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    Noah's YouTube Secrets

    Noah Kagan just past 100,000 YouTube subscribers and is growing rapidly. In this 16 min interview I get him to rapid fire spill all the knowledge he has on the topic.

    Noah's YouTube Secrets (Rapid Fire):

    I've no joke re-watched this video like 10 times in a row trying to remember everything.

    Here's some brief notes from it:

    Consistent upload schedule:

    All the top people have uploaded 2-4 videos every week for years.

    Series selection:

    More important than the video is selecting the right topic and video to cover.

    "What is the topic I can do over and over again."

    Figuring out which videos pop and doing more like that.

    Just look at CTR (Click Through Rate) and AVD (Average View Duration):

    Get CTR to 5%

    Get AVD to 40% - 60%

    Biggest mistake most YOuTubers make:

    Not spending hella time picking the right topic.

    There is so much more good stuff in there, I highly recommend you watch, and please share the YouTube link if you like this:

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    This was a super fun conversation with one of my bestest buddies, and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!


    Neville Medhora - Copywriting Course

    P.S. If you have questions for myself or Noah,

    and we'll answer!

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