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🗞 The S.T.U.P.I.D. Email (10-8-2021)

(Swipe, Thought, Uplifting, Picture, Interesting, Drawing)

This is a fun email for Friday October 8th, 2021. Hope you like it :)



Everyone knows I'm a sucker for this style of image:
The combination of a solid picture with text and arrows is one of my favorite ways to statically convey information!


Here's what I believe makes a good writer:
1. You Have Many Varied Life Experiences.
​2. You're Hella Curious.
​3. You Have A Variety of Skills.
​4. You Write Even For No Income.
​5. Writing Is Something You MUST Do.
​6. You Have A Unique Perspective.
​7. You Get “Strange Satisfaction” From Writing.


5 questions to come up with more ideas:
Here's some more questions you can ask yourself to grow:
⇨ How can I 10X this?
⇨ What’s the most FUN way to do this?
⇨ What is my $1000/hour skill? And how can I do more of it?
⇨ How do I “win” in this situation? How do I lose?
⇨ What solutions lie in my zone of influence?
⇨ What would my hero do?
⇨ What is my “why”?
⇨ What is my “enough” amount?
⇨ What does my perfect day look like?
⇨ Who can I connect with that has accomplished what I want?
⇨ What does the SIMPLEST version of this plan or solution look like?
⇨ How would I accomplish this in only 30 minutes?
⇨ What would I do to make this work if my life literally depended on it?
⇨ What if this was the last time you could ____?
⇨ What’s in it for them?
⇨ How can I make a 1% improvement in my _____ this week?
⇨ What if we reversed it?
⇨ What can I do this week to purposely step outside of my comfort zone?
⇨ What 20% of my efforts gives me 80% of my results?
⇨ What can I learn from this person?


I was recently dog sitting a cute Shih Tzu named Poe, and he is basically taking over my personal Instagram 😂

I have way too much fun doing this 😂


Here's some promotional dates coming up to help crush your Q4 sales:
✔️Halloween: Sunday, Oct 31, 2021
✔️Thanksgiving: Thursday, Nov 25, 2021
✔️Black Friday: Friday, Nov 26, 2021
✔️Cyber Monday: Monday, Nov 29, 2021
✔️Christmas: Saturday, Dec 25, 2021
✔️New Year’s: Friday, Dec 31, 2021


I’ve worked with 50,000+ people on their copywriting, I think it all boils down to this:
1.) Distilling information.
​2.) Clarifying the message.
​3.) Asking people to take action.
On almost every project I've worked on, there's some form of this happening!
Hope you enjoyed these little tidbits, have a happy Friday :)
Neville Medhora - CopywritingCourse.com | @NevMed

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