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    Recap inside the course!

    Time for another recap of what’s happening inside the Copywriting Course!

    Quick Wins:

    • Roozehra hit $100,000+ with a sales page she created just 7 weeks ago in the forum.
    • Adam and Benni both landed their first consistent freelance gigs.
    • Richard launched another app on Product Hunt, got tons of links.
    • 1,200+ new posts in the members’ forum.


    Member of the Month: Jason

    • Jason attended his first Office Hours to get some help marketing his gym, Hale Fitness.
    • That conversation turned into a billboard project (with help from Copywriting Course readers).Copy that the community came up with is going
    • to promote Jason’s gym to 14.6+ million passers by in the next year!


    Bootcamp #2 starts Monday Oct 5th

    (Build Your Black Friday Campaign)

    black friday bootcamp

    Our next bootcamp is all about Black Friday. We’re going to show you how to:

    • Create a great offer around a product or service.
    • Plan an email promo campaign (and then actually write it together)..
    • Edit your emails into an awesome sales series.

      (plus, we’ll show you how to reuse the process for future promo campaigns!)


    Job Hunter

    Finding the best writing and marketing job listings online


    Can you help?

    (active conversations + questions happening right now)


    What’s happening next:

    The next bootcamp (Build Your Black Friday Campaign) starts on Monday (Oct. 5th).

    In 3 weeks, you’ll have learned how to choose an offer, build a campaign, and get it ready to roll out.

    Week 1: Pick the product.

    Week 2: Plan the campaign.

    Week 3: Prepare the emails.

    Sell like crazy on Black Friday.

    Who is the Build Your Black Friday Campaign Bootcamp for?

    ⇨ Business owners who want to sell more of what’s already working.

    ⇨ Anyone who wants to launch products or services for the first time.

    ⇨ Freelancers who want to learn a process they can use for clients.

    It’s 50% learning, 50% action.

    If you participate you will walk away with a new asset for your business.


    We’re doing some big things inside the Copywriting Course!

    Right now we’ve got:

    12+ premium courses.

    20+ practice assignments.

    700+ hours of video content.

    4 live group writing sessions per month.

    100+ scripts you can steal for your emails and pages.

    3 pro copywriters who will help you with your copy + strategy.

    4 live Office Hours calls per month, where you can ask us anything.


    No complicated membership levels -- just join once and get it all! :)

    All you’ve gotta do is just click this button:

    join the copywriting course



    Neville Medhora

    P.S. Join now to make sure you optimize the heck out of your business for the very profitable Q4 season.

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