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    The S.T.U.P.I.D. Email (01-28-2022)

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    This is a fun email for Friday January 28th, 2022. Hope you like it :)

    🎤 Listen to this email here:



    Look at this kind of wild Smith & Wesson "Steak Gun" ad from 1988.
    They use an incredibly grabbing image to show just because a gun is "thicker" it doesn't mean it's better:
    smith snake ad
    The copy on the ad ends with this epic line!
    "People who are serious about handguns know the difference, too. When they order a burger, they want it to be thick and juicy. But when they buy a revolver, they want it to be lean and tough - like a Smith & Wesson."
    smith ssteak ad blown up
    This is a bit of divisive ad, but it's definitely one that grabs attention and focuses on a very specific audience.


    Currently NFT's are being pitched as "owning a digital picture."
    Like this collection of "Bored Apes" that got a lot of hype, selling for as much as 4 million dollars.
    However this seems like a very "Version 1.0" use case of this technology.
    One cool (and useful) use case of NFT’s is to prove you attended an event, class, or conference.
    The Proof of Attendance Protocol (POAP) is a standard by which projects can send NFTs that prove you participated in some event.
    Imagine having solid proof of events you've attended, certificates you've received, classes you went to, fundraisers you gave to etc as a resume:
    This would be like a public ledger of your experience. Vitalik Buterin explains it more in this paper.


    Your brain is like a sponge. If you feed it negativity, hate, and anger all day it will reflect that. However if you feed it fun, happiness, and positivity...it will reflect that!
    input happy stuff
    Do you follow people on social media who make you angry, or constantly complain?
    Consider unfollowing them, as you did not ask for them to spout negativity in your face. It’s your choice to control what you allow in your brain.


    I just did a guest post about one of my bestest buddies Noah Kagan on his email list about some things I've learned about him over the years:
    For example did you know:

    Noah went from scrawny to jacked in about a year.

    He got really into fitness a few years ago, and constantly organizes workouts in his home gym, or bike rides, or playing squash.
    While he independently works out, he's always managed to turn fitness into fun hangouts:

    He's always been a hard worker, but it doesn't seem like work to him.

    Noah truly enjoys working, AND he’s a master at working from anywhere. So long as there’s a laptop and wifi, Noah can get in a solid few hours of work.
    Also, he focuses when he works….he has no problem cranking out work for hours…it’s probably why he’s successful.
    He really can outwork most people because he enjoys his work.
    noah working

    Noah will randomly start doing pushups…everywhere 😂

    At any given point you might see Noah randomly doing 20+ pushups. It happens randomly.
    The funny thing is when he starts doing them, almost always other people join in!
    noah doing pushups

    He’s really really really good at planning events

    Noah got to know his awesome network of friends by throwing conferences in Silicon Valley. What I came to learn over the years is that Noah LOVES hosting things.
    He legitimately hosts 2+ events per week. Whether it’s a small hangout with friends, or an event like SumoRide:
    sumo ride with noah
    Noah will even make up reasons to host events! For example, he threw our friend David a fake Bar Mitzvah 😂
    Noah planned the whole thing just for fun. Inviting the people, cooking ribs, buying drinks, planning fake Bar Mitzvah games, and even writing an entire roast!
    I've never seen anyone so good at organizing events, he actually ENJOYS IT while it stressed most people out!
    Checkout Noah on YouTube also.


    One of my favorite ways to explain things is by combining images with simple text callouts:
    This is @CookingWithLitz showing off a healthy breakfast with callouts:
    cooking with litz ad with callouts
    And here's a cool Instagram Ad I saw for a slim wallet I saw from Kings Loot that uses callouts to showcase their product:
    Here's another [iMAGE] + [CALLOUT] they had:
    kings loot as 2
    Very little space used, yet they explained an entire product!


    Look at this drawing with the chassis of a 1958 Corvette highlighted in orange:
    car drawing
    This drawing is actually from a cool Corvette ad from 1958 that shows the Corvette in a “see thru” drawing so you can see the unique chassis that allows it to handle better.
    Here's the full ad:

    What a cool piece! I might have to have this framed and hang it up in my office 🙂

    Hope you enjoyed these little tidbits, have a happy Friday!
    Neville Medhora - CopywritingCourse.com | @NevMed

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