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    Taking SDR knowledge and scaling it into agency + consulting + digital products

    Kyle Vamvouris worked in sales for a few years, but then ventured out on his own.
    He took knowledge he learned about sales, specifically SDR (Sales Development Representatives) and turned that into a whole host of businesses.
    Instead of just using his knowledge and applying it to a single company, he took that knowledge and scaled it into agency, consulting and a host of digital products.
    This podcast episode explores how Kyle did it.
    Questions we ask Kyle on this podcast:

    • What is an SDR? What was your previous experience?

    • What do your services currently look like? How did you get into selling it?

    • 6 months ago you went through a big rebrand of the website, any lessons you learned there?

    • Why do you come to nearly every Office Hours?

    • You recently got a membership for one of your team members - why now? How does CC fit in with your team?

    • Building a small product - Greatest Sales Compensation Model of All Time. What did you learn from the process? What else did you build?

    • You really started dominating on LinkedIn. Why LinkedIn? Any tips to make engaging posts?

    • What did you learn from Copywriting Course?

    • What are all the sources of income you've created (Advisory service, Managed services, Candidate sourcing job board, micro products)

    Follow Kyle:
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    📂 LinkedIn: Kyle Vamvouris
    📘 Book: Cold to Committed
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    Hope you enjoy this conversation with Kyle!
    Neville Medhora

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