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Noah Kagan YouTube and Marketing Interview


Noah Kagan started AppSumo, Sumo, King Sumo, NinjaCard, KickFlip, BetArcade, 3 conferences, SendFox, OkDork, and so many other businesses I can't keep track anymore.

In this interview we go over his best marketing channels, how he manages to do so much, happiness, and life. Enjoy!

Watch the full Noah Kagan interview:

Noah has  worked at Macy’s, Intel, Mint, and even employee #30 at Facebook. He's a super impressive character!

We’ve chopped up this hefty interview into little digestible clips, and put them on a separate “clips” we hope you subscribe to on YouTube here.

Watch the individual clips here:


Morning Routines “The meaning of a good life is not to wake up with an alarm clock”

  • What time do you wake up in the morning?


You’re Gonna Die, Kids by 2023, and Life Plans:

  • Plan out life: Let’s live near each other, and let’s have kids who grow up together. 2023.
  • The Malibu House.


How would you start again today? “The Law of 100.”

  • What would you do today if starting.
  • "The Law Of 100" for doing new projects.


WHY do you do YouTube? How much work does it take? Doing YouTube or content as a job.

  • Why do you do YouTube and podcasting?

  • What have you seen work?
  • How do you deal with constant pull between what the audience wants vs what you want? Chasing the analytics.


Best marketing channel? “Email and YouTube are the only ones.”

  • Which channel is best. Blog? Podcast? YouTube? Instagram? Software?


Why do you blog under your own name, and not your companies name?

  • Why is OkDork under your own name, and not AppSumo?


Therapy and Happiness “I go to therapy to live like you.”

  • Does going to too much therapy make you unhappy?


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This was a super fun conversation with one of my bestest buddies, and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!


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