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    Here's a listing of all the courses you have access to:
    [wlm_private KopywritingKourse]
    The Kopywriting Kourse
    Copywriting Course logo banner

    This is the original video course that's taught thousands of people to create copy, content, and emails that bring in the dollars. Not only that, but it's often standard watching for hundreds of companies. The combination of fun videos and live demonstrations make it easy to learn from.       

    [/wlm_private] [wlm_private Private Group Invite]
    Private Kopy Group Invite

    This is a group where like-minded copy hounds hang out and run copy by each other, share new tactics, and discuss new trends. I personally run almost all my own articles through this private group before posting them, and always get fantastic feedback that influences all my decisions!

    [/wlm_private] [wlm_private KopywritingKourse]
    The Kopywriting Checklist

    This is a quick-copy guide that can lead anyone through a piece of psychology driven sales copy within 30 minutes or less. Just follow along and it will help you write out. This guide is often passed around offices for people who need help writing, and they end up cranking out great sales copy.

    [/wlm_private] [wlm_private Content Writing Course]
    The Content Writing Kourse

    This is the course where we go in-depth on content writing, and how you can literally create the best piece of content about a subject on Earth. No joke. This kind of training is what gets people ranked at the top of Google, and massive amounts of shares for their articles.

    [/wlm_private] [wlm_private Call Recording Archive]
    The Call Recording Archive

    If you miss a live coaching call or want to review something that happened during one of the calls (trust us, there's a lot of great "moments" that happen), this recording archive is where it's stored. You will get full access to all these recordings and can review them at your convenience.

    [/wlm_private] [wlm_private How To Become A Copywriter Course]
    Become A Copywriter Course

    This is designed to help you kick off (or improve) your career as a freelance copywriter. Even people with no desire to become a professional copywriter love this course. It will take you through everything you need to know from starting out, to getting new clients, to charging premium rates.

    [/wlm_private] [wlm_private AutoresponderKourse]
    The Autoresponder Kourse

    This is the course that will teach you the secrets of writing copy all through an autoresponder sequence. This is a key piece of building an audience. If you've ever dreamed of passive income, but don't know how to use an autoresponder, you're going to have a tough time building that dream!

    [/wlm_private] [wlm_private Autoresponder Bank]
    The Autoresponder Bank

    This is a bank vault full of different autoresponders that've been proven to work. It's quite difficult to start an autoresponder completely from scratch, so it's nice to have access to a bank full of written examples you can take inspiration from without having to rack your brain all day.

    [/wlm_private] [wlm_private Kopy Lite]
    Kopy Lite

    This is the lightweight Kopy course that's just 6 videos long, and designed to get people to learn WHAT Kopywriting is. Show this to new employees or colleagues who just need a little introduction to copywriting.

    [/wlm_private] [wlm_private Office Hours]
    Live Group Coaching Calls

    That's right, if you get the "Group Social" option you'll get to hop on a group call with Neville NINE times! This means your questions will definitely get answered. The eager-beavers who hop on all the group coaching calls get tons of time, copy written, and business-changing advice.

    [/wlm_private] [wlm_private AutoresponderKlass 2017]
    Autoresponder Klass 2017

    This is the 4-week long "Klass" where as a class we create a 4-sequence autoresponder for each student that's designed to delight & sell.

    [/wlm_private] [wlm_private Your First Freelance Gig]
    Your First Freelance Gig

    This is a live class, taught over 1 month, that get's you to your first $100 in revenue as a freelancer.


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