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    How Doctors Communicate Information Effectively w/ Doctor Natasha Kathuria

    Doctors are in a position where they have to give people tough advice they often don't want to listen to.

    As a copywriter I'm curious of the best ways to get people to comply. So we interviewed an ER doctor whose seen it all.

    Watch the interview with Dr. Natasha Kathuria:

    Or Listen here:

    Natasha Kathuria is an ER Doctor and Global Health Specialist. She trained at Emory University and Mount Sinai Medical Center, and got her MPH in epidemiology at Columbia University, she used to teach at Cornell's Medical Center and has worked in 11 different countries.

    Here's some of the topics we cover in this interview.

    Convincing people to do something:

    • How do you communicate with patients that aren’t receptive?

    • You say “lose weight” but they don’t want to....how do you approach this?
    • You say “change this behavior” but they don’t want to....how do you approach this?
    • When do these changes finally sink in for them?
    • Do you act aggressively or compassionately, which works best?


    What it's like being interviewed by large news outlets:

    • One cool thing about Natasha is that she’s been on the news a trillion times since the pandemic. ABC News, CBS News, BBC News, FOX News, the Globe Post, Vox Media, Business Insider and TIME Magazine. 

    • How do these interviews usually go down?
    • Do they kind of “nudge” you what to say?
    • How long are they vs how long do you appear on air?
    • Is giving advice to large groups of people different than giving advice 1-on-1?


    Random Questions:

    • Social Proof: Do people react to you differently when you wear a coat and stethoscope?

    • The difference between a young woman vs a man wearing a white coat.
    • What’s the weirdest thing you've seen someone stick up their butt? 😂


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    This was an enlightening conversion, and I'll definitely take these communication tactics to heart. Hope you also learned and enjoyed.


    Neville Medhora - Copywriting Course

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