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    🗞 The S.T.U.P.I.D. Email (01-21-2022)

    (Swipe, Thought, Uplifting, Picture, Interesting, Drawing)

    This is a fun email for Friday January 21st, 2022. Hope you like it :)

    🎤 Listen to this email here:



    This great 1941 Spam & Pancakes ad shows readers “alternative uses” for the Spam product (aka eating it with pancakes).
    This is always a great way to increase product usage!


    My buddy Sam Parr posted this Tweet recently and it got a lot of comments about how this was people's dream.

    Living around friends was my #1 criteria for picking out a house. It's not easy, especially in a competitive real estate market like Austin, but I highly recommend this kind of living situation.
    To be clear we are not literally "next door neighbors" ....but rather "4 houses down neighbors."
    Living immediately next door might be a little too much, but "around the corner" or "in the same neighborhood" is best!


    A year ago I was hanging out in California, and a Copywriting Course customer who'd been a regular in our Members Area said he was nearby and could meetup.
    I told him to come by where I was staying....but he said:
    Him: "Well you could come to where I'm stay....Jamie Foxx's house."
    Me: "What?!" 🧐
    So we ended up hanging out at Jamie Foxx's house twice! One time Jamie Foxx was playing piano with his daughter and he told me to record this song, and it was awesome. You can see it here:

    The song was "In Love by Now" that he wrote.
    One night we hung out till late in the pool:
    ...and one night it was his sisters birthday and there was a party:
    This was such a fun random memory!


    My home office/studio was incredibly echoey, so I did two things that removed most echo:
    1.) Put grasscloth wallpaper on all the walls.
    2.) Added a rug.
    Those two things alone reduced echo by 85%!

    By the end of the month I should have all the furniture I ordered eight months ago so I'll also have a reading couch in there to further reduce echo.
    Next week I'll share a video with the full setup:


    An easy hack to make your office chair more fun and stable is to put rollerblade wheels on it!
    • They are way better than those cheap plastic wheels.
    • They roll better on carpet or rugs.
    • They roll smoother in general.
    • They are quieter.
    I bought a set of 5 for ~$20 and they are totally worth it!


    This meme started spreading, then started turning into paid ads.
    Many times companies will post memes on their social media, and if they have high enough engagement they'll start paying to promote those posts.
    This "What Gives People Feelings of Power" meme easily be a funny ad. Replace “buying sneakers” with your product or service.
    Hope you enjoyed these little tidbits, have a happy Friday!
    Neville Medhora - CopywritingCourse.com | @NevMed

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