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    Jack Butcher Visualize Value Draw-Off

    To see the different ways people "approach" creating an image, we decided to do a fun "Draw-Off" with Jack Butcher:

    Jack Butcher is a designer who runs Visualize Value, and also a popular Instagram account Visualize Value that shows his distinctly unique style of images:

    He used to make images for investor pitch decks that were clean and very simple, so he created this aesthetic that is uniquely his.

    We decided to do a fun "Draw-Off" to see what happens!


    The Challenge

    Jack Butcher, Dan McDermott, Neville Medhora each draw a prompt.


    Time constraint: 30 minutes.

    Jack’s Tech Stack: Apple Keynote.

    Dan’s Tech Stack: iPad, Adobe Procreate App.

    Neville’s Tech Stack: iPad, Tatsuya Sketches, Google Presentations.

    Draw out this phrase: “By being deliberate. You can compound your daily habits. So you build a skill.”



    Jack Butcher


    By being deliberate.

    You can compound your daily habits.

    So you build a skill.


    Version 2:


    Version 3:





    Dan McDermott


    By being deliberate.



    You can compound your daily habits.



    So you build a skill.





    Neville Medhora


    By being deliberate.



    You can compound your daily habits.



    So you build a skill.







    While different drawings work well in different contexts, Jack's drawings definitely looked far more refined and professional than mine and Dan's.


    Jack's drawings also have one specific look: Black background with tiny white lines and dots (for the most part). This makes creating them more streamlined. Like:


    This "uniform aesthetic" is interesting because there's just less decisions to make.

    - You already know the color scheme.

    - You already know the vibe.

    - You already know which software (Jack uses Apple Keynote to design these).

    For my own drawings I often have to make a lot of details and custom drawings which definitely takes up a lot of time. Like:


    What's also interesting is Jack interpreted the prompt to make all in one image. Dan broke the images into separate concepts. I made 3 images that fit together as a story.

    It's just fun to see the different ways peoples brain approach a problem.

    Hope you enjoyed this and learned something!


    Neville Medhora - Copywriting Course

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