make, but easy to repeat, and save business owners time. Invoicing, inventory tracking, P&L, accounting etc...just share the templates you use.

    Thank you letters and followups you send clients:

    ​Share your process for automating and sending great gifts to clients.

    Show how you find clients and customers:

    ​Make a 45 minute video on how you search for clients and customers over LinkedIn and convert them. This could be a more expensive product.

    List of freelancers you trust and recommend:

    ​Sell access to a spreadsheet of freelancers you personally use. This is super helpful to people in your industry if they are looking for vetted help on their projects.

    Notice how these are all ultra simple products.

    Generally the deliverables will just be:​

    • 1-3 templates.

    • 1 Short screen sharing video.

    • 1 Presentation.

    That's it!!

    For example...


    ​​Sell a presentation + screen share video:

    This whole product was just 1 presentation and a 90 minute screen share video for $49.

    Daniel Vassallo digital product



    Sell a mini course:

    This product is just 3 PDF's, a presentation and 3 videos for $99.

    kyle p digital product



    Sell a digital book:

    This product is just one PDF file as a book for $8.95.

    Adam digital product book example



    Sell a digital template:

    ​This product is just 5 PDF files for crochet pattern templates $4.99.

    Ashlee digital product template example



    Sell an eBook:

    This product is just a 21 page eBook (.mobi file) for $0.99.

    danielle ebook digital product

    Pretty much anything can be built and sold quickly via an online marketplace or your own website and social followings.

    Since we’re focusing on getting a product completed in our upcoming Sell While You Sleep class, we’re making the whole process as simple as possible.

    Here’s the format we’ll focus on in the March class:

    → Either PDF, templates, presentation, or screen recording video.

    → Price: $10 - $99 (we’ll give you personal guidance on this).

    Even if you’ve never created a PDF or a video, we’ll walk you through the whole process.

    No complicated tools. No extra software. Just a process that’ll get you used to create sellable digital products out of the things you already do in your business.

    Want to join March’s cohort?

    All you’ve got to do is join Copywriting Course this week - the Sell While You Sleep cohort starts on Monday, March 1st.

    ​Join here!​


    Neville Medhora


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